“Winter is Coming” Revisited: First Game of Thrones Impressions in the Twitterverse

Ned Stark

April 17, 2011. It marks the date Game of Thrones premiered on HBO, and it also marks the day a beloved fandom tradition began: the Game of Thrones collective livetweet.

Two weeks in advance of the premiere, HBO released a 15-minute preview of the first episode “Winter is Coming,” with the show’s cold open beyond the Wall and the execution of deserter Will. Between the preview, a well-crafted promo campaign (featuring Westerosi food trucks and The Maester’s Path) and organic excitement from longtime book fans, there was major hype for GoT leading up to April 17th. Early reviews were mostly positive, a few meh, and the rare clunker, such as the notorious New York Times review that dove into offensive territory. The most hardcore fans spent years following production of the show, from development to pilot filming, and premiere night was a fantastic party. We watched, we laughed, we cheered, and we united on Twitter as a fandom en masse for the first time in what became a weekly tradition, every season until the end.

(This is a whole lotta tweets, so give this baby a minute to load!)

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HBO Announces The Iron Anniversary to Commemorate the 10th Anniversary Of Game Of Thrones

Iron Anniversary

Love it, hate it, or fall firmly on the side of “meh”, Game of Thrones was the biggest show in the world. The final season, particularly the last episode, remain wildly controversial among fans, but the love and passion for Westeros that brought people together are ever present. That’s why we’re going to have a great time with this month’s big anniversary. To celebrate the 10th anniversary of GoT‘s premiere (April 17, 2011- yes, it’s really been that long), HBO has launched The Iron Anniversary, a month-long celebration commemorating the series. A custom spotlight page has been created on HBO Max with personalized curations, a binge-watching marathon, and some pretty damn neat special-edition products.

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As Many as Three New Game of Thrones Prequel Ideas in the Works at HBO


Miss Game of Thrones? Remember that show that everyone forgot how much they liked for nine years because they were so mad about the ending? Yeah, that one. Well anyway, apparently there are three MORE GOT prequel ideas in the works!!!! And who’s to say they’d even stop at three? Why not five? How about six? Surely, seven seems like the most fitting for the GOT universe…Don’t forget House of the Dragon is on the horizon as well, and is already shaping up to be epic as can be, given the cast seems to keep growing. So what more could we get from three new shows? Well…

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