House of the Dragon scores two Golden Globe Nominations

Dragonstone Castle, Rhaenyra Targaryen (Emma D'Arcy), 1x10 (2)

Sorry for the delay, folks, but the nominations for the 80th Golden Globes were announced on December 12th and House of the Dragon has been nominated twice!

The Game of Thrones prequel has been nominated for Best Drama Series and Emma D’Arcy has been nominated for Best Actress (Drama) for their performance as Rhaenyra Targaryen.

Inevitably, this announcement has been met with indignation for those not nominated. Personally, I was surprised Paddy Considine went overlooked after that throne room entrance alone but, alas, sometimes that’s how things go, and, at the end of the day we shouldn’t let nomination snubs overshadow the nominations given.

Congratulations to Emma D’Arcy and to the entire cast and crew of House of the Dragon. 

The Golden Globes will take place on Tuesday, January 10, 2023, at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT


  1. Loved Emma and their performance.

    But yeah, Considine was snubbed, big time. He was the number one standout of the season for me. His performance drove my emotional investment in the series. Very odd that he wasn’t nominated given the universal praise he received from critics and fans alike.

  2. I haven’t seen the show yet though have listened to a little of – and intend to finish – Iain Glenn’s reading The Princess and the Queen. The (majority) word among folk who saw the series seems to be that the Burton-on-Trent lad did good.

  3. Congrats for nominations. That birthing scene certainly held everyone’s attention! Perhaps it overshadowed even Paddy Considine’s performance.

  4. This is wonderful news! I love Emma and couldn’t want more than the best for her, but I can’t help but feel like Paddy should have been nominated. I think his performance was superb. I honestly don’t think anyone else did as good of a job as he did playing his role. His TRUE character come out as he played a king and he shone brightly! I just wish he’d been up for a nomination.

  5. Don’t know if Ten Bears will see this but someone told me I sounded a miserable person recently. My crime, I’d watched the recent trailer for the French version of The Three Musketeers and wasn’t praising EG as Milady to the high heavens and had made a comment to that effect. Whatever happened to sensible debate and when did “If you don’t agree with me you’re a baddun” come into for e. I do have quibbles about a dark-haired Milady even when the actress is a blonde who darkens her natural colour. I’ll have to think about whether Milady’s hair colour affects the plot of the story.

    Getting back to the point of the above article, I hope my earlier comment didn’t seem as if I was being dismissive of Emma. I’m glad Emma has been nominated.

  6. Golden globes is a popularity contest basically MTV people’s choice awards for adults. Paddy will get his due with real awards. What paddy did deserves an academy award for best supporting actor.

  7. Some of these nominations are a joke. Babylon and Avatar? Seriously? Before either one even came out, no less.

    Emma might have a shot, as that doesn’t seem like a strong category this year. Seems tough only being in half the season, though. Paddy was seriously robbed. I loved Andor as a show, but Diego Luna doesn’t belong anywhere near a best actor nomination. If anyone deserved a nomination from that show, it was either Stellan Skarsgaard or Andy Serkis in the supporting category. They probably didn’t appear enough to be eligible, though.

    Actor and drama both seem like tough categories anyway. Not that I have a finger on the pulse of whoever is voting for this, but I would expect Severance, Better Call Saul, Adam Scott, and Bob Odenkirk are going to be tough to beat. Extremely unique show that came out of nowhere and heavily relied on great acting performances, and got them from everyone, plus the final season of the best show on television over the last decade. It’s a little rough that neither Better Call Saul nor Odenkirk has ever actually won either of these awards.

    Unless the Golden Globes ridiculous love affair with The Crown still isn’t over yet.

  8. The Globes are a complete joke but congratulations to Emma for their nomination. Paddy has been overlooked everywhere and i’m pretty sad about that. He was the real stand out and he had the best writing imo. Perhaps his character wasn’t exciting enough? I’ve seen Matt and Milly nominated elsewhere. I still have hope for the Emmys

  9. Well the site seems to have gone quiet. As we have people of many faiths and none visiting here I’ll wish everyone a happy xmas and new year or whatever festival they celebrate – or if no festival I’ll just wish them happy holidays.

  10. Adam

    One of my cousins (in her Xmas or thereabouts catch-up) mentioned in the xmas card that her son had had a job as an extra in The Crown. I didn’t even know he was working as an extra – he was working in a store and hating it last I heard. Apparently he was playing a Canadian soldier (he’s actually from Yorkshire, England) and had his back to the camera so he won’t be becoming famous for that. I’ve never actually seen The Crown.

  11. RH Hernandez,

    I haven’t managed to see the show yet but from what I’ve heard of ‘The Princess and The Queen’ it does sound as though Rhaenyra became rougher round the edges as she grew older though in her youth she had been known as “the realm’s delight”. I don’t think Emma D’Arcy is an ugly woman though she maybe isn’t – and doesn’t set out to be – a glamour puss but according to TPATQ older Rhaenyra isn’t a glamour puss or cutesy-cutesy so I think Emma is appropriate for the part.

  12. RH Hernandez:
    sandor clegane,

    No way, she is gross.

    As Rhaenyra, I think Emma D’Arcy is very attractive. Very interesting and beautiful face imo. Not a huge fan of their look IRL, but to each their own.

    I certainly would not call Emma “gross”.

  13. Nick: As Rhaenyra, I think Emma D’Arcy is very attractive. Very interesting and beautiful face imo.

    I agree, I think Emma D’Arcy is beautiful. Great bone structure and they have a lovely look as Rhaenyra.

  14. Don’t know if anyone will post today but I’m just here to wish everyone a happy new year (2023). We’re 9 hours and 9 minutes into the new year here in the UK as I type.

  15. Belated New Year Greetings to all Watchers. Hoping we can keep each other company during the long wait for S2.

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