SAG Awards Game of Thrones Interview Round-Up


After the glitz and glamour of the 2017 Screen Actor’s Guild AwardsWatchers on the Wall are here to bring you the best of last night’s Game of Thrones cast interviews!

E!News caught up with Gwendoline Christie, who discusses her gorgeous red-carpet look before describing her beautifully bizarre vision for Season Seven, which involves all the characters getting cars.  Brienne drives a monster truck, naturally.

Meanwhile Variety had a quick chat with Nathalie Emmanuel, who describes working on the show as faultless and ‘the coolest.’

Entertainment Tonight spoke with Maisie Williams, who hopes to do justice to her final scenes as Arya, with Game of Thrones concluding in 2018.  In the mean time she’s enjoying awards season as it’s a chance to hang out with all the different cast members she doesn’t normally see on set. (The footage dropped into the video around the :30 mark isn’t season 7 material; funny enough, it was taken from a fan-made trailer, and some of it isn’t GoT at all!)

Finally, Studio 10 chatted to Liam Cunningham.  The actor jokes that George R. R. Martin is pressuring him to read the books as he wants a ‘full report’ on Liam’s opinion, and also mentions the creative freedom given to D.B. Weiss and David Benioff now that the show has surpassed its source material.


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    1. Does Liam Cunningham’s beard look trimmed? Maybe he is done shooting for the season.

      Edit: Gwendoline Christie is the best!

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    2. Gwen is so awesome that I don’t even mind the MC Hammer look. Monster truck! And Liam is always a joy to hear. He seems to be a favourite of George’s for sure. ☺

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    3. Aww Liam sounds like such a great guy, haha can’t believe he almost ruins the script for other actors because his so enthusiastic.
      That sounds encouraging what he said that yes D&D have more creative freedom but GRRM runs down plot points and character relationships with them.

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    4. Stabby,

      I’m not a fan – imo it draws too much attention to itself and away from her gorgeous gown and hair. I guess it’s one of those love-it-or-hate-it things, as daring make-up choices often are.

      I thought Sophie’s outfit and make-up were awesome – a perfect fit color-wise. And of course, Gwen is beautiful. Not a fan of Natalie’s dress though. I think it’s the pattern.

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    5. Why oh why does Gwen continue taking bad style advice. The weird fit of that jump-suit is hidden in this photo, but other photos show how poorly it fitted. She is a well-known fan of designer fashion, but isn’t getting good advice on what’s flattering. She keeps allowing her boyfriend to dress her and he just doesn’t have good taste.

      The one time she has been given flattering clothes to wear was when she was doing the Phasma promotional circuit. The studio obviously provided a stylist.

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    6. Aah, lovely Liam… One of the best ambassadors for the show but also seems like an all around good person, what with his work with refugees and charities and all. I’d love to share a pint or two with him in a pub and talk about things. Art, craft, anecdotes all around, even politics. Is Liam really so much like the character he plays, Davos, the practical moral compass of GoT/ASOIAF?

      It’s interesting that Liam seems to know GRRM quite well. A year or two ago Liam let slip that GRRM told him something, he knows something about the planned book story that very few even in the higher levels of the TV show production know. Maybe only Liam, GRRM and D&D.

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