Preview the New CultureFly Game of Thrones Subscription Box!

CultureFly Game of Thrones Unboxing

Here’s a bit of fun today- we’ve got a look at the brand spankin’ new Game of Thrones Subscription Box from CultureFly! CultureFly is putting out an assortment of officially licensed limited edition Game of Thrones items in a special subscription box that’s delivered to fans every quarter. Only 5000 boxes are made for each batch, maintaining an exclusive quality. CultureFly was kind enough to send Watchers on the Wall one of the new boxes to preview, and we’re happy to share the contents and our thoughts with you all today!

This quarter’s theme was “The Noble Houses of Westeros” and you can see that clearly reflected in all the contents. Even the subscription box itself is beautiful and covered in the Great House sigils of Westeros:

Game of Thrones CultureFly Box

A handy information card about this quarter’s Game of Thrones haul of limited-editon merch:

CultureFly Game of Thrones Subscription Box card

Our first prize from the box is a lovely House Tyrell planter, very fitting for the garden-loving ways of the Tyrells. It features the golden rose and the house words of the family, and looks to be a functional planter.  This is a very clever idea.

House Tyrell planter CultureFly subscription box

This next item was my favorite from the box by far. The Ghost vinyl figure is big, about seven inches long, and has impressive detail, with a great facial expression on Jon Snow’s direwolf.

CultureFly Game of Thrones Ghost Vinyl Figure Ghost 1

The Jaime Lannister Golden Hand oven mitt cracked me up laughing and I wore it around my kitchen for a while just for fun after opening up the box. It is a bit bizarre, but that said, it is a usable silicone oven mitt and a really creative addition to the world of Game of Thrones collectibles. It has nice detail, mimicking Jaime’s gold hand, and makes for a fun conversation piece in the kitchen.

Jaime Lanister GoldenHand oven mitt CultureFly box

And oh yeah, it really does work!

Oven Mitt Action shot

The House Baratheon drinking horn will be great for parties and conventions. It comes with a strap that can be hooked on if you wish, and a wooden stand.

CultureFly House Baratheon horn details House Baratheon drinking horn kit CultureFly

The House Sigil Stamp set and the House Stark notepad don’t have to be used together but I suspect they will be in my case!

CultureFly Game of Thrones Stamp Kit and House Stark Notepad

The Targaryen Handwarmer is a nice nod to the heated ways of the dragon-loving family. The reusable handwarmer displays the three-headed dragon sigil, and is a unique way to show off your GoT house pride.

House Targaryen handwarmer CultureFly

The House Greyjoy banner pin shows the house words of the Iron Islands clan, and has three rods on the back to hold it into place. It’s large for a pin, but fans of the Greyjoys will love this one.

House Greyjoy Game of Thrones CultureFly Subscription Box pin

I have to admit I’m not a huge fan of the t-shirt that comes with the box. It’s very masculine, and the large versions of the sigils don’t work for me personally. That said, it is well made, and the fabric feels soft and comfortable.  Each subscription box, every quarter, will contain a piece of apparel, according to CultureFly.

CultureFly Game of Thrones shirt

Overall though, I think the CultureFly Game of Thrones Subscription Box is a roaring success, providing a large array of official merch I’ve never seen before- and I’ve seen it all. It’s good to see HBO expanding their horizons with the CultureFly box, and I look forward to seeing what future boxes bring to the fandom.

Visit to sign up today- it’s $49.99 per box (quarterly), or $44.99 per box if you choose the annual pricing plan to save!

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    1. As a Minnesota resident and (MN) Vikings fan I need one of those Baratheon drinking horns SO MUCH!!

      That oven mitt IS funny. On first look it reminded me of those giant foam Hulk hands.

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    2. Clob: That oven mitt IS funny. On first look it reminded me of those giant foam Hulk hands.

      Lol, yea, it reminds me of Roy Munson’s fake rubber hand in “Kingpin”. Not sure if anyone else has seen that movie though.

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    3. Mr Derp: Lol, yea, it reminds me of Roy Munson’s fake rubber hand in “Kingpin”.Not sure if anyone else has seen that movie though.

      Lol! You’re right! Too funny. I’d totally use it!
      Out of curiosity, does the planter have a drainage hole?

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    4. Mr Derp: Lol, yea, it reminds me of Roy Munson’s fake rubber hand in “Kingpin”.Not sure if anyone else has seen that movie though.

      Hahaha….you’re right! I love that movie!

      There are so many awesome scenes but my fave has to be:

      [Interior of a diner. Ernie (played brilliantly by Bill Murray) and Roy (Woody) are at a table. A blonde woman and a brunette woman are a table away from them]

      Ernie turns to the women and says: “Hello.”

      The blonde responds: “Hello.”

      Ernie, not missing a beat says: “Not you. Hello.” to the brunette.

      Then Ernie tells Roy to go outside to finish whatever he’s eating.

      I did the scene no justice but it was hilarious.

      Runner up: Hot coffee in the face. (You know the scene)

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    5. Absolutely LOVE the oven mitt! And would love to have Stark sticky notes (are they sticky notes?) to use at the office. Enjoy, Sue!

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