Filming of Game of Thrones’ “Walk” dissected, and Littlefinger returns


This is a spoiler-ridden post. Unsullied, be warned.

After some previous unconfirmed reports, it is now quite clear that Littlefinger will return to King’s Landing in Game of Thrones season 5. From a book reader’s perspective, this introduces a whole host of speculation into the fold, as Baelish was still very much in the Vale when he was last seen in A Feast for Crows.

Aidan Gillen was photographed by some fans in Dubrovnik last week. While the context of his scene(s) is unknown, he was very much present in the city specifically for filming as Littlefinger, as evidenced by the picture above.

Massive spoilers for a key scene below the cut.

A WatchersOnTheWall source has divulged quite a bit of information on the filming of King’s Landing scenes over the last few weeks, with a particular focus on Cersei’s Walk of Shame.

Of note are the following points:

  • The High Septon (the High Sparrow’s predecessor, reprised once more by Paul Bentley) WILL appear in season 5. He shares a scene with Cersei, Meryn Trant, and Margaery.
  • To begin the Walk of Shame, the High Sparrow makes an announcement to a crowd of peasants. Cersei is escorted before him by three septas, who rip her ragged clothes from her body. Her hair is short and her head bloody, as if clumps of hair have been torn out.
  • When the Walk begins, she is escorted by six Faith Militant members, and the recently cast Septa Unella.
  • Our source reports that Unella’s actress, Hannah Waddingham, is reminiscent of Mary Poppins (in a stern, tonally appropriate way), and sings considerably well. This is consistent with Waddingham’s well-established background in West End musical theatre.
  • Unella – who is NOT the same septa as was photographed with Jonathan Pryce – rings a bell and repeatedly chants “Shame!”.
  • The scene was filmed multiple times – with Lena Headey, with a body double, and with a moving green screen and lighting equipment. The double was nude, while Lena wore a skin-colored dress.
  • As they approach the Red Keep, Cersei’s Faith escort comes to a halt. An entourage of gold cloaks and Lannister guardsmen lines the entrance to the Keep, its presence preventing the crowd from coming any further. Qyburn, The Mountain in Kingsguard armor, and a man reminscent of (but still unconfirmed as) Kevan Lannister wait just inside the entrance. Qyburn cloaks Cersei upon her entry, and the doors close.

Our source assured us that the atmosphere was very The Passion of the Christ-esque. The scene certainly reads as though it will be extremely difficult to watch. Thoughts?


  1. This report matches Tristan Snow’s to a TEE. so i guess he’s legit after all?

    Cersei is escorted before him by three septas, who rip her ragged clothes from her body.

    lol of course D&D have to make things even more fucked up than they were in the book. i like how Cersei confidently removed the robe off herself when the Walk begins in the book, it made her emotional breakdown all the more shocking.

    ugh Meryn Trant is definitely taking up some kind of Kettleblack role even if he doesn’t end up sleeping with Cersei (please please i hope he doesn’t sleep with Cersei)

  2. I’m dreading this scene in a similar way I did the RW. I was so emotional while I read it, I’m sure it will be just as hard to watch it.

  3. Crosses fingers that Kevan is back

    Very interesting post. As uncomfortable a scene this will be, I think Lena has the opportunity to give an acting masterclass, and if she pulls it off she should be nailed on for an Emmy win, I wouldn’t say I’m looking forward to the scene because of its content, but I have high hopes that D&D and David Nutter wil be able to pull this one off to a tee.

  4. Great report.

    I just hope they keep the most harrowing part of the Walk, which is the ending, not the beginning. When she completely loses it and runs crawling to the Red Keep like an animal. That moment really embodies the horror of the whole thing.

  5. AIIIDDAAAAANNN! What in seven hells are you doing in King’s Landing?! LOL

    Oh, this is good! Is it a spoiler or a show only storyline? Dum, dum, duuuuuum… Let the games begin.

    Lena will rock this one. Book WoS was a terrible experience since I was in her head. But visually seeing Lena’s Cersei get that treatment will be even worse because I think they’ve made show Cersei more sympathetic.

