Game Of Owns: Season 6 Photos!

Episode 313 – Season 6 Photos!
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A special episode for a special day. The podcast takes a fresh look at HBO’s first batch of promotional photos for Game of Thrones season six!

Discussion Topics
One million photos
Snow Sansa
Lannister pain
Change in the North
King’s Landing

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    1. Yara’s clearly pregnant in those photos. I was suspecting they’ll make her Euron’s love interest, but this is just going too far

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    2. Justin:
      Does this mean no trailer tomorrow?

      Last year the promo pictures and the trailer came together, so if this release points to anything at all (of which I’m not sure), it points to the trailer arriving soon after, not the other way around.

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    3. Never thought I’d say this but I’m super excited for Sansa’s storyline too! Someone made a good comment about the Theon/Sansa picture… saying maybe he’s asking her to come with him. Or she could just be helping him up. Both of their expressions and the way her hand is positioned in a helpful manner just makes me think this will be something of a touching scene with those two.

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    4. So I think clearly Sanaa’s hands are under that part of her dress.
      Roose/Ramsay getting news that Sansa Theon are gone or maybe Brienne has been caught
      Ramsay tour hearing somebody in courtyard. I think Brienne
      Is that what melissandra was wearing when she entered castle black end of last season.

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    5. Angelique,

      Oh man a teaser? AGAIN? Fuck me… Hopefully we’ll get the trailer next Sunday. Maybe this teaser will be 30-40 seconds long with actual S06 footage? A fan can only hope 😛

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    6. I’ve stayed clear of all the production and casting spoilers so these are verrrry interesting to me, I think King’s Landing, Theon/Sansa, The Wall, the Dothraki and Meereen will be great! Totally unknown territory books-wise and I’m excited

      Also excited to see the storylines from AFFC that were withheld from Season 5 due to there not being enough material… eg the Iron Born, maybe Brienne & Jaime…

      Interesting how there’s no Dorne showed…

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