Tweeting @ Winterfell – Part 2

Gendry Arya Stark Season 8 801 Winterfell

WE BACK. Did’ja miss me?

Don’t be clingy. Can’t I get an Orange Julius in peace without you asking where I’ve gone? It’s only been like two hours!

So… here we go! PART THE SECOND.

Blast off.

We pick back up aboard Silence…

DING-DONG, Theon calling!


(Felt like I should announce that on Twitter. 18 seconds later…)


Yara was only semi-grateful for the rescue, however.

I love that Harlot types like she’s drunk when she’s sober, and types like she’s sober when she’s drunk.

Theon goes sailing away…

Yup. That boi is so ded.

Back at Winterfell, Davos, Tyrion, and Varys (aka The Band) are back together…

So did I! He didn’t have a lot of quips, however.

So preparations for war have more than begun…

… BUT WE AIN’T GOT NO TIME OR MONEY FOR THAT. Instead, Jon and Dany go visit the Dragons!

“Then I’ve enjoyed your company, Jon Snow.” Well played, Khaleesi.

And…. he ….rides.


A crash course in dragonriding ensues!

I mean, was it just me, or did he pick that up awful fast?

Also Dany, you psycho, if this wasn’t a goddamned television show, there’s about a 90% chance your boyfriend falls to his death at some point during this. What the fuck, girl?

(end responsible adult rant)

Somewhere out there, Rose Leslie is giving the Catelyn side-eye to Dave Hill.




So Gendry is smithing…

Yes good.

A Hound arrives!

And soon after, so does Arya. Twitter spiked again.

“But first I robbed you.”

Sandor leaves. Gendry and Arya are alone. All alone.


It was good to see the Gendrya ship alive and sailing, no rowing required.

In a different part of Winterfell, Sansa and Jon have a… chat…

House Glover pulled out. There’s a joke in there somewhere, but the REAL question is… How does Sansa know how pretty Dany’s dad was??

…I would kind of love that scene.

So Dany and Jorah find Samwell. Awkward conversation ensues.

Dany: “Not… Randyll Tarly.”

Ron Howard: Yes. Randyll Tarly.

I was conflicted on this. I could buy someone like Sam being SHOCKED his shitty ass dad was dead. And maybe he was close with his brother? It’s a fail on the writing for not showing us how close they might have been before his death, if anything. We just don’t know.

John Bradley sold the HELL out of it though!

Sam doesn’t get a hug. Sam’s reward (?) is a talk with Bran…

“It’s time to tell Jon the truth.”

So Sam goes and does just that!

I’d be all in for King Gendry.

Meanwhile, we learn that Tormund and Beric are alive and well (?) at Last Hearth…


Insert some creepy-as-Hell Djawadi music…

I love it when it all turns around mid-tweet.

A few people.


…But alas, no hope for young Ned Umber.

R.I.P. House Umber


Annnnnd… Jump scare!

You did!

Gorram reavers!

Manu with tonight’s spittake.

NO. I don’t even know you but you’re BANNED. #BANNED.


Back at Winterfell…

I mean, I think the argument is he never leaves the yard!

Yup, Nikolaj is one of the best!

I ship it!

Ayyy nice catch.

Yuh. Just like that.

Next week on Game of Thrones…


So! That was that! Final thoughts?


Fam-lyyy re-union!~

They’re fools.

The only GoFundMe worth my coin.

I dig it.

lol come on no one thinks with logic. But continuing:

In this Ride-Or-Die world of STANS and SHIPS? I mean…

Boy, I wish!

(But that would mean their FAVES are FLAWED. Almost human! Get out of here with that nonsense, Garay!)

Soon after:

You and a ton of people!

But the budget–!!!

(Later, on the i n t e r n e t….)

What the fuck, internet. What the fuck.

So….the next day……………………….

That’s not even counting everyone who illegally streams this shit.

Truly the gift that keeps on giving.

We back in it! See you… in less than a week, nerds!

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    1. OMG, I was going to say you and Petra should have an axe-chucking contest to determine who Theon belongs to but the next post was her throwing an axe like a freaking PRO!!! #Deceased. AND Alfie kissed Petra’s hand so I think she’s the real winner here.

      “Wheels and The Golden Hand” – would totally watch

      I think next week’s trailer was def misleading. Hoping there’s a public absolution of Jaime’s “kingslaying” (not that he asked for it or cared, obviously since he lived with the rep), but it would be nice. Also that spiral symbol has been around since the beginning, the only difference was that fire was applied in the premiere so I guess I can see how that can be construed as the Targaryen sigil, but I’m not reading too much into that.

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    2. Thanx Axey & WotW for all the great entertainment
      I’ve missed all these articles as much as I missed the show 🍻

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    3. That gofundme for a wheelchair ramp for Bran. Just priceless. 😂

      Other than that, gods, has Jaime’s hair changed colour. I mean I noticed years ago, but seeing the pics side by side from S1 and S8, oh my…

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    4. Oh bless you, Axey. A joy to read, top to bottom!

      Samwell: My dog, Pongo?

      Daenerys: Run over by a carriage.

      Samwell: My goldfish, Goldie?
Daenerys: Eaten by the cat.

      Samwell: My cat?

      Daenerys: Choked on the goldfish.

      You know what WIZARDS usually do? Ride dragons and cast sick burn spells. What WIZARDS shouldn’t do? Tell your best bro he’s boinking his aunt. #GamesOfThrones #sickburn

      Tormund – “I’ve always had blue eyes

Yes you do, you pretty wildling. Great to have you back 😍

      Bran sitting in the same spot in the snow for two days just to get his perfect “surprise bitch” moment is an ASPIRATIONAL level of petty. #GameOfThrones #GoT


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    5. The hair is the one thing that has disappointed me about the show.

      That gofundme for a wheelchair ramp for Bran. Just priceless. 😂

      Other than that, gods, has Jaime’s hair changed colour. I mean I noticed years ago, but seeing the pics side by side from S1 and S8, oh my…

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