The Winners of the Game of Thrones Giveaway!

halloweencostumescom giveaway

After a week of great participation from Watchers on the Wall readers around the world, it’s time to announce the winners of our Giveaway! Chosen from entrants on Twitter, Facebook and here at Watchers, we offered up three amazing prizes from’s wide selection of Game of Thrones costumes. With fall coming and the spookiest of holidays around the corner, a few of our readers are about to receive a timely and fun gift.

Now, without further ado, our three lucky prize winners are…

Savannah Hertler



Congratulations to all three of you! Wear your costumes well, and be sure to share pics with Watchers.


Want a chance to win more amazing prizes? is having 30 DAYS OF GIVEAWAYS in September! Visit for details.

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    1. I didn’t enter this one but congratulations to fondue, Savannah and Tron. I have my King Joffrey statue from a few years back looking down on me and reminding me I still have a stack of ironing to do so should break away from the internet for a while!!

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    2. Tron79,

      Well I made it through “the Owners” but I found it disappointing. If it wasn’t Maisie I wouldn’t have kept watching. I thought Maisie was good but there wasn’t much of a character for her to develop. It’s a must watch for Maisie fans but I don’t think I’ll will watch it again. If you want a better movie watching Maisie fight to survive, I would recommend Heatstroke (one of her early movies)

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    3. Tron79,

      Thanks for your review. It’s been getting mostly bad reviews elsewhere too. A shame. Maisie’s been in a lot of crap since GoT. I really hope to see her in a movie worthy of her talents one day.

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    4. Mr Derp:

      Thanks for your review.It’s been getting mostly bad reviews elsewhere too.A shame.Maisie’s been in a lot of crap since GoT.I really hope to see her in a movie worthy of her talents one day.

      I will add a little interest for GOT fans to report back with these GOT connections.

      What happens at the Red Wedding in the show that also happens in the movie

      It’s not exactly the same but was Parallel in the movie with Arya and Jeyne Poole.

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