  6. Sorry for the skepticism, TristanSnow- your report (while true) was similar to a lot of fakes. Trolls are getting smarter and smarter these days.

    If I had to guess, I’d say the greenscreen is to easily implant naked Lena scenes shot separately (which TMZ has reported recently) into crowd shots. Then shots from Cersei’s back will all be the body double, and close ups were for Lena in the dress.

    Good to see that Kevan and Lancel are essentially confirmed. Maybe that well-dressed Lannister guy from the pics really was a Kevan body double. I wonder how they’ll reintroduce these two.

  7. This is interesting…

    If the High Septon is around, does that mean that Cersei has him killed? I could see Meryn Trant taking on this duty since we don’t have Osney Kettleblack. Hopefully, he won’t take on a few other of Osney’s duties.

    Curious as to what LF will be doing in KL.

  8. Such a bombardment of information!

    What’s jumping at me the most is the Mountain as a Kingsguard. This is big news and it confirms by suspicions that, very much like Qyburn saving and transforming him, his new role will not be as shrouded in mystery as it was in the books; in fact, it will probably be just as straight-forward —just as there was no implication that the Mountain ever died before being saved, there will be no big mystery about Ser Robert Strong. As for Kevan, I really hope that’s true, but I’ll cheer when it is confirmed.

    This means TristanSnow’s report was true after all, although I’m pretty sure he misunderstood the CGI technicalities. A green-screen would not be used for digital face-transplanting. But close enough. So I guess this also means Lancel is indeed back, right?

    As for Littlefinger… well, it cannot be directly taken from TWOW, since he wasn’t present when the King’s Landing events that transpire this season happened, but who knows, he might be back in the future and they’ll just advance that part of his story a bit. Or maybe it’s just invented for the show, which I’m fine with, because the show is running low on King’s Landing characters, and they certainly aren’t going to add Harys and other Small Council members I don’t even remember.

  9. I really wish that they hadn’t cut out Taena Merryweather though, she brought out a more vulnerable side to Cersei…even though the Cersei/Taena relationship in itself was twisted

    and I’m surprised that Lancel isn’t walking with Cersei like he does in the book, I thought D&D would have loved that twist

  10. Strider,

    My feeling is that it’s a show only plot. They need something to slow Sansa down, since she’s so far ahead, and getting Baelish out for a bit may be necessary for them to do some show-only Sansa/Brienne plot. Plus, I don’t think book!Littlefinger is making a trip to King’s Landing anytime soon, with the Vale seeming to be heavily snowed in.
  11. Strider,

    He’s probably there to screw Cersei over in the guise of attending the wedding or funeral. The more interesting thing is that Sansa will be left alone… Will she disappear for a couple of episodes, run into new characters (BriPod?) or talk to the wall? I guess there’s Robin and the Vale lords, though none of them are confirmed to return just yet. I’m hoping for some more Lady Waynwood action (sex scene please). Loved her.

  12. Luka Nieto,

    Agree. If it does happen in the straightforward way that you describe, I will be very happy. Not a fan of the Ser Robert Strong mystery.
  13. I really, really wanted to see her collapse to her knees and crawl into the Red Keep like she did in the books. It’s such a powerful physical gesture of her inner mental state. Or did I only dream that…pretty sure it occurred that way. Let me know if I’m crazy….I mean, I know I’m “crazy” but ya know, crazy in this sense.

  14. Dame Pasty,

    no that really did happen, and i hope they keep it in the show. it made me extremely uncomfortable in the book. and actually made me tear up the first time i read that chapter.

    honestly the way that this scene in described in this post, it seems like it will be just as uncomfortable to watch as one of the Theon/Ramsay scenes…….so anyone getting pleasure from it would just signal that they’re sick in the head.

  15. Morgoth,

    That’s what the greenscreen is for. She filmed some nude shots separately (without the hundred strangers looking at your naked body) since the scene would have been weird if we wouldn’t see any frontal Cersei shots that aren’t close-ups (and face pasting is probably really pricey for such a long scene).

  16. Morgoth,

    That’s not even what that article says. She didn’t ask for extra money. It says they paid for extra security and for local shops to shut down so that there were fewer people milling around.

