Game of Thrones once again on the cover of Entertainment Weekly!


Last night was an eventful episode of Game of Thrones, to say the least. If you haven’t watched the episode yet, steer clear of this article because there will be spoilers!

Game of Thrones will be gracing the cover of the upcoming issue of Entertainment Weekly, just a month after the last time. For a sneak peek at the cover and choice soundbites from EW’s interview, click on through.

Yes, Jon Snow has been resurrected and EW has the exclusive! Kit Harington will appear on the cover of the new issue. The magazine will be going inside the story of how Game of Thrones spent years planning Jon’s death and return.

Photo: Marc Hom for EW
Photo: Marc Hom for EW

Contrary to the showrunners’ not terribly convincing claims that Jon was gone for good, EW reports that Harington “spent more days on set this season than any other Thrones actor.”

“It’s a massive season for Jon,” Harington says to EW. “It’s his biggest season for him so far.”

Kit did an on-camera interview as well, popping in to “say sorry for lying to everyone.”

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You can order the Jon Snow cover story online or grab one on newsstands starting Friday!

Sue the Fury
Susan Miller, Editor in Chief of


  1. I forgive you Kit, it doesn’t matter
    your back Jon, your Back 🙂
    Welcome back Kit Snow <3

  2. It’s a massive season for Jon,” Harington says to EW. “It’s his biggest season for him so far.”
    Jon Snow!!!!

  3. So relieved to have him back! Such a wonderful character and what an actor Kit playing him is!

  4. Probs should have just said, “I can’t answer that question” or “You’ll just have to see when it airs in April” when he was asked instead of lying right to our faces. Liam Cunningham didn’t add to the charade. He just said “can’t tell you”. The way he and the show runners lied, they were so stubborn about it made everyone feel more adamant that he was coming back. But hey, Kit I bet it feels great to get that monkey of your shoulder. Now they can all relax knowing that the worst kept secret in television history is out.

  5. I’m the Storm
    From olds town to Assai, When men see my sails they pray.
    Brilliant episode, bring it on Season 6

  6. I feel for him. Especially since R’hllor sacrificed part of his glorious hair.

    Biggest season for him? Sounds interesting as season 5 was pretty damn big with him being LC, wildlings vs night’s watch, Hardhome, For The Watch, Stannis.

  7. Such a completely irresponsible action Entertainment Weekly. For whatever reason, I knew several people who really believed Jon Snow was dead. It’s not as much a given as you’d think that he is resurrected.

    And now everyone who passes a magazine rack for a month’s time (read: more or less anyone who isn’t a hermit) will be spoiled if they haven’t seen the episode. The least they could’ve done is kept the cover ambiguous (something to the effect of “Jon Snow’s fate is revealed”) but I suppose that wouldn’t sell magazines ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  8. is karstark in more then 3 episodes ? he was in the preview for next episode.

  9. Cannot wait for Jon’s journey this season. So happy to hear he was the busiest actor this year, will look forward to lots of Jon scenes.

    Kit is so beautiful. Seriously!!

  10. “Top Secret plan”? Yeah… right.

    If I ever seize control of a government, remind me to not to hire these people to handle my counter-espionage … 😀


  11. It is great to have you back Kit! To be honest, I don’t think they could win when making comments about Jon’s future during the off-season as people would have complained whatever they did. It is great to have him back though, and I look forward to seeing his next steps.

    No. if people choose not to watch it is their sole responsibility to avoid spoilers. Once an episode airs it is a free country as far as I’m concerned. The few book readers who have chosen to stop watching are fools if they think they can avoid some of the major plot points.

  12. Sascha,

    It wasn’t a matter of keeping it a secret so much as cultivating a certain degree of doubt through insisting on Jon’s death. And they succeeded in it. Many people knew that he will come back but the doubt was seeded and whereas some were prepared for the inevitable others tried to find alternatives for his reappearance. So yes their strategy was not to so much keep a secret as to seed a doubt and a kind of confusion.

  13. It wasn’t even lying so much as expanded acting.
    I mean, acting is a form of lying – it’s just that for the past year he’s been acting even off camera.
    Hope the kid gets to relax a bit now.

