Watchers on the Wall Awards Season 8: Best New Costume – Preliminary Round


One of Game of Thrones‘ greatest assets has always been the behind-the-scenes wizardry that brings Westeros to life, and nothing is more magical than the creative costumes on our favorite characters every week. They bring us deeper into the world of the show, with all the fantasy, splendor and grit we could ask for.

That’s why this week it’s time for you the readers to choose your favorite costumes of the final season in the prelims, in the category of Best New Costume!

Please choose your five favorites from the preliminary poll. The ground rules: Select up to FIVE nominees from the poll. You can choose fewer if you like, but you can’t choose more than 5. (Visit the initial WotW Awards post for a complete explanation of the rules and process.)

At the end of one week (Saturday 09/21/19 at 5PM Eastern Time), whichever five costumes have the most votes will continue on to the finals. The results of the poll will be revealed when it’s time to choose the winner of Best New Costume. Thank you, and have fun!

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    1. erin:
      I can’t remember exactly what some of those look like.

      They are all brilliant, but I voted for Cersei’s red velvet dress, Sansa’s coronation gown, Bran the Broken’s final royal blue look, the new Prince of Dorne’s look, and Dany’s black leather embossed riding coat.

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    2. Difficult they all are brilliant. But for me what stood out the most was:
      For Sansa: her coronation dress and her battle armor dress.
      For Arya: Her updated cape ensemble
      And For Dany: Her leather coat with with red seems, Her fur-coat with red. Her dark dress, and I decided to eliminate one of these, her fur-coat. Only 5 allowed.

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    3. Chilli,

      My favorite of the season, with the dark dress of Dany, both for me felt like the characters were in the dress or something like that. Brilliant work. (And even more because I haven’t any clue how dresses are made and what makes a good dress, with my own shirts etc I just pick one, but these dresses and constumes are just perfect, and somehow I feel like the dresses give away the characters)

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    4. I voted for “Sansa’s coronation dress”.

      For me it’s the most beautiful costume in the entire series, although maybe I’m q little biased because it’s sansa lol.

      No, seriously, that costume reflects to perfection Sansa’s entire journey (and it’s culmination) through the 8 seasons.

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    5. It would be really helpful if we could see pictures of all the nominees, so is it possible to give links? I would love to refresh my memory of these costumes but I have no way of rewatching S8 as it was removed from Now TV in the UK months ago. 🙁

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    6. Hi everyone, haven’t been here for a while and seem to be out of practice with the site. WHERE is the poll? I don’t know where the choices are listed. Would love to jump in again, so asking for patience if the answer is so obvious it could kiss my forehead, but please let me know where to find the choices.

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    7. We don’t put pictures or videos in the prelims post- there are far too many potential nominees and the post would be overloaded. Images/videos are there in the finals. If you can’t remember a submission, simply google that phrase and the costume will come up in a second.


      The poll is embedded in the post. Refresh if you can’t see it. It’s definitely there!

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    8. -Sansa’s elaborate coronation gown
      -Daenerys’ black leather embossed riding coat, with red details
      -Bran’s final royal blue look in “The Iron Throne”
      -Gendry’s new leather outfit with the slashed shoulders
      -Robin Arryn’s adult version of the Vale garb

      All of these were great and left an impression, but Dany’s badass leather riding coat is an easy #1 in my book.

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    9. Sue the Fury: If you can’t remember a submission, simply google that phrase and the costume will come up in a second.

      It’s really not that simple. I googled the Cersei phrase and the dresses that came up are clearly from earlier seasons. Surely a link for each can be provided. There are only sixteen.

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    10. Sue the Fury,

      Thanks Sue! The poll was not visible when I first logged on, but when I came back to the site, there it was.

      My first vote was for Sansa’s “Queen of the North” gown, with the fantastic red embroidered leaves, the bit of fur on the cape and the extraordinary working on the velvet sleeves that turned from direwolf to fish scales. I googled it and the pics and explanations from Michelle Clapton were breathtaking. Working on the rest of them.

