Game of Thrones Season 6, Episode 8 “No One” Video roundup

Another week of Game of Thrones before the iconic Episode 9! We saw Brienne reunite with the other half of the Official Game of Thrones Ship in the flesh (unfortunately not Tormund), ish getting real in Meereen, Dany busting back on the scene, not LSH whomp-whomp, and more!

This week’s videos!

Ozzy Man

What the Flick?!?


Gay of Thrones

History of Westeros


SF Nerd



GoT Academy

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    1. I truly recomand Blind Wave. They are fantastic.

      Book readers and unsullied watch and review the episode right after.
      They also react to 10 minutes of the episode, that’s how much HBO allows.

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    2. Still haven’t got around to watch WTF sadly. Simply to much work and stuff.

      But will most likely get to it Sunday.

      Gay of Thrones was great as usual though.

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    3. Don’t watch Gay of Thrones but big lol at “Know Cum” in place of No One

      Still waiting for Alt Shift X, but enjoyed Ozzy Man, despite the fact he was really clutching at straws as to the theme but as someone pointed out with a Doctors article in the photos thread/article it’s a little bit hard for people to “stomach” that was indeed Arya who copped those stab wounds for real, jumped into a dirty canal

      Got a laugh out of Preston Jacobs but wouldn’t be to the liking of many people on this site I’d imagine, still got a laugh out of Arya = Gylbert King and pointing out that after Franken-Mountain the Kingsguard are now 1:9 in protecting the Royal Family

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    4. Ghosts Lunch,

      Like you im waiting on ALT, Preston people have to understand his “watch” review is not really a review but a parody/spoof. When he does his Q&A it is more the show related. Redteam review did a good one as well.

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    5. Good list.

      Ozzy Man still my favorite and Smoke Screen and What the Flick still way up there for me.

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    6. What the Flick was a lot more positive on the episode than the fans. Ben loved how the candle was cut, and didn’t mind not seeing Blackfish’s death. All three really enjoyed the Tyrion scene with Grey Work and Missandei. Their positive responses were really refreshing. And I think their reactions were more positive because they are more affected by the most important character moments – specifically the scenes with Jaime, Brienne, the Hound, Bronn and Pod – than they are with the existence of an action scene.

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    7. Just want to throw in another recommendation for Blind Wave. The moderator (Eric I think?) has read the books and will sometimes mention differences with the show but he doesn’t go on and on comparing the show to the books or about how the show is ruining the book plot. He treats the show as a separate entity to be reviewed on its own merits. I wish more print reviewers would adapt that attitude.

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    8. wow SF Nerd are like the dumbest reviewers ever. just straight do not get a freakin thing about the show. amazing.

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    9. Yeah, middle guy on WTF, Tyrion may die. Deny is going to whup his ass.

      Re the “rumour” …they specifically referred to it as an “old” rumour. It’s got to be something from the mad king’s time…or something else from the past.

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    10. Finally watched WTF, hurried a bit after hearing good things about this video.

      And I can say I loved it! Don’t agree with them on everything but god do I love their interaction and talk.
      It was very nice to see love for the the Tyrion scene.

      I never knew how much I like Ben until he wasn’t on last week. So it is great to have him back. And Brett is starting to grow on me, hope he will join for the next episodes as well.

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    11. Loved Gay of Thrones, Ozzy Man and WTF and again today I watched Dem Thrones and they are just too fun to not watch.

      I gave BlindWave a shot this week. It is pretty good.

      Also I agree that WTF is better with Ben there and sorry…but I think this week better without Cenk. *runs before the pelting begins*

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    12. GoT Academy is the best, those two guys crack me the fk up.

      Ozzy Man is just not funny to me, it’s like he tries too hard to be funny, and it just doesn’t work IMO.

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