  14. I went to and read their article and the comments to it… I found it interesting that some folks are bent out of shape that “they didn’t even wait 24 hours”… they waited like 1 or 2 hours top when they posted that interview with Kit Harington explaining his death immediately after the season 5 finale aired last June… why should his resurrection’s article be more than 24 hours post-airing?

    GoT has been a top-trending beast ever since Jon Snow’s death last season… if folks haven’t yet seen the episodes, they should stay off of pretty much all social media sites, because you’re bound to see spoilers in several spots just by logging into Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, or a host of entertainment news websites. Just my $0.02. *shrug*

  15. After last night’s big resurrection, I didn’t think I could get more excited! But after reading Jon Snow will have an even bigger season this year, I am about to pass out!!! So freaking hyped!! I hate wishing my life away for every Sunday to hurry up and get here, but oh well……it’s only a few months?! Totally forgive Kit!! He was pretty convincing tho! If not for that leaked photo, I would have lost hope!

  16. What a great actor and character! So excited to read the full issue and see what Jon will be up to this season.

    I love the cover as well!! Finally EW gives me a good GoT cover.

  17. HOME is where the Lord Commander is!!! #toolatetoapologize #weforgiveyoukit #GOTEps602 #jonsnotdeadheisalive!!!!

    I had a feeling he was lying on the Jonathan Ross show when he kept looking away and avoiding eye contact. ?

  18. He doesn’t have to apologize for anything. Lol.

    I am sooooooooooo happy Jon is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and I love you Kit. You’re pretty.

  19. wow, I’m glad that I am caught up with this show because for EW to drop that story so soon would make me smash something

  20. Brandon:
    Rickon stark is Ramsey’s gift from the umbers, yes?

    Would it be too bloodthirsty for me to hope that, if it is, the Umbers somehow get contact with Castle Black first and they substitute a de-tongued Olly as a fake Rickon to “give” to Ramsey?

  21. Kristy G.,

    Personally, I’m not mad at EW at all for spoiling anything. They are simply covering what has happened, that’s their job, etc.

    However, what seems lame to me is the way they’re doing it.

    “Inside the top secret, 2 year plan to kill and resurrect Jon Snow! They kept the secret from the president!”

    It reminds me of when The Phantom Menace first came out on dvd, and they had, like, an hour long feature on the creation and implementation of Jar Jar Binks.

    They went on, and on, and on, all these geniuses, about how much work and planning and yada yada yada had gone into this character, and the whole time you’re just thinking, “They are completely blind to the truth, which is that people rejected this character wholesale. Who CARES how much energy it took to create him? He is a failure!”

    Now, I’m not saying by any means that Jon Snow’s resurrection was a failure, or poorly handled, at all. BUT, the whole “Top Secret, 2 year plan” was definitely poorly handled, if not a complete failure, and for sure NOT something to be trumpeted about, like “Haha, they totally got one over on everyone, and here’s the dish on how!”

    First off, the fact that Jon was gonna get stabbed/die was not a secret since 2011, so that part was known. And any fan worth their salt and who has been paying even remote attention to the story could surely put two and two together and see that if R+L=J, then Jon was obviously coming back, or else to what end was all that came before?

    I don’t know, I guess the Ep. 1 tie-in was weak, they just both seem like weird things to brag about is all.

  22. Now that he is back, and now Kit is saying that this is Jons biggest season, gets me really excited. Sansa will reunite with Jon!!!!! I am so curious how they will react to seeing each other again, we never saw them interact with each other in the show before, but it will still be awesome to see them together!

    Also, I wonder how Jon will be next episode, it will probably start with Jon getting up from the table and showing everyone he is alive.

    I am hype for the episodes to come!

  23. Sascha,

    Yeah, no kidding. Honestly, it was kind of insulting watching everyone keep up the BS when we all could see otherwise. That being said, speaking as someone with an appreciation for pro wrestling, I have quite a bit of respect for Kit’s commitment to keeping kayfabe this whole year. Very old-school, Mr. Harington.

  24. Dee,

    I was cheering when he woke up!! Scared the shit out of me at first. Jon is going to fuck shit up!!!!!

  25. And now it begins…. Hype. Anyone else gonna cry like a baby when Sansa gets to Castle Black?

  26. I loved the lyanna flashback. Could have done a whole episode or 2 getting to know them?

  27. Kit is ridiculously adorable. Apology accepted ?

    I watched as soon as I got home and am still in a state of delighted awe–what an episode. Cannot wait to see what Jon gets up to this season. It would be lovely if he makes it to the Mormonts and meets little miss “Bear Island knows no king but the KITN” herself!

