Game of Owns: The Red Wedding

Episode 265 – The Red Wedding
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The union of House Frey and Tully is an occasion for grand celebration. The King, his mother, and his men remain for such sweet music. Bread has been broken, the red will run.

Discussion Topics
The celebration
Banish the Wolf
Before the bedding
A change of music
A lion still has claws
Ten fierce ravens
The action outside
His axe took her
Owns of the Chapters
Listener Owns
The end of the on-season

This marks the end of the pre Red Wedding era for Game of Owns. Time persists forward, and Winter is Coming.

The North Remembers


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    1. Interesting synergy, if you started re-watching the past 4 seasons, one episode a day (starting from 40 days before season 5 premiere), the Red Wedding episode matches up to be the episode to watch today.

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    2. ace,

      I have been doing this and I couldn’t help but laugh when I saw that this was today’s episode. Plus my ASOIAF quote-a-day calendar had the “LORD WALDER ENOUGH” quote for today haha. What a crazy series of coincidences.

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    3. Way to bring on the sadness with the music and everything. 😉

      Also are you saying this is your last episode before the show start? Or are you doing like a pre show one next week?

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    4. Patchface deserves an own as well, for predicting the Red Wedding:

      Fool’s blood, King’s blood,
      blood on the maiden’s thigh,
      but chains for the guests
      and chains for the bridegroom, aye, aye, aye…

      One of the things Eric said made me laugh.

      Thinking that Tyrion’s chapters will be happy and sunny… Oh, Eric.

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