    As for the body double business, jentario’s above comment explains it.

  17. Strider,

    I think LF is visiting KL to defend or sell his bordellos and to proudly announce that he has Sansa. 🙂

    I can hear him say….“Oh, Cersei…what a pickle you have got yourself into!”

    He is magnetically attracted to the “ladda” of chaos.

    “I’m hoping for some more Lady Waynwood action (sex scene please). Loved her.”


  18. aurane waters,

    We’ve not heard anything about Lollys at all yet they were meant to have cast her. Cut? I wonder if both her and Bronn will die this season or she is punished for Bronn being part of the failed Myrcella rescue mission or perhaps held hostage to make Bronn go with Jaime? Sure Bronn doesn’t care about her but maybe it would threaten his position.

  19. Morgoth,

    You are misreading. Or you didn’t read past the first line or so.

    They didn’t pay Headey more. Read carefully: “the HBO drama paid up to $50,000 per day to film a scene featuring Lena Headey walking from a church through town completely nude.” As it is explained just a bit later: “The bill for the four-day shoot was so high because the series had to hire extra crew as well as pay local shop owners in Croatia to shut down their businesses during filming.”

    But yeah, they got the info wrong about Headey being nude herself. But it’s not relevant for the article, or not much.

  20. TheTouchOfFrost,

    yes I was thinking that she would somehow fuck up (in Cersei’s eyes) in regards to the Jaime/Bronne/Myrcella plot in Dorne and then Cersei would send her to Qyburn because she wouln’t know what else to do with her.

  21. aurane waters,

    [SPOILER]Bronn having a noble wife is seemingly kind of important, so I doubt it. Also, give the writers’ desire to keep Cersei somewhat sympathetic, I doubt they’re going to have her murder a mentally disabled person.[/SPOILER]

  22. TheTouchOfFrost,

    She’s probably just a cameo that appears in one scene (my guess is that Jaime goes to ask Bronn to go to Dorne with him, and Lollys is present). I also think the show doesn’t need a replacement for Kettleblack now that they have Lancel. He can just snitch on her, and the High Sparrow will wait till she stops being useful before he uses that info to take her down.

    Also, this gives me even more hope for Illyrio’s return (if the mansion news wasn’t enough). I consider Kevan returning far less likely than Illyrio.

  23. Sean C.,

    hmmm is Lollys mentally disabled on the show though?? idk I thought they would cast Falyse since they mentioned her last season but they’re has been no news of a Falyse casting so far. I guess Cersei could just send a random handmaid to Qyburn on the show or something.

  24. aurane waters,

    I think Cersei will have Olyvar tortured by Qyburn to “reveal” that he had threesomes with Margery and Loras. I bet it will start as him admitting sex with Loras, then after the torture he’ll spout whatever Cersei asks. Then they send him to the High Sparrow. I don’t think Cersei will be sending him any other victims.
  25. aurane waters:
    I really wish that they hadn’t cut out Taena Merryweather though, she brought out a more vulnerable side to Cersei…even though the Cersei/Taena relationship in itself was twisted

    Agreed! I can only hope that they didn’t cut her and she has exclusively inside scenes. Which I suppose is a possibility. But I’m pretty doubtful now. 🙁

    As for Lollys Stokeworth
    SPOILERS (It won’t let me edit the tags in for some reason @_@)

    I doubt we’ll see her suffer her sister’s fate from the books in the show, especially with Bronn traveling with Jaime, completely different from the books. I do hope they show Cersei sending women to Qyburn in some fashion like in the book though, and with the Robert Strong angle being for all intents and purposes confirmed by this news I think that gives us at least some decent possibility.

  26. jentario,

    yeah I also think that Olyvar will take over a Blue Bard role. But I still feel like someone has to kill the previous High Septon for Cersei?? And I feel like Cersei needs to send at least one victim to Qyburn to add onto the creepiness of the Mountain being “saved” by Qyburn.

  27. Morgoth:
    So, naked Cersei is a body double and not Lena Headey, if I’m understanding correctly.
    Why did she ask for extra money then? I’m confused. Or are TMZ/Fox News getting wrong information?

