‘The Game Revealed’ goes behind the scenes of Jon and Drogon’s moment

"The Game Revealed," HBO's behind-the-scenes show about bringing "Game of Thrones" to life.
This week’s episode of “The Game Revealed,” HBO’s behind-the-scenes show about bringing “Game of Thrones” to life, focuses on episode 5 of Season 7 and the Jon Snow-Drogon moment.

Although fans are now suffering through the long, bleak period that is the offseason of Game of Thrones — not unlike the Long Night, although with less starvation — there’s still enough to keep us busy, from casting news to Hair Watch 2.0. HBO’s behind-the-scenes series The Game Revealed is one of the most interesting ways to kill time while we wait, and although full episodes are available only to HBO subscribers, every week the network’s YouTube channel posts a clip from the newest episode for all to enjoy. This week, we got to see the magic behind the meeting of Jon Snow and Drogon.

Revealed focused on “Eastwatch,” episode 5 of Season 7, and the moment in which we see Aegon Targaryen — er, Jon Snow, coming face-to-face with a creature most men have never even dreamed of seeing with their own eyes. Having learned in Season 6 that Jon is the son of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen, the moment in which Jon tentatively reaches out a hand toward Drogon, who then allows him to touch his snout, was heavy with symbolism.

In the clip from Revealed, director Matt Shakman discusses the “mythology of the show” that led to that scene and what it meant for a secret Targaryen to meet a dragon for the first time, calling it a “beautiful moment” that Kit Harington handled perfectly — even if while filming, Harington was reaching out toward nothing more than a dragon-head-shaped prop on a stick.

“Great actors can make you believe what you’re seeing,” Shakman says.

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  1. I think Jon and Drogon might be my favourite scene of the season.Kit nailed it and Drogon did a very good job as well.

  2. Great acting!
    It’s a good thing I know dragons don’t exist, or I would have thought Kit really touched Drogon.

  3. Well acted scene. Kudos to Kit; loved the soundtrack for scene as well. However, EC interaction with non-existent dragons in prior seasons particularly in Season 5 D-o-D episode equally compelling.

  4. Such an amazing scene; the acting on Kits part made you really think that this cloth could be a dragon and the CGI made sure it was real. I could watch that again and again

  5. Congratulations to Kit and Rose, it’s been reported in British press they’re engaged ❤❤❤❤❤💍

  6. ygritte,

    Now in the interest of research I have viewed the boat scene several times and I am pretty sure Jon’s nails are clean, he made the effort for his auntie 😚❤

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