Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 3 “High Sparrow” comic and Facebook recap

It’s time for another dose of Game of Thrones humor, centering this week on “High Sparrow” and the heady shenanigans of the episode.

The current edition of  Comics of Ice and Fire happily unites a couple storylines:


Qyburn’s creepy idea of fun deserves its own sitcom at this rate.

Over at someecards, the “High Sparrow” Facebook recap is up. Click through the image to read the full recap.

facebook recap

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    1. I also just realised that in the show Qyburn’s introduced nearly dead after the Mountain killed all of the Harrenhal prisoners… and now he’s using the Mountain as his surgical toy, must feel good.

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    2. Spidey-Dan:
      Tyrion’s Volantis album made me laugh way too hard for way too long.

      Same here. Arguably the best bit without having to resort to subtext.


      That’s areally good catch, wonder who he was serving in Harrenhal.

      In the show, I wouldn’t have a clue, but in the books

      Tywin put the Mountain’s men and the Brave Companions there. The Mountain leaves the pillage the Riverlands and Roose comes in and allies himself with Tywin and thus the Brave Companions (Locke in the show) quite a few of the remaining Brave Companions (to which Qyburn belonged), get a taste of “weasel soup” before Arya breaks out.

      God, the Facebook recap is genius as always. But isn’t the last bit a spoiler (with Tyrion and Jorah)?

      The preview already spoiled where Jorah ends up. Granted, short clips. Also, there’s that Jaime spoiler with the Duck.. Think about it..

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