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The Lord’s light has shined on us all. A podcast meets moments after the final breaths of this massive second sixth season episode.

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Best Snow Day ever
Back with Brandon Stark
House Lannister
The Dragontamer
The Iron brother
The reedemer
Dead girl
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Where do we begin?

Top 5? Top 3? Where in your heart does this episode rank?


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  1. Willis !!

    Ah, someone beat me to it

    Actually, i don’t Think we should Believe Snowman is alive. he could be more or less a Walking Dead,.

  2. I’m thankful they avoided the dead three days, resurrection on the third jesus cliché. I’m an advocate for free will over prophesy.

  3. Ulph demands bloodmoney,

    In the episode 3 preview itself: “They think you’re a god”
    I’m paraphrasing here, can’t remember the exact line.
    What you say is a real possibility, but would make sense to say that to a walking dead?

  4. where does this leave the R+L=J theory? we will get the tower of joy vision in the next episode as teased in the s3 trailer.. but there was no smoke or anything of that sort when he was resurrected? thoughts?

    on a side note. the tyrion theory seems a lot more plausible now

  5. Tywin was killed by Tyrion, Roose – by Ramsey. I just hope at least Walder Frey will be punished by Starks themselves.

  6. Sooo… Davos, does he remember Shireen… is he ever going to address it!!! DOES HE KNOW!!

  7. I have to say, I didn’t completely buy why Davos would want Jon resurrected via Mel. What is his interest, even if Jon comes back from the dead, he can’t give Davos anything of value. Unless your telling us that Davos is thinking so far ahead that he thinks his salvation, which went down the drain with Stannis’s death, lies in a resurrected Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch, what kind of logic is that? Assuming Mel’s magic works, does Davos expect Jon to take Davos under his wing, what’s he want, to be Jon’s new steward! I don’t buy why exactly Davos would so want Jon to be resurrected. And again this speaks to weak character motivations and storytelling by D&D that has become far to common. And I liked the episode!

    In my view, Davos’s motivation should have come from Tormund and the wildlings future plight. Tormund would have needed to realize that without Jon, the North would never except the wildlings and the new Night’s Watch leader might not except them for long either. Tormund should have verbalized this to Davos and in turn Davos would try motivating Mel to provide a solution via resurrection.

    The scene could play out something like this:

    Tormund Giantsbane and Davos Seaworth stand around Jon Snow’s dead body in a room of castle black.

    Tormund: “His death is the death of my people as well”

    Davos: “What do you mean?”

    Tormund: “Jon, as the Lord Commander, provided us with sanctuary behind the Wall. He, and only he, would have been able to convince the Southern Lords to accept us so near to their southern lands.”

    Davos: “You can attempt to make peace with the Northern Lords”

    Tormund: “They hate us as much as we hate them, without him they’ll never accept us. I wouldn’t if I were them. His death will mean a fight that we can’t win”

    Davos stares at Tormund and appears to be contemplating something, he makes to leave and turns to Tormund.

    Davos: “Come with me”

    Tormund: “Where are we going?”

    Davos: “We need to talk to the Red Woman.”

    Cut to Tyrion, Bran, Iron Islands, whatever…. then come back to castle black and Davos with Tormund talking to Mel.

    I won’t go into dialogue, but basically Davos does what he does in the episode, but in my case he gives a legitimate reason to try, so that the wildlings can be saved.

    Excuse my clunky dialogue, but that’s how I felt it should have gone down. There’s more of a reason to why Davos want’s Jon resurrected and its a reason we fans can see as logical. Not to hard, right? I love to nitpick because I care about this shit and I sometimes grow very upset at D&D’s insipid storytelling.

  8. I think this episode was so awesome that it broke the next episode countdown counter at the top of the page. 🙂

  9. That strange feeling you’re having-the unfamiliar flutter, goosebumps; it’s called joy. Confusing and scary for GOT fans, I know.

  10. Lynk: but there was no smoke or anything of that sort when he was resurrected? thoughts?

    She burnt pieces of his hair, that was probably quite smoky (and very smelly). No salt tho…

  11. Chio Paris,

    Davos knows that Shireen is dead, along with Stannis. When Melisandre returned to Castle Black at the end of Season 5, Davos ran up to her and demanded to know where they were. Melisandre gave him this sort of blank, hopeless look and you could see Davos’s eyes widening in horror and devastation. He knew they were gone.

    He does not know, however, that Melisandre sacrificed Shireen to the Lord of Light by burning her alive, or that Stannis consented to that sacrifice. That’s a ticking timebomb that I feel fairly confident will detonate at some point this season.

