Cast sightings in Belfast ramp up, sets spotted and a baby brought in as Game of Thrones season five filming continues

Game of Thrones season 5 filming in Belfast rolls on, with more cast members popping up every day.

As previously reported, Team Dragonstone was headed for the set, and today, the Onion Knight is joining them, as Liam Cunningham boards a plane.


Carice van Houten checked in again from the set, showing off parts of her red costume via her Instagram and Twitter. First the boots….
  And then the rest!

Daniel Portman, Sophie Turner, and Finn Jones are hanging out with Kristian Nairn in Belfast, too, according to this pic he tweeted yesterday to a friend.

The younger generation also appears to be in town. Former cast member Aimee Richardson, a Belfast-area local, tweeted that she’d be seeing Kerry Ingram today. Kerry herself has been tweeting back and forth the last couple days and sharing dinner with Brenock O’Connor, better known as Olly of the Night’s Watch. The pink Game of Thrones signage was spotted in Larne, confirming our earlier reports that filming is happening in the area of Sallagh Braes this week.

We also have this small piece of information. And by small, I mean baby-sized. The show has brought in a six-month old for the current filming, according to this proud parent’s tweet.

Several Game of Thrones scenes in the past have been filmed in the town of Moneyglass, Northern Ireland, including portions of the Red Wedding. Currently, a new set is taking shape in Moneyglass on a site previously used by the show.

@Fionagun shared this photo of a set in progress out at the Linen Mill Studios.

Sue the Fury says: There will be more sightings before the day is out, at this rate. Do you think the show is needing another baby stand-in for Gilly’s boy or for some other purpose? Any other sightings to report, readers?

Sue the Fury
Susan Miller, Editor in Chief of


  1. Gilly’s baby seems pretty obvious. I don’t think they will include another baby in the Wall storyline as that overcomplicates things with the prospect of another child perhaps taking that role. Hoping we hear some other new sightings of prospective cast that weren’t announced.

  2. direhound,

    Yeah that’s what I’m hoping for too.

    Gilly’s baby seems likely, though six-months is a little big if we’re starting right where the season ended. But I think they count on the audience not being able to tell how big babies are supposed to be at the correct ages.

  3. Any news from other countries?

    Didnt Maisie Williams say that she starts shooting at the end of July? I dont even remember if she revealed where she was shooting though (have they found a location for Braavos yet?)

  4. I too hope it’s


    baby. Would love to see that plot included. Have my doubts, though.

    My first time posting on this site. Props for doing this and bringing back that fan site feeling with real news and little interruption. Great stuff.

  5. Sue the Fury:

    But I think they count on the audience not being able to tell how big babies are supposed to be at the correct ages.

    I think so too. Its more like “oh look a baby” and not “oh look a 5 month, 23 days old baby” when babys appear on screen.

  6. Walter Harrow,

    Maisie was shooting a thing with a well-known Youtuber yesterday who lives in England, so I don’t think she’s on set right now, but I do think Maisie may have already been to Belfast this month, and of course will be back soon enough. Not sure though.

  7. Walter Harrow:
    Any news from other countries?

    Didnt Maisie Williams say that she starts shooting at the end of July? I dont even remember if she revealed where she was shooting though (have they found a location for Braavos yet?)

    Yes she said “we start shooting” but I suppose that could have meant in the sense of the cast in general, not her personally.

    If the latest interview is a current one (dated 29th) she still hasn’t got the scripts, but it could be from a few days ago and only just published.

  8. Yeah…I think there is a certain age of baby below which you can’t use them on camera (in the U.S. at least). Like “newborns” on TV shows are usually quite a bit older.

    Also, does it mean anything that

    Daniel Portman is there but not Gwendolin Christie (that we know of, anyway)?

    (that isn’t really a spoiler but it could lead to discussion of some…

  9. Yeah, Hollywood often uses older babies to represent young ones, because younger babies are not as pretty as older ones . Google ‘newborn’ and you’ll see.

  10. “Mrs. Krabappel and Principal Skinner were in the closet making babies and I saw one of the babies and then the baby looked at me.”

  11. I think the baby is probably Gilly’s.

    But, the switch Jon makes is the same one Ned had to make in order to protect the child. With only 3 season’s left these ideas need to be set up. I always thought the sacrifice Gilly makes to be very powerful. I wouldn’t like seeing that cut out.
  12. I’ve seen them casting around for newborns on extras pages in the UK before. I don’t think they have a rule against that. But like I said, I think it most likely is Gilly’s baby.