  28. The thing is, he wakes up totally scared and confused, he doesn’t know what is going on. Then he realises, slowly, where he is, maybe he remembers what happened even. Then, he is shocked, feels humiliated and betrayed. Then he gets angry, furious, even. Can’t wait for episode 3.

  29. I am so curious to see how this plays out – from when he wakes — his next moves. I have no idea what to expect.

  30. Can’t wait to see how he reacts when he gets up and how everyone else reacts at CB when they see him! Will Edd/Davos/Tormund/Mel hug him?

  31. I think Jon’s first order of business

    is the beheading of the traitors, chop, chop, chop. Start with Alistar (after the Tower of Joy revelation, he might even let the old Targaryen loyalist in on who he is). Then he can save Olly for last. “I loved her.” Chop. Credits.
  32. Who brought Ramsay the gift in the promo? People seem to think it was the umbers. Was that the Smalljon then? It didnt look like the actor to me, and his banners had chains, not a giant. Someone please clarify this? I’m dying to know

  33. He didn’t need to apologize. He could’ve said something like.

    “All I did was say ‘yes” when people asked if Jon was dead. And that was true, he died. The correct question would’ve been for people to ask if Jon was going to come back to life.’

    Us fans did all wonder if he was going to come back to life. But the question he kept getting asked in interviews was ‘Is Jon Snow dead?’ It was actually pretty frustrating. I’m sure he still wouldn’t have revealed anything, but I wish at least one interviewer had really tried putting the screws to him.

  34. Joseph Nobles:
    I think Jon’s first order of business

    He doesn’t know who he is, so how would he let Thorne know? Jon’s not seeing the flashbacks 🙂

  35. From the filming spoilers it was obvious that Kit had spent more time in Belfast then anyone else, but I am really excited to hear that Jon Snow will have a big part this season. The North is going to be crazy this season, I cant wait!

  36. I feel a bit sorry for Michael McElhatton and Patrick Malahide because right now all fans are focused on Kit Harington.
    I hope that we also get interviews with both of them because they were great actors that are now gone from the show.

  37. Bergey:
    Such a completely irresponsible action Entertainment Weekly. For whatever reason, I knew several people who really believed Jon Snow was dead. It’s not as much a given as you’d think that he is resurrected.

    And now everyone who passes a magazine rack for a month’s time (read: more or less anyone who isn’t a hermit) will be spoiled if they haven’t seen the episode. The least they could’ve done is kept the cover ambiguous (something to the effect of “Jon Snow’s fate is revealed”) but I suppose that wouldn’t sell magazines ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    If you haven’t seen the episode by Friday, how big a GoT fan are you?

  38. I usually always has “a case of the Mondays” on Mondays. Today I’m walking around with a skip in my step and smiling at everyone. I’ve been getting some weird looks from my co-workers! 🙂

    SO relieved and happy he’s back. And SO grateful D&D didn’t string us along more than 2 episodes. Once Ghost woke up and looked up at the table, my heart leapt into my throat- I knew it was a good sign, but I didn’t want to get my hopes up… then I jumped up and down on the couch squealing like a kid who was just told she was going to Disneyworld or something, haha. I don’t think I even breathed during those last 2 minutes. The wait until next Sunday will be painful- glad I can re-watch it in the meantime… 🙂

  39. I’m glad the “secret” is finally out and I’m glad Kit is being playful about it. I’m a book reader and avid spoiler seeker and even I had my doubts, especially after seeing some of his promotional interviews.

  40. I also believe the story line would have been much better if Roose had killed Ramsay….

  41. No worries, Kit!! 😉
    Massive season for Jon… Sounds epic!! All season looks epic!! Can’t wait for the next episode…

  42. Redxgod,

    I also believe the story line would have been much better if Roose had killed Ramsay….

    What’s funny is that I was confused for a second who stabbed who and that Roose did stab Ramsey.