    Hey Morgoth –

    But read the article again – it doesn’t actually say that they paid HER – they had to pay 50k/day to film it. That covered the shops that had to be closed, for loss of income to people that normally made money on the path, and probably whatever the city decided was a fair fee for letting them film her/a body double/whoever walking down the street naked…

    (oops – just saw that someone else said the same thing. ah well – leaving the comment anyway as a shout-out to you, Morgoth)

    I really hope she loses it at the end like she does in the book – that was the best part…

    On another note – littlefinger being in kings landing – see, there was at least one occasion when he was away for quite a while – it was all “offscreen” in the book – only “showing” his return – remember when he was explaining the whole harry the heir thing? that was right after his return. Perhaps this is meant to be part of his extended trip?

  28. Sean C.,

    Bronn’s noble wife probably doesn’t matter in the show if they’re going to be killing him in place of Arys Oakheart in Dorne.
  29. Afeastfordances,

    … which is quite an assumption many people have made without much basis. I’m not saying you’re necessarily wrong, but the fact is you are basing assumptions about Lollys based on assumptions about Bronn. And that is… well, a big pile of assumptions.

  30. This is a fantastic report. Thanks to all involved.

    If there’s a man “reminiscent” of Kevan Lannister, who else could it be? I can’t think of anyone else who looks like Kevan and would be waiting for Cersei with Qyburn and the Mountain.



    Even the smallest hint of him being confirmed makes me happy. This character neeeeds to be re-introduced! Cersei needs a strong member of her family there; he’s like Tywin’s shadow, hovering above her and disapproving at her failures.

    I’m also gonna go ahead and assume pretty much everything Littlefinger/Sansa-related this season will be filler/OC. Going to KL is so far-fetched and out of left field that it screams of original content for the show. This isn’t hinted at in the books and it goes against all his plans. I can’t even begin to fathom why he’s there, other than maybe some Tyrell business?

  32. Kyle,

    I can’t think of anyone else either. Mace will be in Braavos and there is really no other man in a position of power that could be there, right? Amazing news anyway! And also for the credibility of TristanSnow’s report. Lancel and Kevan back, big surprise here.

  33. Really hope Kevan is back, the show hasn’t done so well in the continuity factor post season 2. The part about having a man who looks like Kevan stand in, there was a generic high born Lannister stand in for season 3 and 4.

  34. Luka Nieto,

    It’s an assumption, but I don’t think it’s exactly a wild one. Given D&D’s penchant for killing off character’s the second they outlive their usefulness, the writing is kind of on the wall for a minor character being sent into the exact same situation as a character who dies in the book.

  35. Some speculation about LF:

    Maybe he goes to KL to strike some kind of deal with the old High Septon in order to annul Sansas marriage, however he arrives too late because the old one is already gone and a deal with High Sparrow is not an option. It would be a complete filler, but it would help to slow down the Vale story.
    It doesn’t matter if we get HtH or if Sansa is still supposed to marry Robin, the marriage with Tyrion has to be cancelled at some point.
  36. Hodor’s Bastard,

    More like play dumb, keep Sansa as the ace in his sleeve and possibly involve himself in Cersei’s misfortunes (though that would be a huge book deviation), if anything lol

    That “ladda” is looking might fine with Varys out of the way and Tywin dead, Jamie on his way to Dorne, Tyrion to Essos and Cersei in free fall! Someone needs to climb it, after all.

  37. jentario,

    I vote for: Stare at the Wall. HAH!

    Maybe Bri & Pod will make that move in the Vale with the old lady in the household casting news a while back. I don’t know if an actual meet will happen. What would it accomplish? Would Sansa choose her and go where? I’m going to go all Hound on this one: “Safety? Where the fuck’s that?”

  38. LordLannister,

    I don’t believe it says Trant is at the walk. It says that Qyburn, The Mountain (in KG armour) & possibly Kevan are

    Besides Trant is in a Braavos episode directed by Nutter, so it would be impossible for him to be at the walk too.

