Split prepares for Game of Thrones season 5; filming underway at Leitrim Lodge; actors return to set


Preparations are underway in Split, Croatia, for Game of Thrones season 5 to begin filming, with a large exterior set being constructed.

Filming there is set to begin on September 8th, and will run through to the 16th.


Filming is also underway in the Leitrim Lodge picnic area near Newry, Northern Ireland.



Liam Cunningham also tweeted that he is returning to the set.

Finally, a fan spotted Joel Fry (Hizdahr zo Loraq) in Belfast airport recently, so it would seem that he will be filming scenes soon, too. Untitled





Cian: Thanks to Greenjones for making us aware of the Reddit images! The post there does make reference to Doran Martell, but it seems more speculative than anything concrete at this point. Make what you will of the “voyage” teased by Liam!

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    1. As Darquemode said, can anyone find some sort of an update on the Moneyglass set? It should be almost done by now. Anyway, can’t wait for them to finish this one, it’s hard to tell now what it will be used for, though it looks like it could be THOBAW.

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    2. Arkash,

      My thoughts exactly. I’m just hoping it’s not a coincidence of words!


      You’d be surprised at the sheer volume of people here who don’t have an awareness of/interest in the show.

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    3. I would say that reading anything more in his tweet than Liam announcing he’s going back to work on filming the show from his home in Dublin is stretching it to the nth degree.

      He always tweets a status update when he has to take a trip back to the set to film again.

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    4. direhound,

      Just curious….But what percentage of the Irish have cable TV and then pay extra for HBO? I mean in the US a country of over 300 million, there are about 100 million cable subscribers (I think this is about right) with only 28.7 million who subscribe to HBO.

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    5. Nice! Hopefully we get some more picture of filming soon. Can anyone tell what the features on that column are? They kind of look like snake heads but it’s hard to tell.

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    6. Ms. D. Ranged in AZ,

      That’s the thing, we don’t get HBO. The only way we can (legally) watch Thrones is on Sky Atlantic, which airs it a day later than in the U.S.

      I don’t have a clue about the subscription stats, unfortunately, but I’m pretty confident they’re relatively low. Piracy levels are through the roof, too, and only because we get it a day later.

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    7. My immediate reaction was that it looks like the slave auction block since it’s up on a stage (which fits in with the fact that it’s filmed is Split- the Meereen stand in) but those columns do look awfully similar to the Iron Bank’s architecture.

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    8. Lord Hugh Ryvenholt,

      I think so. Since they can’t shoot that Cathedral in Sibenik due to that Bishop’s interference, they may have had to build their own House.

      I guess we’ll find out is Maisie shoots there.

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    9. Greenjones,

      Ian McNeice as Manderly!
      I hope we’ll get an announcement over the next two weeks. Otherwise the fear will be real of him being cut. I don’t see why D&D would even concider cutting Manderly, though. Combining him with the Greatjon or the Blackfish? Sure, maybe. Cutting him entirely? I don’t think they’d do that.

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    10. Cian,

      McNeice is the most likely choice given his HBO connections ALTHOUGH Brendan Gleeson did have an HBO pilot in the works, so they definitely have his number too…

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    11. Cian:

      “True Roman bread for true Romans!”

      McNeice would be my #1 choice, too, and I’d also settle for Brendan Gleeson (although that will hardly happen).

      Dammit the only real choice for this role is BRIAN BLESSED.

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    12. Greenjones,

      Ian McNeice has been the stand-alone favorite to me as well since Richard Griffiths died. RIP

      I like Gleeson and a handful of other actors I think would do great as well …. Michael Culkin, Jim Carter, Richard Ridings, Timothy Spall.

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    13. Ms. D. Ranged in AZ,

      Because he’s a magician!

      If anyone is needing something to watch whilst waiting for new Thrones, you could do a lot worse than watching some of his films. He’s made a number of great modern British horrors from the tongue-in-cheek ‘Dog Soldiers’ to the most claustrophobic and scary horror I’ve seen in ages with ‘The Descent’ (watch the British cut, it’s got a much better ending than the American one). ‘Doomsday’ and ‘Centurion’ are both fun watches too, the latter maybe having a great deal of appeal to GoT fans as I think it’s what helped developed his style for the fantastic action sequences he’s directed in the show so far.

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    14. jentario,

      Nope. You’re thinking of Whoopie Goldberg. Speaking of which, I guess the dream cast of Robin Williams as Rhaegar is out now. Oh well, there is always Billy Crystal. His British accent is better anyway.

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    15. If we’re back casting then Julian Sands has to be the Mad King! He even looks like he could be Harry Lloyd’s dad!

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    16. Lord Hugh Ryvenholt,

      I don’t know. I always imagined something in black and white for the House of Black and White in Braavos. To me that looks like something they would use in Meereen or at best in Dorne. Unless that brownish/red gets covered and they add some black in. I suppose I have to wait until they actually build the set LOL

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