Game of Thrones nominated at the Directors Guild of America awards!


The nominations just keep piling up. Three Game of Thrones directors have been nominated by the Directors Guild of America (DGA) for their work on season 7!

For Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Dramatic Series, Jeremy Podeswa is under consideration for “The Dragon and the Wolf,” Matt Shakman is nominated for “The Spoils of War” and Alan Taylor is up for his work on “Beyond the Wall.”

The odds are most certainly in Game of Thrones‘ favor, here, as it’s the only show with multiple nominees in the same category. Podeswa, Shakman and Taylor are an interesting mix, though.

Podeswa and Taylor, of course, are both Game of Thrones veterans, though this will be the first time either of them has been nominated by the DGA for their work on it. Podeswa was previously nominated for his work on The Pacific and Taylor won the award in 2007 for an episode of Mad Men.

Matt Shakman, however, has never been up for a DGA award before and, given how he was best known for It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia prior to season 7, it would be a nice upset (relatively speaking) if he were to win. I am reminded of this gif from August.

The winners will be revealed at the 70th Annual DGA Awards on February 3, 2018 in Beverly Hills.

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    1. GO THRONES!!!!!
      but I think matt shakman has this one in the bag, but it would be cool if Podeswa was the upset winner for all his work of thrones so far.
      can’t wait to see who wins it ^^

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    2. 1 Matt shakman
      2 Jeremy Podeswa
      3 Alan Taylor
      all worthy Directors, glad they got recognized

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    3. They’re all worthy nominees, but I’d be shocked if Shakman didn’t win. And yeah, it’s pretty cool that he did a 180 from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia to GoT. I always love seeing what sort of range people have, and how willing they are to broaden their horizons and creative output!

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    4. Would love to see Shakman land this one! When you consider all the moving parts, special effects, etc that had to come about in absolutely flawless fashion, to look credible, he nailed it. I do not say this to take anything away from the other two. They were absolutely terrific, too. That’s the problem with Thrones. The bar is very high. The production values and the standards of excellence are so consistent it’s very difficult to choose so I’m simply going with my personal favorite.

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    5. Shakman has directed some pretty good episodes of Sunny. Buncha the classics. Not that directing for Sunny matters as much as it does for Thrones obviously, since comedies generally rely more on the writing anyway, but still he is very talented. He really made something special with the Spoils of War.

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    6. Jaehaerys: Not that directing for Sunny matters as much as it does for Thrones obviously, since comedies generally rely more on the writing anyway, but still he is very talented.

      If anything, then directing is even more important in comedies than it is in standard cinema. Delivery is absolutely vital for comedy, and that comes down to directing. Moreover, directors (for comedy or any other genre) frequently edit scripts during filming, and often heavily. It is one of those many things where things that sound or look good in people’s minds often fall flat when actually enacted.

      At any rate, Shakman’s knack for timing really showed well in Spoils: that was nearly perfectly paced and delivered.

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