Game of Thrones gets two WGA nominations!


The Writer’s Guild Awards announced their nominations for the most exceptional television programs of 2016 and we’re pleased to share that Game of Thrones has received two! The recipients will be honored at the ceremony on Sunday, February 19th 2017.

Game of Thrones’ first nomination is for the “Drama Series” award and will be competing alongside our other favorite drama series: Westworld. Also nominated are The Americans, Better Call Saul, and Stranger Things. Recipients for the award are series creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss and writers Bryan Cogman and David Hill, along with HBO.

The second nomination is for the phenomenal season 6 finale “The Winds of Winter” written by David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, for Episodic Drama. The episode will compete against two episodes of Better Call Saul (“Gloves Off” and the jaw-dropping season 2 finale “Klick”), Shameless‘ “I Am a Storm” and new series This Is Us episode “The Trip.”

With so much unique and extraordinary programming  available, we’re thrilled to see our beloved fantasy series continuously nominated!

Congratulations to the hard working and outstanding writing staff! We wish Game of Thrones good fortune in the awards to come!

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    1. Flayed Potatoes,

      Hahahahahahahahah love it.

      Am I the only one who thinks Stranger things is extremely overrated? It’s a good show but I was born in the 90’s so I don’t feel any emotional attachment to the 80’s. The story was generic and I didn’t like the special effects. The actors were great though.

      And I couldn’t finish BCS S2, I was bored to death.

      Fingers crossed for GoT and Westworld 😀

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    2. The Winds of Winter is arguably the best episode of the show and it surely deserves recognition! I hope it wins but yeah, it has tough competition.

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    3. TWOW episode definitely deserves to win, but overall I think Westworld should take it for the season. It was outstanding.

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    4. Well Deserved indeed ^^
      This and the Actors Guiled award are the only guild awards we haven’t won yet 🙂
      Writing award for episodic should be in the bag, better call Saul got two good episodes in, maybe two will be its undoing ?

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    5. They don’t deserve a writing award for all the flaws this season; it’s the season that brought us The Winds of Winter, true, but it’s also the season that brought us Ellaria killing Doran, and “Ramsay’s men only serve him out of fear and will abandon him when he’s losing” (only to then fight to the death?), and all the Sansa problems (she doesn’t actually..”do” anything).
      Stranger Things and Westworld have strong followings and were overall tighter. I don’t expect Benioff and Weiss to win.

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    6. Glad to se westworld pick up some nominations, really well deserved ^^
      Wishing everyone a win ^^

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    7. I miss GRRM being a part of this show, especially since he hasn’t finished a book. I liked E9 more than E10. I didn’t breathe during the entire battle.

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    8. I think WoW was one of the best episodes of television I’ve ever seen. Very cinematic and dramatic, with some brilliant lines and even more brilliant scenic development (the build-up in first KL sequence especially). Rhaenys Stark, I agree about Stranger Things. It was entertaining and at times clever, but it’s basically a horror 80s nostalgia fest with a dollop of Dungeon and Dragons. The young actors made it work, but the writing was not outstanding, IMO. It did not grab us enough to make us eager to watch next season, despite the chance to learn the fates of Eleven and the missing Barb.

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    9. Rhaenys Stark,

      Dude agree 100%,i don’t know why people act like that show is the greatest thing since sliced bread,i admit they got lucky that they found such good child actors but the story overall is just meh and full of cliches . This is why nostalgia is just not good when judging a series .

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    10. H.Stark:
      TWoW deserves every award!
      Toughcompetition with Westworld

      The WoW yes … and anything to do with GoT.
      WW – I somehow don’t think so. Its not my cup of tea 😉

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    11. Honestly I find the writing of Westworld superior in almost every way to what Benioff and Weiss put out. I think they deserve the award.

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    12. GoT,Stranger Things and Westworld!! What a feast !! Oh,and the usual whiny people can cry me a river when GoT wins yet,again 😉 ps.I´m sure Westworld will start winning, as well

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    13. Hooray for the continued recognition! (well deserved regardless of what some dragons demand…)


      Uhm,no,i like Westworld well enough but imo it still has a lot to prove in terms of writing ability .

      I agree on that. Westworld’s main premise has huge potential, but having watched up to E08 I don’t find myself really caring for any of the characters. By comparison, the (also conscious-AI based) story of Channel4/AMC’s “Humans” is nowhere near as complex or intricate, but I find myself much more emotionally invested in several of its characters. Good fiction writing is not just coming up with a complex world and some plot twists…

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    14. Tar Kidho,

      I am enjoying the show, but im not fully invested

      I definitely don’t think that WW is written better than GOT. That’s not even close to being reasonably true.

      TWOW is one of the best hours of ANYTHING (not just TV) I have ever seen. I hope they win. With season 6 being one of the best of the six seasons, they deserve everything! Love this show and everyone that’s part of it.

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    15. Sad news…Peter Vaughan aka Maester Aemon Targaryen has passed away at 93…

      RIP Peter, thank you for your unforgettable work on the show, for the intelligence, class and indelible portrayal of a wise, pained and burdened man like Aemon Targaryen…and most of all thank you for the humanity you brought to the role! My condolences to his family and loved ones!

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    16. Greyhand Stonefeather,

      The show was made brighter by his presence.

      Dee Stark,

      The writing in WW is exceptionally good. I might not be as emotionally invested in WW’s characters as I am on GoT’s ones, but that doesn’t diminish my enjoyment of the show… This silly comparison between shows is just silly to me.

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    17. A Dornish Tyrell: Dee Stark,
      The writing in WW is exceptionally good. I might not be as emotionally invested in WW’s characters as I am on GoT’s ones, but that doesn’t diminish my enjoyment of the show… This silly comparison between shows is just silly to me

      I agree
      why cant we have two great shows.
      People who make that comparison are the bitter fans that didn’t like season 6

      WW has amazing writing, but I don’t think it is superior to GOTs..

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    18. Well, the comparison between shows in this instance is done because they are up for a singular award. Obviously there will be a comparison when discussing who and why the award winner in this instance will be. I for one didn’t bash Benioff and Weiss by saying I find Wetworld’s writing better in the context of this nominated award. I didn’t make any negative statements about Benioff or Weiss other than to say in the context of this award, and my opinion, Westworld deserves it more. But I don’t see that as bashing Weiss or Benioff’s writing ability to say I prefer one over the other.

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    19. Flayed Potatoes,

      Nah it’s not that;)

      It def is all subjective. No right or wrong.
      Just don’t see the need to compare The two 😉

      Like why? WOW gets nominated then someone responds saying WW writing is better? Based on 1 season? No need for that

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    20. orange,

      I agree with all the comments you’ve made. I also think the timing for Westworld’s finale might help them because the show will be fresh in the mind of the voters :).

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    21. Dee Stark,

      It is. Look at how people get all up in arms whenever someone says a show other than GoT deserves an award.

      They’re competing for the same award, so there will be comparisons (the voters will certainly compare all the shows when casting their vote).

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