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In addition to breaking news and exclusives, Watchers on the Wall will be producing unique content, like our awesome roundtable led by Marc. Our Features team has some great things in the works, but in the spirit of crafting a space that reflects all of us Watchers, an essential ingredient we’d like to add is YOU!

If you have interests that you would like to see on the site, or anything going on in the Game of Thrones fan community, please drop us a line at [email protected]. Got pitches and ideas? By all means, send them in!

If you think you could make a contribution to a post through expertise in a certain subject, we may want to contact you for some extra input. If you are active in a certain city or region, we are searching for people in the know. We’re keen on making reliable contacts who will help us enrich posts and provide content.

We are also looking for actual Watchers out there. Going to a convention with panels concerning the show? Looking forward to TitanCon or NYCC? Met George recently? Have a cool place you go to during the season to watch the show? If there’s relevant Thrones news outside the realm of filming, we want to know about it so we can share it with our readership.

So please don’t hesitate to contact us. We want to hear from you!

Disclaimer: Features posts will not constitute advertisements for products or services. Inclusion in a post is not an endorsement.

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    1. My suggestion is to bring back the spoiler button. So instead of having to type ur spoiler between the spoiler code brackets you can just select the text and click on “spoiler”. The “spoiler” button can be put in between the “b-quote” and “code” buttons. Just like old times :).

      Also, I would suggest to make the forums more visible on mobile platforms. It’s very hard to find unless u know exactly where to look

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    2. Can we make general suggestion as well? If yes, here is a repost from something I wrote earlier:

      I’m very happy with the new site, but here are some things that I think could be improved.

      1. The font in the forum could be a little bit bigger. Maybe I have just shitty eyes, but I find it hard to read.

      2. Repost from another thread: Is there any reason for the “You may also like”-section on pages like “About Us“? I don’t think it looks very good and frankly, I don’t see the point of it. It should be deleted, imo.

      3. Can’t find one at the moment, but in some comment sections are “ping back” (or something like that) links to other posts. I find them unnecessary and distracting when reading the comments. They should be removed as well, imo.

      If not, feel free to delete. 🙂

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    3. I’d really like to suggest a “Theory of the Week” feature (this series could be given a much better name but you get the idea!), where all major and minor fan theories are laid out, analysed and opened up to discussion. I think they’re such a massive part of the ASOIAF community, and for me and many others are the most exciting forms of conversation surrounding this series. Of course, all of them would need to be spoiler tagged, but I’m sure the series could be created in such a way that it does not reveal anything for Unsullied unless it is clicked on. There are so many theories out there that this series could run for a long, long time, and it could function so that new theories are submitted for possible discussion as it goes on.

      All previous theory discussions would be linked at the end of each new post, so that it becomes a cohesive archive of all ASOIAF theories, in one place. This would become an indispensable tool for the fandom.

      I’m a keen writer (have written for magazines and blogs) and a long-term ASOIAF fan and would be more than up for contributing to the site and kicking off this ‘Theories Series’ to see if it works. Happy to submit you a first post for your consideration. Do let me know if you’d like to give the suggestion a shot!

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    4. jaimereborn,

      There’s a great section like that over at The Nerdstream Era.
      Every Thursday, 3 questions are debated by the resident judges and a guest judge. There was an earlier weekly series of discussions on theories as well, though I haven’t had a chance to go back and read everything yet

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    5. To All of you,

      I’ve suggested adding a Lexicon to the site but I need input from everyone. An example of a meme that would be in the Lexicon is “Support the bottom”. Any suggestions?

      I can’t speak to all of your suggestions but I can say that we’re in the process of examining the Forum for visual and functional improvements so we will keep your suggestion regarding font size in mind. I think it’s too small as well.

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    6. Here is another suggestion: Sometimes there are posters who seem to have information about the show, that can’t be proven, but could very well be legit. It doesn’t happen often, but for instance now we have that situation with Patchface. He/she has posted in the community for quite some time and if you asked me, his/her info has a good chance to be legit.
      I absolutely understand that info provided by posters can’t be treated has “real news” if they can’t provide an official source to back them up for whatever reason, but why not post it under “rumor” (we hat that on the old site) are if you are not comfortable with that you could even go a tier below that and post it as “community rumor” or what ever.
      The main problem here, obviously, is to sort out all the bullshit people post just for the hell of it and one should be very considered about what to post as “community rumor”. The criteria for a post could be:

      1. The poster has posted here for a while
      2. Some of his/her info has turned out to be true
      3. The info isn’t too vague

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    7. Just an FYI, this is actually a post asking for suggestions for articles/features, not a general suggestion post. Sorry about the confusion. I can pass along the suggestions to the techies, but let’s get back to the topic for now.

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    8. I have been watching Outlander recently and the costume designer on that show has quite a cool blog about the costumes she designed for that show. I’m not very knowledgeable about that sort of stuff, but it was quite an interesting read.

      A discussion of armour and dresses and all that sort of stuff might be an interesting addition. I know that a lot of people are pretty obsessed with those things, so there’s definitely room for articles on that.

      I have already proposed someone with a filmschool background analyzing certain scenes and shots of the show. And if I’m not mistaken we’re getting a feature like that.

      A series of posts about adaptation choices might be nice as well. Examples of whether certain choices were a good idea and – if a good idea – were executed correctly could also be fun.

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    9. I had a few articles published at WICNet over the last couple of years (con and Irish stuff relating to GOT). I’ll certainly be sending anything new I put together to you guys instead – thx for the heads up on the email address.

      Any chance of adding a sequential serial number to comments? When you return to a comment stream after a day, it can be frustrating trying to re-find the place you finished reading the first time, if the article is v popular! Or is there some trick I’m missing?

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    10. Abyss,

      I hate to do this, I know how annoying that is, but I took the name “Abyss” years ago in this community and as a result quite a few people will think it’s me if you post under that name. Please take a different one to avoid confusion. 🙂

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