    Edit: Looks like I’m not the only one to tell you this (above and below). Still at least you know now 🙂

  39. LordLannister,

    No one said Meryn was at the end of the WoS. He’s with Cersei, the Old HS and Marge probably at the funeral or the wedding. David Nutter’s directing both Mercy and the WoS so as far all we know they could take place in the same episode.

  40. Oh, i think we can have a lot of fun with the Lollys/Bronn and Falyse story (even if we don’t see Falyse but just hear about it) and it does’nt need a lot of screen time: just some well placed writting … !

    Couple of scenes/mentions possible based on the books:

    – Falyse or Lollys (in the book it’s Falyse) ask Cercei’s permission at the funeral to name their child Tywin if it is a boy…And Cercei said with a bit of diplomacie the equivalence of «No fucking way!»

    -In the book, Bronn try to kill Falyse but failed and she goes to complain to Cercei. (and Cercei tells her she has her permission to find a way toget rid of him. Falyse arrange a duel between her husband and Bronn and Bronn wins and kill her husband. Then, Falyse go complain again to Cercei, and Cercei to avoid problem give Falyse to Qyburn) In the show, after the failed attempted murder, Cercei might chose to send Bronn to Dorne with Jaime to get rid of the problem.

    -Later, Cercei discover ( by Teana if i rebember well) that Lollys decides to name her upcoming child Tyrion and is really pissed off about it, but got arrested before she can do something about it…

    I don’t care if Bronn dies in Dorne this season by Hotah or a SanD Snake, for all we (don,T) know, it might have been GRRM plan to have Bronn killed by one of them in TWOW since their group at the end of ADWD is heanding to the capitale…

    What i like about the end of Bronn storyline is the possibility that Lollys will deliver a boy and name him Tyrion and when our Tyrion eventually comes back to King’s landing he will be very touched and if Lollys dies delivering him, he may eventually take the child under his protection …

  41. Kevan needs to be back at this point. They need to have learned from the Greatjon fiasco: if the actor can’t or won’t return to the biggest show on TV…recast them.

  42. I think the most feasible reason for Littlefinger being there is to protect his brothels from the Faith Militant. He’ll probably do some plotty plot ladda climbing stuff, but nothing story changing. Meanwhile, I can see Sansa maneuvering the Vale lords in his absence.

    And am I the only one who doesn’t subscribe to the Brienne/Sansa meet up nor want it to happen?

  43. Also, Lollys isn’t pregnant…yet. But she was pointed out as dim-witted, so mental disability confirmed.

  44. The Dragon Demands,

    I think we’d have heard something if they planned to recast him. Ian Gelder’s CV hasn’t been updated of course but given that there was no recast Kevan casting breakdown (as there was for Myrcella’s recast), I think this may mean he’s back.

  45. aurane waters,

    TristanSnow said:

    “Then a Septa, the only one there violently disrobes her and as Cercei starts to walk”, also he stated “They are accompanied by four Faith militant”

    , this report mentions 6… but these are just details… it seems as an accurate report by TristanSnow… but still we lack of evidence for

    Lancel-Petyr meeting.
  46. I didn’t put this detail in the post, but since people are asking… yes, she does fall to her knees towards the end.

  47. Cian,

    Is there any way you all could get official confirmation of Kevan/Ian Gelder’s return like you did with the Unella actress? (Sorry to be as demanding as a KL mob btw, I just can’t help myself…)

    Great post anyways. I just reread the chapter and it should make for crazy, disturbing television!

  48. Morgoth,

    It’s not that she asked for the money, it’s that the whole scene cost a lot to do. At least I don’t get from anywhere in the article you linked that she, personally, wanted to be paid more.

  49. Thanks for finding out this info and about the Unella casting. I wish HBO weren’t so tight-lipped about the minor castings – as long as nothing is revealed to “spoil” the story for Unsullied, though I am guessing people looking at this thread will be familiar with the book version. Maybe they worry that reporters will try to find out information about next season from the actors if they name they all.

