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    1. Death scene I enjoyed the most?

      That’s a tough one. Candidates:
      • Arya cuts Poliver’s leg, grabs Needle from him, and re-enacts Lommy’s death in reverse, driving Needle into his throat.
      • Arya completely destroys Meryn F*cking Trant.
      • Syrio Forel: “The First Sword of Braavos does not run.”
      • Jon Snow beheads Janos Slynt
      • Jon Snow hangs Olly. Because f*ck Olly.

      And the Winner is…. 🥁🥁🥁
      Arya completely destroys Meryn F*cking Trant. ✅

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    2. Viseris death ..ala golden crown.Mirri Maz dDur death ,Cranzys death by fire Geoffreys death “help the poor boy”..The crucifying of the slave masters in Meeren ,Meryn Trants death,The Khals burning in S6,Ramsays death by dogs, Pycelles death,Walder Freys death ,The Freys death and the Tarlys death in S7

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    3. So many 😉

      Most of which Ten Bears mentions and certainly Arya killing Polliver in the same way he killed Lommy. Jon Snow beheading Janos Slynt – What a little shit that guy was and Ayra finally getting to Ser Meryn Trant for the (presumed) death of her sword master Syrio Forel.

      I would add to that:

      1. Viserys getting his golden crown (that was great) “clunk” 🙂
      2. Dany toasting Pyat Pree in the House of the Undying – “Dracarys!” He didn’t expect that 😛
      3. Dany toasting Kraznys with a young Drogon at Astapor – He didn’t either 😮
      4. Joffrey gets his just reward at the Purple Wedding. That was brilliant and something we had all been waiting for.
      5. Sansa kills Ramsey Bolton with his own hunting dogs.
      6. Arya taking her revenge on House Fray for the Red Wedding. Not only Lord Walder, but all his sons also!

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    4. Just like some characters are starting to grow on Nolan, he is starting to grow on me. Not that I ever disliked him but I generally don’t enjoy watching reactions/discussions of people that don’t seem interested in the show. But he seems to be slowly coming around.

      I don’t know if I could pick one favorite death scene, there are so many good ones. Some of my favorites are when a character gets a heroic death like Yoren or Barristan Selmy. Most devastating was Hodor hands down. Most satisfying was probably Walder Frey and Ramsay.

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    5. I had always assumed Petra was European given her name until seeing this video. That aside this was a fun watch guys thanks for putting it together.

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