    Carice posted another pic, I’ve added it to the post above.

  13. Oh my, Carice is certainly a striking looking woman for sure! Can’t wait to see what unfolds with Melisandre in season 5 – I expect a certain amount of UST with Jon though!

  14. Satele:
    How do you get your 6 months old baby a role in GoT ? A+ parenting, that.

    I don’t see why GOT specifically is bad for a baby, it’s not like he can understand anything.

  15. Of mild interest, that photo from last night has Sophie with red hair, even though she starts filming today. I expect that means that the “Alayne” look will continue to be a wig, which is kind of amusing since Sophie’s hair was dyed red for the show to begin with, and she’s likely going to have it for the rest of her career.

  16. when is the shooting in winterfell starting? any news about the north cast? its starting to look bad for the lords of the north…again.

  17. Sean C.,

    I’m pretty sure she’s blonde in that pic. And Sophie said she starts filming in Wednesday (as in today) while that pic was from yesterday. It’s possible they’ll dyed her hair black today before they started.

  18. Production appears to be in full swing. Good news all around!

    I feel pretty confident that the baby will wind up being Gilly’s.

    We’ve seen no hint that Mance has a wife and child in the show, and if it was something that the writers were planning to do, it would have been fairly easy to throw Dalla into the tent scene as an extra. At this point I think it would be a bit awkward to introduce them, and probably unnecessary. If Melisandre is looking for sources of “King’s Blood” at the Wall, then Aemon is probably sufficient for the show’s purposes. There’s also the possibility that Shireen could be involved – Melisandre telling Selyse in “Mockingbird” that “the Lord needs her” certainly stood out to me as potential foreshadowing. To be honest, Melisandre’s obsession with King’s Blood and all the drama surrounding Mance’s son being swapped out for Gilly’s was one of my least favorite plotlines in the novels, so I won’t be even the slightest bit disappointed if the show decides to skip over it. Mance’s fake-burning and the whole “glamour” business fall into that category as well.
  19. jentario,

    Er, yeah, I noted it was from yesterday. Her hair’s red in that photo. But if they were going to dye it, it would be rather more practical to due that the previous day, rather than on a day when she’s got a ton of other stuff to do. Really, she already used a wig for the scene in season 4, and Lena and Natalie use wigs, so it’s not unusual for the show by any means.

  20. is there any news about the new dornish cast ? when will they start ? did they fly to Spain or yet ?

  21. Family, Duty, Hodor, signing in to Watchers on the Wall. Glad to be finally getting some real content again, unlike the site which shall not be named.

    So, is the consensus that Sam will be staying at the Wall the whole season? Seems the most likely thing to me with D&D wanting to clamp down on the branching storylines where possible.
  22. nym sand:
    is there any news about the new dornish cast ? when will they start ? did they fly to Spain or yet ?

    I’d be a bit surprised if they start filming in Spain very soon – it is intensely hot there in July and August.

    IIRC a local news item from Spain mentioned October.

  23. BrightroarsBane,

    Yep. Every time there’s a baby on a tv show, even if it’s supposed to be a newborn and they smear goop all over it for a delivery scene, I annoy my husband by saying “welp, that’s a 6 month old baby ;P”

    At that age they’re pudgy and cute.

  24. We all know the real danger in getting into acting at six months is being typecast. You’ll get only baby roles for the rest of your career. The parents really didn’t think this one through.

  25. I’ve added another set sighting to the post. The neighbor who spotted it being built is pretty sure it’s for GOT as they’ve used this same site every season.

  26. Family, Duty, Hodor,

    Sam will earn his chain by Raven. LOL. I don’t think D&D would keep Sam at the wall. The Citadel has their own game going on and I think Sam will be our window into it. GRRM has put a lot of thought into the Hightower family tree for as little as they have been used in the books so far.
  27. jentario,

    I wasn’t trying to say it’s wrong, just joking around. Wondering how they even got the opportunity. (Carne already explained above)
    I guess it came across as me criticizing the parents. Ah, the disadvantages of internet.

  28. I love when the WotW little birds start tweeting from production!
    I seem to start singing It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year to myself as I read every post. XD

  29. Pretty sure Sophie’s hair is still the same colour in that picture as it was at Comic Con (slightly reddish blonde, which appears to be her natural hair colour), although the lighting is admittedly not great. I’m guessing they’ll use the same wig for Alayne that they used in 4×08.

