Maisie Williams Adds Tom Hanks to Kill List, Liam Cunningham Teases Season 1 Audition, And More


Game of Thrones season 8 might be barely visible on the (very distant) 2019 skyline, but the cast is making the rounds as animatedly as ever. In an interview with GQ, Liam Cunningham (Ser Davos Seaworth) teases a season 1 role for which he was originally considered, and amps up excitement for season 8. On the TV side of things, Maisie Williams (Arya Stark) recently appeared on Graham Norton, alongside national treasure Tom Hanks and world heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua, giving a typically hilarious interview. And lastly, ThreeZero is publishing an Arya Stark figurine for those collectors amongst us.

On Graham Norton, Williams laughs alongside her couch counterparts, as she recounts the numbers of fans who have approached her on the street besieging to her to murder them – well, begging her to add their names to Arya’s [kill] list. She gives Tom Hanks, Anthony Joshua, and even Graham Norton the royal treatment, adding their names to her long-memorized list:

The others then appear rather impressed that Arya (featuring Williams’ likeness) is now featured on a one-pence UK stamp…a feat achieved in America only if you are dead, Hanks noted:

In a lower Manhattan restaurant, an interview recorded with Cunningham before season 8 filming began reveals some interesting tidbits. While promoting his now-released Amazon project, Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams, talk naturally turned to Game of Thrones. Turns out, Cunningham auditioned for season 1, but he is rather mum’s the word about at which character he lost the chance to portray, saying “It wouldn’t be fair to the other actor.” Fortunately, for us all, Nina Gold (longtime GOT casting director) must have kept his name on her desk, because he was brought back to audition for and ultimately inhabit the pragmatic, gruff Onion Knight we all know and love. I’d love to hear your thoughts on which character you think it was in the comments below!

The interview is a rather spanking good read, by the way. Cunningham confesses to missing Stephen Dillane (Stannis Baratheon). “I miss him. He’s an extraordinary actor…We would be walking around in the car park in circles, running lines. People would avoid us, thinking the pair of us were fucking mad, repeating this thing.” Weirdly enough, he has but one request of the final season: Put Davos and Cersei in the same room. “I’d love to be stuck in a room with Cersei, with her going, ‘Who the fuck are you?’” he quips.

As for his future post-GOT, two possible things are currently in the cards: One is producing his own project. “I’ve spent a lot of years waiting for the right thing to come in—and now after Thrones, there’s a possibility that I could actually have a hand in getting something made.” The other? Simply reading A Song of Ice and Fire because, well, “George R.R. Martin told me he’ll kill me if I don’t.”

Lastly, if figurine collectibles are your jam, ThreeZero’s Arya Stark is available for pre-order as of Tuesday January 16th, for $178. The delivery date for the figure is estimated for the 3rd quarter of 2018. You can buy it at, where a free t-shirt will also reportedly be available with your purchase.


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    1. I think I read somewhere Stephen Dillane auditioned for Davos before getting the Stannis role. I’m glad Liam got the part – he’s the perfect Onion Knight.

      I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near Arya’s kill list, don’t get why anyone would.

      The Arya figurine’s details are beautiful, but she needs a nose job.

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    2. That GQ interview is really good! Leave it to Liam Cunningham to rip into the superhero money machine. Haven’t watched Electric Dreams yet, but I’m planning to. And it looks like Lady Crane/Essie Davis is in it too!

      Also, I think Liam went for the big one in Season 1: Ned Stark

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    3. Wait till Liam gets to the part in the books where Lord Manderly has Davos in custody and hangs the severed head and hands of another prisoner over his lintel to show to two Frey ambassadors (soon to become pie filling), claiming they’re Davos’, as quid pro quo for Cersei releasing his own prisoner-of-war son.

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    4. Liam. ❤ I would bet on Jorah, Stannis, or possibly Ned. I miss Dillane too, buddy.

      Actually I would love to see Stannis, Roose, and Tywin facing off with the Night King.

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    5. Tom Hanks was very nice to Maisie and it was a trip to see them interact. I would kill to see them in a movie together.
      This is one of the rare interviews I like. The group of guests was perfect.

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    6. zandru:
      Looks as if they got someone else – not Maisie Williams – to model for that “Arya” figurine.

      When I first saw it quickly I thought it looked like an actress that I can’t put a name too. A young Mira Sorvino came to mind but I don’t think that’s the one…

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    7. Considering they only wanted to consider Sean Bean for the role of Ned, I doubt he auditioned for that one. It was probably for Stannis or Jorah.

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    8. A Maisie stamp! I want a Maisie stamp! And a Tom Hanks cameo on GoT.