  43. Nice cover

    Personally not bothered that EW brought it out as soon as they did, right after an episodes initial airing is when the social media and internet buzz is at its most intense, so marketing wise it makes perfect sense to release it within that buzz

    Eg I have as much anticipation waiting for new YT upload vids as much as I do the episode, eg Emergency Awesome is clever enough to bring his top 5-10 WTF out within hours’

    Ultimately it’s a two day process where some YTers take a day or so to collect their thoughts, people like Red Team Review and one of my favourites Alt Shift X

    Of course this site is good at this too, eg the recap comes out very quickly to take over from Open Chat even though the thoughts are barely coherent lol but people still want it. Of course it also allows for the Post Moterm article to come out a couple of days later to harness the “calm down: chat

    So EW released it in a timeframe to garner maximum clicks

  44. Adam with one D,

    Hell no you’re not, YOU’RE NOT.

    Seriously their reunion is going to be one of my top 10 favorite moments of the whole show, then again every single scene of them together this season is going to be… I don’t know what (wanted to say EPIC but i realized that no word can describe the amazingness of them for me.)

    Good lord i’m dying of excitement!

  45. Secondly, on insisting he was dead, personally I have always had the impression this has been about respect to GRRM as much as anything, as my impression is that it is book readers more than show watchers who have been pushing the “resurrection” idea given Mels vision of Jon turning into a Wolfs face and back again as symbolic for him entering Ghost and then flowing back into his body

    There was a fair amount of uproar at the showrunners seemingly confirming the burning of Shireen when they mention “GRRM suggested to us” whereas while it might indeed have been a spoiler best case scenario would have been to discuss it as a show theme and allow people to maintain their doubts

    Obviously something as big as this should be given every chance possible for GRRM to either finish Winds of Winter of at least pre-release an excerpt chapter so they have to maintain the notion for the sake of book readers still having doubts

    In hindsight, these are written a while ago when GRRM stiil had hope of finishing WoW in good time, but it would have been nice if he had written this episode then as Jon-rez is one of the stories biggest reveals

    As it happens, as it is with no Dornish Master Plan, the show is indeed not spoiling some of the grand theories or details of the books, which of course includes the major details of Jons journey and the details of his resurrection which will be different to the show

  46. I’m laughing at this idea that it was a “two year top secret operation.”

    Erm who the heck believed for a second that he was staying dead? I mean, even the Unsullied and my casual show watching friends were like 10000% sure he comes back.

  47. Ohh, this old woman’s heart skipped a beat looking at the magazine cover…why yes, I am a Jon Snow groupie. Sigh, let me take another look. …

  48. Btw one thing I’ll be curious if anyone asks him is if those stab wounds remain for Jon Snow, because they make a big show of showing those wounds and his torso even after the blood is wiped.

    No matter what, he must be a little “changed.” Maybe it won’t be a huge dramatic difference, but I think it would be poignant if those wounds are always there to remind him of what happened. It’s a psychological thing, and it seems obvious that there would be some inner turmoil for Jon.

  49. I always thought it would have been better if he said he may or may not be alive…it’s a magical world where lots of things can happen. I’m not going to tell you how it plays out.
    Then maybe he’s alive…or not, or glamoured, or warged…that’s more uncertain.

    By saying he’s dead he had to keep saying that…and then say he’s also not coming back when pressed further.

  50. Daughter of Winter,

    The idea of any two Starks( I have always thought it was bittersweet irony that Jon acts the most like Ned…) together might make my head explode.

  51. Kristy G.,

    I don’t know, I think they should probably have waited until Monday or Tuesday, or at least not sent out an email to all of their subscribers with the blatant spoiler. I wasn’t spoiled as I saw the episode but a few of my friends/siblings couldn’t based on life events and ended up spoiled by that email, even though they stayed off social media.

  52. Knight of the Walkers,

    So you’re saying that no one was allowed to criticize book readers who spoiled the show just for the fun of it ? Last book was out 5 years ago… Free country.

  53. Danielle Stark:

    SO relieved and happy he’s back. And SO grateful D&D didn’t string us along more than 2 episodes.

    THIS. I would have spent the season half-watching, half-waiting!

  54. The idea that this was in any way a successfully kept secret is fucking hilarious.

    “one photo” yeah one photo of Kit in costume on set, and about fifty of him hanging around Belfast and with various cast members throughout filming season.

  55. Dee,

    People aren’t always able to watch the episodes live, or right away, for a variety of reasons. Granted, I’m not saying I haven’t watched it. But EW put this cover out there, in a promoted tweet, as their Twitter header image, and on their website and Facebook whatever else I’m sure, literally less than 12 hours after the show premiered.