    I’m kind of surprised Sophie stopped dyeing her hair red. I sort of thought she’d be one of those natural blonde actresses who adopt red hair as their permanent trademark look (Christina Hendricks from Mad Men, Deborah Ann Woll from True Blood, etc.).

  30. No surprise but according to this article Ciarán Hinds will also be back for shooting season 5:

    It’s relatively at the end where he says: “On Game of Thrones I have not yet been roasted, crucified, slaughtered or whatever they do with people in that show eventually, so I will be coming back for shooting again in the fifth series,”

  31. Another recasting? I can’t believe D&D would recast Gilly’s baby. Have they no compassion for the original actor? They don’t know what they’re doing!


  32. H. Stark:
    Someone postedabout Jaime´s arc this season

    I hope Nikolaj has more material

    Interesting, highly plausible because it sounds just like Yara’s arc last year haha
    I wouldn’t mind it all though if it’s done better than Yara’s was, Jaime looks like a good guy and ends up in the same place as he should he just gets there differently. Only thing I would be slightly sad about is it would lose the “Throw it in the fire scene.”

  33. I almost never comment (mainly because english is not my first language but hey! I’ll try) but i have been reading you guys for three years now and let me tell you your commitment is something unbelievable. Thank you so much Sue, Axey, Oz for your effort. I love this new site and you guys make me proud of being part of this fandom. Keep up the great work, and tons of love from Cordoba, Argentina.

  34. Exciting stuff! And after all this it’s gonna be another long wait for the first teaser. Every year it’s the same 🙂

  35. MM,

    Sophie’s natural hair colour is baby blonde, so she’s still dyeing it. I think she just doesn’t get it touched up as much when she isn’t filming something.

  36. Darquemode,

    Agree. It truly is exciting when the filming/casting info starts coming out.

    Any guesses as to what the set in Moneyglass will be?

  37. mariamb,

    No clue honestly, there are so many options…
    Maybe part of Brienne’s arc? I’m not sure she will be going to Duskendale , Maidenpool, Clackclaw Point etc….

    That location in the pic does not seem “shore like” to me…. Maidenpool, Crackclaw Point and the Whispers are on the shore so I would guess it’s not them.

    Duskendale has a square castle or gatehouse as I recall, that building looks square, but it is unfinished.

    If I had to guess based only on the places in the books, Pennytree where she meets up with

    Jaime might be my guess. That huge tree reminds me of the one Pennytree is named after. The building could be the holdfast described as “strong as any in the Riverlands, has thick stone walls twelve feet high, behind which the people of Pennytree retreat at the sign of trouble.”

    Even if it is in Brienne’s arc they could create a new location… and of course it could be in a completely different arc as well!

  38. mariamb,

    Probably a castle in the Vale, since they´re doing the famous tour and Sophie is supposed to start shooting today

  39. Darquemode,

    Pennytree is a great guess. Hopefully, some of those other locations in Brienne’s travels are eliminated, like Crackclaw Point.

    I hope that the above-mentioned Reddit post on Jaime’s arc is incorrect because…well, ugh. Sending Jaime to Dorne provides a cohesive way of linking new characters with old ones. However, the Myrcella-Trystane True Love story line doesn’t interest me at all. To have Jaime reduced to a Cersei’s “messenger” is a waste. He has much more interesting things to do in the Riverlands.
  40. mariamb,

    I don’t mind

    Jaime in Dorne so much… At least in theory. I think it could be quite fun to see him interact with the Sand Snakes or Doran if that is the route they go. However, I actually loved the parts with Jaime in the Riverlands trying to manage the troops and hostage situation, and of course meeting up with Lady Genna Lannister!

    She was fun!

    I can see why they may cut a lot of the Riverlands action from the books though. It does directly play into the larger narrative and with cuts needed in so many arcs things have to go.

    Off Topic:
    I find it so odd that so many people wanted Dany’s arc from ADWD cut dramatically but did not suspect that meant dramatic cuts to many other arcs as well.

  41. mariamb,

    I’ll submit an argument that Jaime wasn’t doing anything more than being Cersei’s errand-boy in the Riverlands either. And what’s more exciting? Having Jaime interacting with a group of newly introduced Dornish characters who will be a big part of the story going forward or having him enter into negotiations with heads of houses we don’t give a shit about and will probably never hear from again.