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    11. Robin’s, Dany’s red-tinged fur coat, Cersei’s, Gendry’s, & Jorah’s. Actually I should’ve included Dany’s red dress with the black pleated front, darn it. Somehow I had plumb forgotten it. Or maybe never really noticed in the first place, which tbh was the case with most of them except for the fur coat and Cersei’s dress. Of course they were perfectly designed; it’s just that few stood out enough for me to specifically recall.

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    12. Sansa’s weirwood dress (coronation gown) and Dany’s “blood-drenched” black leather riding coat were the highlights for me.

      I love the costuming in GOT, the book by Michelle Clapton (et al.) is on my Christmas wishlist.

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    13. Yep Sansa’s coronation gown was incredible….(and as was said in other posts, lots of symbolism in the design)
      Sansa’s Armor dress was also amazing. I liked her dress that looked like it had fish scales too…(even if it wasn’t suppose to be fish scales, but maybe it was in honor of her mom)

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    14. talvikorppi:
      Sansa’s weirwood dress (coronation gown) and Dany’s “blood-drenched” black leather riding coat were the highlights for me.

      Sansa’s Queen in the North coronation gown was just beautiful. It’s far and away the best costume of S8. I only voted for one nominee in this preliminary round.

      And it wasn’t the QitN coronation gown.

      #ASNAWP 👸🏻🗡

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    15. Only voted for Cersei’s red velvet dress, Gendry’s lordly outfit with the slashed soldiers, and Sansa’s glorious Queen in the North costume.

      That whole outfit was by far one of the best costumes in the series. Sansa looked absolutely phenomenal.

      None of the others seemed that great to me.

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    16. -Sansa’s elaborate coronation gown (one of the most beautiful costumes in the entire series, and one that perfectly distills the triumph of her journey to becoming Queen in the North)

      -Cersei’s red velvet dress with the golden details (Cersei just always looks dynamite, and this dress, designed for her victory but ultimately heralding her defeat, is no exception)

      -Daenerys’ black leather embossed riding coat, with red details (it would have been extremely easy to fill my nomination card entirely with Daenerys costumes, so I just picked my favorite of the bunch, featuring the iconic Targaryen black and red)

      -Bran’s final royal blue look in “The Iron Throne” (generally, the male costumes don’t get as much attention as the female costumes because they’re usually not quite as elaborate, but I thought this one looked very regal)

      -Brienne and Pod’s Kingsguard armor (I know it’s only a slight variation on the original Kingsguard armor, but I always liked that design and I LOVE the incorporation of the Three-Eyed Raven sigil)

      Assuming they both make the final round, it’ll come down to a decision between Sansa’s coronation gown and Dany’s riding coat for me.

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    17. I think Sansa’s coronation dress is top of the top of the series, not only season 8. I also voted for Dany’s sueded grey, Gentry’s leather, Arya’s outfit and Cersei’s byzantine-inspired red.
      I wonder though if anybody liked the prince of Dorne’s updated version.

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    18. Sue the Fury,

      Sue, I read WotW on my laptop as the phone is too small. Every year, the voting info doesn’t show up on the laptop but does on the phone. I have trouble touching the right tiny buttons to cast votes on it. Is there a way to bring it up on my Mac?
      Thank you in advance–SRR

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    19. This one is hard because I can’t recall what all costumes looked like so I only picked four in the end. In general the costumes department does a fantastic job so I’ll watch with interest to see who wins this one.

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    20. I was fangirling so hard over Dany’s leather dress, when I noticed the red dip dye I was in love. All of her dresses were amazing this year, but I also had to vote for Sansa’s coronation dress, and that leather getup.

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    21. kevin1989: For Sansa: her coronation dress and her battle armor dress.

      “battle armour”!!!!! why on earth would would she be dressed for battle!!! all she did was….nothing, and all while everyone fought more than they could.

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    22. 1. Sansa’s coronation gown
      2. Sansa’s battle armor
      3. Cersei’s Red gown
      4. Bran’s end outfit
      5. Arya’s updated outfit.

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