  56. I don’t know about you lot but I’m pretty sure I could hear the whole internet breathe a sigh of relief after last night’s episode. 🙂

    I can’t wait to see what Jon does this season!!

  57. Ok, im confused, what did Melisandre say to bring Jon back? I had no idea what she said in Valyrian.

  58. Connor,

    Zyhys oñoso jehikagon Aeksiot epi, se gis hen syndrorro jemagon.
    “We ask the Lord to shine his light, and lead a soul out of darkness.”

    Zyhys perzys stepagon Aeksio Oño jorepi, se morghultas lys qelitsos sikagon.
    “We beg the Lord to share his fire, and light a candle that has gone out.”

    Hen syndrorro, oños. Hen ñuqir, perzys. Hen morghot, glaeson.
    “From darkness, light. From ashes, fire. From death, life.”

  59. He didn’t lie. The character was dead. He was gone, it was over, done for. And anyone who would get upset with him for “lying” really doesn’t deserve a place on this earth. Saying anything other than “he’s dead” would have made it too easy to know he was coming back. “We’ll see”, “maybe”, “you’ll have to tune in and see”….. please. Book readers would know 100% and casuals would be way too suspicious. With them 100% denying it everyone still knew he would be back, imagine if they had just said “ehh we’ll see”.

    People who are upset with Kit are gonna be really pissed when they find out he is not really Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch.

  60. Sir Imp hand Strong,

    I’ve never been that excited after watching a t.v. show, and it appears that is the prevailing reaction to ‘home’… So I’m only a young man and know little in the ways of producing, but I believe that D&D played their hand as well as possible.
    Edit- as far as their explanations go, not to be mean but D&D have never been very strong/cohesive at relating why they make the decisions they make in GoT.. Which I’m perfectly fine 28th, since most of their narrative is by far the best t.v. show I’ll ever see.. I hope that makes sense.

  61. Matt Coleman,

    It’s just headlines. They’re meant to get maximum attention and are often misleading as to the content inside. Since we haven’t read the articles, it’s too early to judge, isn’t it?

  62. What a thoroughly enjoyable episode..from beginning to end! 601 Felt kind of strange to me, but I think they’re back into the swing of things now.

    Greyworm’s dialogue accent is less tight, is more natural and has some emotion. Now I understand what those looks mean that pass from Missandei to Deny and with Greyworm. The two are former slaves and can’t be happy about the way things are going. Mel woke up in the morning and said ‘bummer’.

    Ramsay killed Roose! Another blind father who couldn’t see the monster he was creating, ’till it was too late! It was hard watching Walda beg for her child’s life. Did i see Ramsay flinch and actually look away for a second?

    The Night’s Watch stands behind Thorne, indeed.

    Did they put seaweed on Balon’s face and put him in a lobster pot? Between this and the Kraken fireplace, I don’t know which is funnier.

  63. Nadia,

    …I think it would be poignant if those wounds are always there to remind him of what happened. It’s a psychological thing, and it seems obvious that there would be some inner turmoil for Jon.

    And it will be evidence of Alliser’s treachery. He can’t pull a fast one and say he couldn’t have killed Jon because Jon is alive.

    They turned Jon’s organs into pate with all those stabs… and he lay for a full day by the fire. You’re right, he must be significantly changed!

  64. Matt Coleman,

    There are a lot of fans (book readers and non) that do not participate this extensively in the fandom, therefore not many suspect R+L=J. Its not obvious. Is it obvious something is up with Jon’s parentage? Yeah, of course. But I know many (bright, sharp) people who watch the show and have not concluded that Jon is a Targ. And considering we are going off the books and the show has a history of killing of heroes/likable characters, yeah, many people started to doubt that Jon would come back. Not sure what the producers couldve done to keep it a secret, not spoil it for book fans (for a while 6th book was promised to come out PRIOR to season 6), and make it a satisfying reveal for all viewers come April 2016.

  65. Anon:

    They turned Jon’s organs into pate with all those stabs… and he lay for a full day by the fire. You’re right, he must be significantly changed!

    This made me LOL so hard, I woke my 3 month old, damn you!! ?

