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tweetaxeWell, more than one. A lot more. Welcome to this week’s Game of Thrones Twitter recap, covering the polarizing ups-and-downs of “No One.”

We’ve rounded up the best tweets from hashtags galore, like #GameofThrones, #GoTS6, #ThronesYall, #NoOne, and more. Love or hate it, “No One” provided because, to paraphrase Stefon, this episode has everything- Lady Crane cutting people, The Siege of Riverrun, reunions, a decapitating Mountain, random peen, the Brotherhood without Banners, boot-snatching and extreme parkour.

And it was a we pulling this thing together. Axechucker is on vacation so an entire team stepped in to help me out because it takes a village to replace our own Axeman. A huge thanks to Shellisandre, GameOverRos, Bri and MotelsontheMoon for stepping up to the plate to help gather tweets for this week’s recap.

If you’d like to use the SLIDESHOW option, go for it. A fair warning to mute your computer briefly if you don’twant to hear a tweet with audio playing (once) after you click the slideshow. (Yeah, it’s weird how they set that up.) You can also go directly to Storify to view the Twitter recap if you have any issues.

Here it is- The “No One” Recap!

Sue the Fury
Susan Miller, Editor in Chief of


  1. Good to see many people enjoyed the episode.

    I agree, that perhaps the BF death was cut a bit to early, I didn’t really need to see him fight, but perhaps him staring at some soldiers would have made it better for some folk.

    But by far the best thing this week was the LSH hype getting crushed. It was a joy to watch…

  2. Also want to congratulate all who did this Twitter recap!
    It is very hard, to fill in for Axey, who does a amazing job!!

    If you don’t mind me asking though, will Axey be back for next weeks episode?

  3. I certainly appreciate the time you guys put into this. It is one of the highlights of my week during the show’s broadcast season.

  4. Was so tired of all the LSH hype. Also, Howland Reed. But, maybe next season for him. A reunion with his daughter, might be nice.

  5. First comment ever on WotW. It was Tyrion tweet (w/meme) . . . . . I just can’t stop laughing.

  6. Mihnea,

    I am so with you on that! I was tired of the rehashing of LSH confirmed! HR=HS…
    I agree there’s a lot of work that goes into compiling everything on this site, but the tweets are especially refreshing for me and often make me laugh more than I do at anything else.

    Did anyone notice there was very little complaining and negativity on all those posts that accompanied this week’s photo’s? I was loving it!:)

  7. I’m still surprised that I haven’t seen anybody joke about the horse yet over Sandor’s right shoulder when he was eating that… squirrel or rabbit (not chicken). It’s even in the screenshot in this tweet post. Technically the ladies got a two-fer in that scene. 😛

  8. Septon Danibald @duckandcover
    Things that are Brienne’s:
    – Oathkeeper
    – Jaime’s love
    – Jaime’s heart
    – Jaime’s adoration
    – Jaime’s feels
    – Jaime Lannister#GoTs6 #NoOne”

    Accurate tweet is accurate

    Starkalypse @starkalypse
    Blackfish dear lord go fight for Sansa fuck your pride #GameofThrones


    And yes thank god for Thoros and Beric – That whole sequence was so joyful to me for many reasons, least of all killing LSH once and for all!

  9. Elizabeth,

    Yup, even the Twitter recap was preaty positive. Well, more then what we had!

    My heart filled with joy when I saw him. I love the actor him and Thoros, so I was delighted to have them again!

  10. Sue the Fury,

    Sue, this is completely irrelevant, but should we expect any Curtain Calls for those who left the show? I haven’t seen any recently (well it is true that there have been 1-2 episodes death-free) and I really miss them.

  11. Yay, one of my tweets made it! I was worried this week’s recap was not gonna happen, glad Sue came through!! These recaps are my favorite.

  12. I’m kinda sad there wasnt more reaction to Lady Crane’s death.

    I will really miss her and the exciting prospect of Arya joining a theater troup (I know there wouldnt have been time and I would have been the only one loving Arya getting acting lessons from a mother figure for a while !)

  13. This is a browser crasher. The video at 4… in both my browsers.
    Get rid of those auto running videos. or at least THAT ONE.

  14. Thanks to all of you who worked on this for putting it together, so we could all get our twitter fix even in Axey’s absence. 🙂

  15. Thank you as always for all the work putting these together! I love them! Crazy week means I’m just now getting to it — but I’ve been looking forward to it all week!

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