      ETA: He’s on the list. He has to appear now, so she can cross him off.

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    9. Last post. I’m reading from the bottom to the top.

      Electric Dreams! I loved the anthology of stand-alone episodes! Liam’s episode was among my favorite. It is funny that they didn’t mention his co-star, Essie, whose role was even larger than his own in that episode. Essie Davis, who plays Lady Crane in GoT, the Braavosi troupe actress who assists Arya in “No One.”

      So Liam and Essie (and Breaking Bad dude) star in the “Human Is” episode, but Robb Stark (Richard Madden) stars in “The Hood Maker,” which is another great episode. I think “Autofac” and “Safe & Sound” were my favorite episodes.

      This review is hugely spoilerific. If you listen muted, though, then you won’t be too spoiled.

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    10. Well Maisie is voicing a character in ‘Early Man’, which is brilliant to hear.

      Aardman Entertainment could do a short film about syphilis and make it fun, light hearted and wonderfully uplifting.

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    11. Violator:
      Well Maisie is voicing a character in ‘Early Man’, which is brilliant to hear.

      Aardman Entertainment could do a short film about syphilis and make it fun, light hearted and wonderfully uplifting.

      I am so psyched for this movie! I totally love Wallace & Gromit and anything else that Aardman does.

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    12. Ginevra,
      There are stamps for Sansa, Jon, Ned, QoT, Tywin, Tyrion, Cersei, Arya, Jaime, and Dany. And Tom Hanks was joking about the one-pence part. These stamps seem to cover the full cost of sending a first-class letter within the country – which is perhaps 65 pence.

      I ordered a set of postcards and the “Character” stamps (with the main actors’ faces) yesterday from the U.S. Although I didn’t find a place where you could order an entire sheet of a single stamp (i.e., Arya), there are a number of choices and presentation options

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    13. Wait…$178 for an Arya fugurine that doesn’t look like Arya???

      I think I’d rather spend 10 minutes looking at the spitting image Arya figurine I bought for $12 from HBO Store two years ago…and wait for Royal Mail to ship out my preordered GoT stamps when they’re issued next week.

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    14. Clob: When I first saw it quickly I thought it looked like an actress that I can’t put a name too.A young Mira Sorvino came to mind but I don’t think that’s the one…

      Me too! Now it’s bugging me. Who does that look like? Certainly not Maisie Williams.

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    15. Delivery not until the “third quarter of 2018.”

      Here’s the product description from the nanufscturer’s website (link above):

      “The Arya Stark figure will be available for pre-order for a limited time at, beginning Tuesday, January 16th 09:00AM HKT. Priced at 178 USD / 1385 HKD with worldwide shipping included, the Arya figure stands at approximately 10″ (~25.5cm) tall, featuring an authentic likeness to the character as portrayed in HBO’s critically acclaimed ‘Game of Thrones’ television series drama and hand-knitted tunic pattern replicating the award-winning costuming of HBO’s team. All accessory details are listed below.”

      I’ll pass. (For $178 and a 9 month wait for a 10″ figurine, I’d want it sculpted out of solid gold and autographed by Maisie Williams.)

      – End Price Gouging Rant –

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    16. I actually don’t know if I can pick a winner in a Tywin/Night King stare off… When Tywin puts that glare on you, most either piss or shit their pants… I so miss his presence.

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    17. Maisie is just the greatest… Just so naturally talented… Her’s is a career I will certainly be following after Game of Thrones ends.

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    18. Aegon the Icedragon:
      I actually don’t know if I can pick a winner in a Tywin/Night King stare off…When Tywin puts that glare on you, most either piss or shit their pants…I so miss his presence.

      True, but I can’t imagine Tywin pulling off the “what’s up?” thing at the end of Hardhome like the NK did. That would just look silly. It would be Tywin’s glare vs. the NK’s “what’s up?” sign in a showdown for the ages.

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    19. Is it too far fetched to think he may have auditioned for Tywin? I could certainly see Jorah and I realize he’s 15 yrs younger than Charles Dance but in the book, Tywin was closer to Liam’s age.

      Just fun to speculate – as Davos he’s so level headed and funny to boot but would be interesting to see him as Tywin too.

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    20. Ginevra,

      Good to “see” you again!
      I have watched episodes 1-7 (so far), and my favourites are The Hood Marker and Human Is. I’m looking forward to watching the others as well, but first I’ll rewatch Human Is, because I don’t remember much of Liam’s part.
      If you enjoyed Electric Dreams, you should feast with Black Mirror (maybe you already have). Even darker, but the show makes you think and ask questions in a way that finally it’s not a depressing experience. Real art brings catharsis.

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