    In the first trailer for Season 6 that featured new footage, there was a shot of Davos standing alone amidst a frozen landscape, staring down at something on the ground that looked like the remnants of a pyre. [ (at 0:17)] We know Davos leaves Castle Black at some point this season. Maybe he stumbles across Stannis’s camp and discovers the place where Shireen was burned.

    Remember, when Shireen died, she was clutching the carved stag that Davos had given her as a parting gift. Perhaps Davos finds what’s left of it, blackened and charred, and pieces together what happened. I had previously wondered if Melisandre might tell him herself when she was in her hopeless state, but now that the Red Woman has resurrected Jon Snow, there’s a good chance that she’s going to regain some measure of her confidence.

    Davos’s reaction will be interesting to see. He’s already tried to kill Melisandre once to save Stannis from her influence, but I’m not sure if he has it in him to do it again purely for revenge, especially after Melisandre revived Jon. Then again, Shireen was perhaps the only person whose life Davos valued more than his King’s. Who knows what he’ll do?

  12. Jared,

    all your supposition makes sense; however, stannis made the decision and paid with everything. in a way, mel has proven she makes mistakes but is now on the right path and what would davos do to punish her. I think something will happen, but mel will walk on winterfell’s ramparts. whatever happens, it will not derail davos completely.

    it is more likely that davos realizes

    a. he thought better of stannis than he should have
    b. he thought worse of mel than he should have
    c. the WWs are the real threat to life and if mel can help/has already, then the bitter pill has to be swallowed

    Davos is going to undergo his own conversion. It won’t be a reversal, just a realization that magic is deeply at work in this scenario and he has to accept that.

    He might try to strangle Mel, but Mel just might tell him to go ahead, that she doesn’t feel much better than he does about what she has done.

  13. Thanks for gettin this out so early dudes 🙂 long time listener i use u for chillins/walkings n often listen more than once. You and many others, my PlayerFM just a glorified IceFireThrone feed, I’m an addict lol. This time of year is awesome!!! As was this ep. Still nicely stunned tbh. But soooo content. I started with the show. Then all the books got done by the end of S3. So been waiting long enough omg. I love book and show Jon very much!!!! <3

    Had an interview today (on no sleep, UK viewer here), and walked in there like I owned the place. Lol!! So chilled n kewl n happy 🙂 Hate season 5 but im totes back in. The two sources are now separate in my mind n I can look forward to enjoying both separately and equally 😀 maybe

    My own goes to Mel ofc and my absolute fave line of the ep…


  14. Anyone seen the trailer for episode 3? Looks like umber banners going to winterfell and bringing Ramsey a gift? Could it be the end for rikon?

  15. Great episode – makers of this show must have been so excited to air that – brilliant – so many jaw dropping moments – Tyrion and the Dragons, The Skullcrushers – Wun Wun v’s FrankenMountain, Crows Eye, Lyanna Stark, Wyllis – the list goes on… Only just realised Dany wasn’t even in it.

    Own goes to… Long dong loud mouth – for the sound of his piss hitting FM armour – hilarious

    *edit – didnt even mention JS – thats how good this was!!!

  16. Anyone think that maybe Theon going “home” is to actually seek revenge and he is on his way back to Winterhell? It would be epic for Theon to be the one to actually put an end to Ramsey as he has hopefully and finally Theon again and not Reek.

  17. Um I don’t really get to talk about Thrones with anyone and I listen to you guys every week so I’m wondering what you think about the BlArya storyline being over already??? Does that mean that Arya won’t be that thing she was in the books when she was blind and I can’t remember how to use spoiler tags so I’ll not say

    Also how awesome with Jon! My heart was racing when Melisandre kept saying the words and getting faster and panicking! And the music is SO good this season

    Anyway that’s my two cents. Also how dumb was Fat Walda. She just stood there while he opened all the gates and didn’t even try to open the gate… he didn’t even lock it???

  18. Tower of Joy Next WEEK!!! Hopefully the whole event, not just bits and pieces, and is indeed the answer of the famous equation. I can see the fight being shown, but having to wait longer for the promise.

  19. Oooooh, do we think Theon could go back to Winterfell and

    become the Hooded Man/Ghost in Winterfell?

    Also, did anyone pick up on Asha/Yara’s line to Balon about ruling over pinecones and whatnot?

    Remember what she presents at the Kingsmoot?
  20. Guys I was never a podcast gal, and im wondering if there is a kind soul among you who could point me somewhere to begin with game of owns?? just so i won’t be completely lost? Yes? No? Thank you. 🙂

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