Game of Thrones picks up 2 TCA nominations

TCAGame of Thrones is looking to add to its trophy shelf (that thing must be buckling by now) once again. The Television Critics Association announced on June 4th the nominations for their annual awards and Thrones has picked up nominations in two big categories this year!

The TCA- a group that includes “more than 200 professional TV critics and journalists from the United States and Canada” – selected Game of Thrones to compete in these categories:

“The Americans,” FX
“Empire,” Fox
“Game of Thrones,” HBO
“Justified,” FX
“Mad Men,” AMC


“The Americans,” FX
“Empire,” Fox
“Game of Thrones,” HBO
“Mad Men,” AMC
“Transparent,” Amazon

The winners will be announced on August 8th in an invitation-only ceremony at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

Sue the Fury: These are incredibly tough categories this year, looking at the competition, so I do think it’s an honor for them to even be nominated among this lot. Best of luck to the cast and crew of Game of Thrones!

Sue the Fury
Susan Miller, Editor in Chief of


  1. Happy to see The Americans and Justified getting a well deserved nomination.

  2. Despite it being Mad Men’s and Justified’s final season and last chances, Empire is the cool new kid so will probably take about every award it’s nominated for this year.

  3. I like how the Program of the Year category is basically a copy/paste of the Drama category, with the exception of Transparent knocking Justified out.

  4. I have never watched even one episode of the other shows nominated.

    I am binge watching Orphan Black right now. AWESOME!!!!!!!

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