House of the Dragon Season 1 Episode 5 – We Light the Way – Open Chat

1x05 KL Wedding Velaryon Vaemond (Wil Johnson), Corlys (Steve Toussaint), Laenor (Theo Nate), Rhaenys (Eve Best)

You are cordially invited…

Writer: Charmaine DeGraté
Director: Clare Kilner
Runtime:  60 min.
Content Warnings: TV-MA: Adult Content, Adult Language, Brief Nudity, Graphic Violence
Video Preview: Episode 5 Preview

The motto of House Hightower as the title for a dragon wedding episode is an interesting choice, wouldn’t you say? With Otto’s fall from grace last week, we can expect to see some  serious scheming as all the major players come together to celebrate the union of Laenor Velaryon and Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen.

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Sue the Fury
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  1. Seated for the episode and all the shenanigans! 🍿

    Should be a good one. Glad to see Clare Kilner is directing another episode.

  2. HBO must have forgotten what day it was and whoopsed with the E6+ promo yesterday.

    Viserys with the gold mask just punches me in the gut, but seeing Aemon and others coming up is exciting.

    I don’t know when anything is happening going forward from tonight, so the timeline is kind of boggling me, lol.


  3. I thought Prince Daemon was going to rescue Princess Rhaenyra but he sorta disappeared… great acting… award worthy directing… clever story…

    House of the Dragon is a very different show with plenty of Game of Thrones easter eggs…. 10/10

  4. I thought this episode was, by far, the best of the season to date. Dialogue and pace were worthy of early-season GOT accolades.

  5. Another great episode. The writing is tremendous. I think the writing has literally improved with each episode and I don’t think any of them had bad writing. They’ve all been great and getting even better.

    This is a very good show with unlimited potential in the seasons to come.

  6. Malcolm Ferguson:
    So, what do we call this one? The Green Wedding?

    Lol. Sure.

    I’m personally surprised at how they write Daemon. It’s not that he’s not a dark character in F&B and the Rogue Prince but they definitely turn him a black hat thoroughly, what I’d normally call chaotic evil(?). I mean book Rhea cracked her skull true enough in a horse fall while hunting but she lived like 9 days after and seem to recuperate before she died. Plenty of time to mention Daemon tried to kill her… also he was in the Stepstones at the time getting rid of pirates and shit. I can only imagine what they do when it comes time to speak of Ser Qarl Correy! I mean there’s enough Mushroom tales to make him the most terrible person in the series, I think we could have done without this kill for him. But what do I know, I’m not a screenwriter.

    On the other hand I see they continue to carry the torch of Alicent who’s still a victim of continuing moral and emotional manipulation. Otto fears for her life and the life of her kids… dude, you literally pushed her into this danger when Viserys was clear that he doesn’t want to remarry and he wants Rhaenyra to succeed him! What did you expect?!?! Fuck him. Manipulative abusive asshole. And he’s definitely not the only one. Larys Strong is another.

    Loved Daemon during the wedding!!!! He was the only person in the room sitting when Alicent walked the length of the room to the dais table. Lol he was NOT impressed. There’s a ton of chemistry between Rhaenyra and Daemon. Viserys’ face when he saw them speaking to each other. I thought he’s going to have an apoplexy! Matt Daemon and Milly Alcock to me seem to nail every single scene they have together. I am finally a bit afraid for the older Rhaenyra when she’s on next ep.

    And finally Ser Criston: much more human in the show. Just as bad though. A violent horror who’ll break every vow he ever made. No real honor in that one though he’s supposed to be above it. At least with Daemon you always knew where you stand. Never pretended to be anything other than himself.

    That’s about all I have

  7. Rygar,

    Pfft… there’s not a single wedding that ends well in GoT universe Ry! :p

    Lots of hugs to ya, you gross man! Hope you’re doing well 😀

  8. Correction: I do have something else to add. It wasn’t clear why Ser Cole would fight and kill Ser Lonmouth at the wedding. I get that they don’t really care but supposedly this type of thing only happens at Dothraki weddings ( it’s not a wedding if there’s less the 5 fights and 3 killings) but still. They should allow Ser Cole an explanation that’s not meta. I mean we, the audience already know why he snaps since we know the relationships and interactions, but the characters at the wedding do not. Maybe they’ll have him give a fake explanation somehow in the next episode.

  9. Hey folks: long time, no post. This series has been “pretty” enough to watch, but 5 episodes into it, and I cannot see what the story is. That said, it is “fun” to have next to no idea what the plot is beyond the very cursory descriptions of these events in the books (assuming that these are the same events as led to the big Targaryen civil war some 100 years before SoI&F): and I know fully sympathize with the joke(s) about nobody knowing the names of any of the characters in GoT except Jon Snow, Khaleesi, Tyrion and Drogon! I’ve got Rhaenyra, Doctor Daemon (thanks to the alliteration) and Viserys down (thanks to it being reused!): and everyone else is what’s his/her face. Oh, and Allison: but that’s one of my favorite Elvis Costello songs; however, I’m not sure that they spell it that way.

    (That said, didn’t GRRM write a short story about some of this ~10 years ago? I seem to recall an edited volume called “Dangerous Women” or something like that with a GRRM contribution about the Targaryen civil war, or at least a Targaryen civil war.)

  10. Much love to Sue and the crew….I hope we can get back to the old days of 100+ comments upon the ending in the few couple of hours. The Youtubers are also suffering the same. I know GOT didnt end as well for alot of fans as us lore folk…..but this show is awesome. D&D ….they did things a little bit different. Im super interested in the Snow offshoot now cause mayhaps….the prophecy has yet to be fulfilled and maybe im just a crazy fan. I kinda feeling like this a GRRM sanctioned re-do of the prince/princess that was promised and future lore will be dropped to line up the next show

  11. Laryngitis: “Psst, Alicent.”

    Alicent: “What?”

    Laryngitis: “Hey, so the princess totally got the tea.”

    Alicent: “Tea?”

    L: “Ya know. Tea.”
    *exaggerated wink, waggly eyebrows*

    A: 🤔

    L: ……

    A: ……

    L: “She totally slept with someone before she got married.”

    A: “OH. Gotcha. Good.”

    L: “What?”

    A: “What what?”

    Viserys: “What?”

    A: “What?”

    *credits roll, series ends*

  12. TormundsWoman,

    Hugs back. This show is shit. Basically a rip off of Game of Thrones. Not fond of the girl who looks like Chaka or the True Blood vamp guy. The King is good. The Show is Predictable and redundant. Some of the acting is superb. But I am watching it like ai would a car crash. Dont really want to, but feel the need to do so.

  13. Rygar: The Show is Predictable and redundant. Some of the acting is superb. But I am watching it like ai would a car crash. Dont really want to, but feel the need to do so.

    I feel similar, so far.

    This show could really use a subplot or something. Every episode kind of covers the same ground.

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