A familiar sigil spotted at ‘House of the Dragon’ filming site


A view of the large stone archway being constructed near Cornwall. (Photo: Greg Martin)

Yes, I technically have to use words like “rumored” and “possibly,” because technically there’s been no confirmation that the busy activity in Cornwall we reported on earlier this week is for the much-anticipated Game of Thrones spinoff House of the Dragon.

Pre-production activity for something being filmed by Warner Bros. — the company that owns HBO — has been taking place in Cornwall this week, including on St. Michael’s Mount, an island that features a 12th century castle. One of the structures being built there is a huge stone archway that looks quite Thrones-esque, and when CornwallLive’s photographer captured the initial shots zoomed in on the top of the arch, something very intriguing was visible:

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Production on ‘House of the Dragon’ rumored to be starting in England!


Are we looking at the beginning of production on “House of the Dragon”? (Photo: Greg Martin)

We were pretty certain that production on House of the Dragon, the Targaryen-focused Game of Thrones prequel, was slated to start soon, if the show is to stick to its 2022 release — and recent news means we just might be watching that production unfold!

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Enter to win the Iron Anniversary Giveaway!

Iron Anniversary Giveaway banner

Happy 10th anniversary, Watchers fam! Okay, the site’s not that old but Game of Thrones is and we’re all about celebrating the Iron Anniversary this month. It’s the perfect time to spread the love and spread the merch with another Watchers on the Wall worldwide giveaway. So we have two splendid prize packages for our readers this week, loaded with GoT goodness. That’s right, two lucky winners. What’s in the box? Details below!

How do you enter to win? Leave a comment, and you will be entered once. The giveaway will be accepting entries for seven days. The complete rules are listed below with additional ways to enter through social media posting!

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The Star of “The Last Watch” Talks Fandom and His Time on the Show

Vanessa Wolf and Crows

WotW’s Vanessa Cole with Andy McClay, Bobby Marno and Brendan “Hammer” McGivern aka the Crows at Con of Thrones 2019 in Nashville

With the end of Game of Thrones came a special documentary, providing a look into the creation of the final season, directed by Jeanie Finlay. ‘The Last Watch” showed us not only behind the scenes moments such as the reading of season 8’s script (with controversial finale moments) but it also created a star in one of the show’s extras. Andy McClay captured fans’ hearts with his genuine enthusiasm for his part in the show as a longtime extra, usually as a Stark. To celebrate the Iron Anniversary, the Irish Mirror sat down with McClay to discuss his connection with the show, the stars, and the fandom. And uh…Watchers on the Wall may have come up.

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“Winter is Coming” Revisited: First Game of Thrones Impressions in the Twitterverse

Ned Stark

April 17, 2011. It marks the date Game of Thrones premiered on HBO, and it also marks the day a beloved fandom tradition began: the Game of Thrones collective livetweet.

Two weeks in advance of the premiere, HBO released a 15-minute preview of the first episode “Winter is Coming,” with the show’s cold open beyond the Wall and the execution of deserter Will. Between the preview, a well-crafted promo campaign (featuring Westerosi food trucks and The Maester’s Path) and organic excitement from longtime book fans, there was major hype for GoT leading up to April 17th. Early reviews were mostly positive, a few meh, and the rare clunker, such as the notorious New York Times review that dove into offensive territory. The most hardcore fans spent years following production of the show, from development to pilot filming, and premiere night was a fantastic party. We watched, we laughed, we cheered, and we united on Twitter as a fandom en masse for the first time in what became a weekly tradition, every season until the end.

(This is a whole lotta tweets, so give this baby a minute to load!)

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HBO Announces The Iron Anniversary to Commemorate the 10th Anniversary Of Game Of Thrones

Iron Anniversary

Love it, hate it, or fall firmly on the side of “meh”, Game of Thrones was the biggest show in the world. The final season, particularly the last episode, remain wildly controversial among fans, but the love and passion for Westeros that brought people together are ever present. That’s why we’re going to have a great time with this month’s big anniversary. To celebrate the 10th anniversary of GoT‘s premiere (April 17, 2011- yes, it’s really been that long), HBO has launched The Iron Anniversary, a month-long celebration commemorating the series. A custom spotlight page has been created on HBO Max with personalized curations, a binge-watching marathon, and some pretty damn neat special-edition products.

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