  66. AerynsunX,

    Fair enough. But I can judge the headline and what it implies (we got one over on everyone), which I am doing. I judge it to be lame.


    Of course, I didn’t mean to imply that the average viewer would infer specifically the whole R+L=J theory, I short-handed my point too much.

    As you say, it is obvious that “something is up” with Jon and his parentage. Regardless of the exact facts, if something is up, and it’s obvious, my point still stands that why would they have made those things so if they weren’t going to explain them/have them be relevant? I recognize that everyone doesn’t troll the boards looking for facts, however, one doesn’t have to do that to have come across a Buzzfeed listicle “10 things you never knew about Jon Snow” in their facebook feed or whatever. Once things get out there, they get everywhere pretty fast.

    As to the perfect TV strategy, I’ll admit I don’t have one that satisfies everybody, but I will say this: to go the way they did, straight up have him die and have a year go by where everyone is pretending, etc. might have worked if ADWD had just been released. But it’s been five years, people have read the thing, theorized, philosophized, and generally realized that there was a ton of ambiguity in that last Jon Snow chapter, and almost no readers actually believe that he is flat out dead. So I think their biggest mistake is in the way they handled Jon’s death in ep 10 of last season, with it being more of a straight up murder, with very little ambiguity, no seeming mystical elements whatsoever (Ghost), all because they really wanted to fool everyone into believing he was dead. So their is no subtlety, nothing to look back on a later viewing and say, “Oh, I see what they did there”. It’s not a failure, I just would have preferred another choice is all. And it seemed like maybe part of the reason they went that way is to leave nothing for viewers to hold on to, so they’d buy into the con.

  67. Connor,

    I hope his comeback doesn´t affect the way they see each other for the first time in years( if they do meet,that is). I would love to see some sweet interaction between the two ¨siblings¨ even if they didn´t mingle before…they have been through so much 🙁

  68. I am very happy that Kit Harington doesn’t have to outright lie any more. It got tiring pretty quickly, the constant denials despite all the spoilers. I wish his standard response the last few months had been “wait and see.” Or “no comment.” Very glad that Jon Snow has been resurrected; perhaps discussion can now focus on all the other issues in the next eight episodes. 😉

  69. Wanderer,

    I´m a book reader and let me tell you:I would have NEVER guessed Jon had anything to do with RT and LS had it not been for the internet

  70. Bard: Deepwood Motte

    Hey, didn’t they actually mention Deepwood Motte last weel? I guess that it happened at last.

  71. Dee,

    Nobody wants to realize the lie is what was necessary for such a big payoff in the end. It’s like they wanted the showrunners to ruin one of the twists in modern tv.

  72. Regarding R+L=J.

    As a show watcher I caught on the hints that Ned Stark wasn’t Jon’s father on a second rewatch of S1. Ned kept on telling Jon he was a Stark, but never once told him “You’re my son.”

    That made me think “hey, Ned’s not the father! But Jon’s a Stark, so he’s probably the child of one of Ned’s siblings.” I then went on the Internet to look up theories for Jon Snow’s parents, saw the R+L=J theory and immediately adopted that as my head canon. It just made so much sense to me and fit all of the facts we knew.

    And all of a sudden Ned’s promise to tell Jon his parentage after he took the black made sense. When you take the black you forsake all your titles and lands. Only then would it had been safe to let Jon know who his parents were.

    But alas … Poor Ned.

  73. Is something wrong with this website? The home page hasn’t updated for over a week? Anyone else having this problem?

  74. my thoughts exactly I hope it’s olly although jon liked olly and maybe would forgive him for his treason because he’s just a boy and a lot of bad things happened to him he could have been easily persuaded by thorne but I don’t think edd or the watch or the wildlings would so just maybe.

  75. Nadia:
    Sue the Fury,

    The “two year top secret operation” is such a dumb headline. No one believed it for a second, not even casual show watchers.

    Yes, they did. I spoke to people who GENUINELY believed he was dead. Trust me, people really thought he was dead. I saw videos on youtube (cuz lots of people who read the books, taped their friends who hadn’t) thought he was dead. A lot of casual viewers who just tune in and watch the show and then they’re done, yeah, they thought he was dead because they don’t go on the internet searching for pics, info, etc. And GOT kills off lots of characters, including main characters. They believed it not only for a second, but flat-out accepted it and were shocked and happy when he was resurrected.

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