    In either case you’re finding something for Jaime to do until he links up with Brienne again. I’d rather him go this route than dick around with ending sieges (which sounds way more exciting than they actually are).

  42. All Hail the Wolf Girl: I’d be a bit surprised if they start filming in Spain very soon – it is intensely hot there in July and August.

    IIRC a local news item from Spainmentioned October.

    I thought Lena posted a picture from Spain a few days ago with none other than Michelle Fairley standing alongside her. Thought it was odd that Michelle, a “former cast member” should be hanging with Lena so close to shooting. But maybe she’s just taking some time off and hanging out with the cast. Or maybe………..

  43. King Tommen,

    The reddit thing isn’t true.

    He’ll fight Obara not Tyene.

    It is known.

    Besides that I don’t have much else to say here other than reiterate my love and appreciation for Carice.

  44. Greenjones,

    Ah! I see, you all edited it for spoilers. Thanks. I thought there was a glitch so I posted the same shit over and over. Can you make sure the repeat posts don’t come through?

  45. Greenjones:
    King Tommen,

    The reddit thing isn’t true.

    It is known.

    Regardless of whether the details there are 100% accurate or not, we know that

    Jaime’s going to Dorne and not the Riverlands which is the change I’m referencing
  46. Greenjones,


    in Tyene’s audition she did cut Bronn with one of her poisoned daggers so it might have been a fight like Nym, Tyene and Obara vs Bronn and Jaimie (with possibly a third man to make it 3×3) with Obara being like “I can handle him, leave the Kingslayer to me” while Nym and Tyene fight Bronn, so it might be true… And even if it’s not, from the auditions and etc. we can assume that’s probably roughly how it is gonna be played out.

    In my opinion, of course.

  47. I’m surprised Carice has gotten away with posting as many photos on social media as she has over the past few years!

  48. Greenjones,

    I just don’t see the point. I also don’t think the “jetpack” comment had anything to do with the storyline the way some fans interpreted it.

    Jaime does have to get back to Brienne by the end of the season but negotiating ends of sieges of castles the audience don’t care about? Highly unlikely.

    If I were in charge, I wouldn’t be including that stuff either. Booooorinnggggg.

  49. Everyone, remember to use spoiler code, please, this isn’t a readers-only thread or anything.

  50. Darquemode,
    King Tommen,

    You are correct. Jaime interacting with Obara, Doran, etc in Dorne will be much more interesting than discussions with Bracken and Blackwood. I was probably reacting to the amped-up Myrcella/Trystane story line which I am not interested in at all. At some point, Jaime has to end up back in the Riverlands. I would hate to lose his interactions with The Blackfish and Aunt Genna. I guess it depends, in part, on what the BWB will be doing.
  51. Best site ever. Fuck WiC. I hate every person currently involved with that site. This is the best one. Ever.

  52. mariamb,

    I’m not a big fan of the romance sub-plots that D&D seem to love.. Okay, I have not liked one yet! XD

    With both Myrcella and Trystane being aged up to their teens it does make sense that they may bond or even care for each other though… And it certainly makes sense that Doran would be interested in marrying Trystane into the ruling House of the Seven Kingdoms if they should remain in power.

    That said, I look at the rumored Myrcella/ Trystane romance as a bit of a necessary evil. Since I suspect the show will cut, many of the possible marriage alliance players like Arianne, Quentyn, Victarion, and Aegon they lose 3 distracting Dany alliance plots and Arrianne’s romance with Arys or possible alliance with Aegon..

    So lose a handful of political alliance sub-plots and gain one love story… I may not be interested exactly, but assuming it’s handled well I guess I’m ok with it.

  53. by the way follow the actresses Jessica and Keiasha aka NYM and OBARA and the actor DIOPIA who play areo on twitter so if they put any pic from set you won`t miss it

  54. Is it just me, or has the photo of the ship in this post escaped everyone’s attention? That is effin HUUUUUGE, people. Points to a whole plotline that many have been speculating would be excised…..?!?!?!?!?!?!

  55. Fat ‘n’ Balda:
    Is it just me, or has the photo of the ship in this post escaped everyone’s attention?That is effin HUUUUUGE, people.Points to a whole plotline that many have been speculating would be excised…..?!?!?!?!?!?!

    That’s already been determined as the ship Arya’s on, going to Braavos.

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