  50. Dame Pasty,

    No she collapses and then Robert strong and qyburn appear and Robert carries her to the red keep in his arms and she’s like “my saviour”

  51. Renly’s Peach,

    There’s no chance that all of it will be original material, but it was always obvious that whatever they do will some sort of mish mash of original stuff and TWOW stuff. I think that by the end of the season we’ll definitely have a fairly major Sansa spoiler to cap off the arc. The best chance GRRM has is to release a preview chapter early like he did with Mercy.

  52. Afeastfordances,

    Flynn is a starring cast member; Bronn is a major character, not a recurring one, let alone a minor character. However, if you meant that Bronn is a minor piece of the game of thrones in-universe, then yes, you are right and he can be killed in the show probably without major repercussions.

  53. jentario:
    Renly’s Peach,

    There’s no chance that all of it will be original material, but it was always obvious that whatever they do will some sort of mish mash of original stuff and TWOW stuff. I think that by the end of the season we’ll definitely have a fairly major Sansa spoiler to cap off the arc. The best chance GRRM has is to release a preview chapter early like he did with Mercy.

    Except that the Gurminator has said he will release no more preview chapters from now on.

  54. According to Tristan Snow this was the

    High Sparrow’s announcement at the beginning of the walk:

    “Before you stands Cercei, of house Lannister, mother of his grace, king Tommen, widow of his grace king Robert. She has admitted to the sins of fornication and adultery. She stands as the Gods made her, naked, asking for your forgiveness as she undergoes her walk of penance.”

    What do you think she is going to confess in the show?

  55. jentario:

    He has second hand information, so some of it is bound to be a mistake (especially if his extra friends are Unsullied)

    There may have been slight misdirection about this, understandable for someone who doesn’t have 200000$ to spare… nothing about the set report thou, that’s all true

  56. I hope they keep Cersei’s confidence in beginning, it makes her slowly breaking down even more horrific


  57. TristanSnow,

    Well yeah, it’s just some little details that don’t match (and they’re easy to misrememeber). Are you the one who tipped off WOTW for this post or is it another source? Or would you rather not say? Anyway, thanks for the info. It’s cool to hear that Lancel and hopefully Kevan are returning

  58. Are there even any unsullied who post on here? I mean, all these topics are speculation about S5. I would think if they haven’t read the books by now then they probably wouldn’t want to know what us nerds think may happen in S5.

  59. jentario,

    Luka Nieto,

    I’d assume Lancel will definately be used in the affair side of Cersei’s downfall but will she

    Get him to kill the High Septon too?

    Perhaps Meryn Trant will do the deed or if he’s already headed off to Braavos then perhaps the oft forgotten in the TV show (by me anyway!) Boros Blount may do some more goon work and have his role expanded a little in the process.
    Not complaining as it will hopefully add to the story but if Kevan is back then I find it surprising as I thought he’d be prime material for cutting if they’re trying to streamline. Genna Lannister is one of my favourite small roles so fingers crossed she may get in if her two brothers have!

  60. jentario,

    Where do you think Jaime is gonna head when he gets tired of Cersei ‘s shit then? I imagine he’ll still head that way (I assume Riverrun is still being held) but prob have stuff like Genna trimmed off 🙁

    Luka Nieto,

    I guess he’ll get what’s coming to him then. Although if it was Boros they could have the faith torture him? Just hoping Jaime has the Dayne cock-in-his-hand chat with them before he heads south. Although they do seem to cut a lot of good Jaime lines from the book.

  61. TheTouchOfFrost,

    In Season 4, when Brienne is considering where the Brotherhood might take Arya, she says that “Walder Frey is the new Lord of Riverrun.” Out of context, that could have merely meant that Walder is the new Lord on paper yet doesn’t have the castle; but in the proper context (of where Arya could be sold off to a Stark ally), that line of reasoning would make no sense whatsoever. It can only mean Arya wouldn’t be taken to Riverrun because Walder holds it. So, no Riverrun siege is needed or possible in the show.

  62. I don’t understand all the speculation, it is obvious Kevan returns and has a big part in the upcoming season…

    @jentario- the little details like how many FM are escorting her during the walk? 4! WOTW misreported it… it was two stunt guys in the front who were bashing the few people who obstruct the walk, a woman shouting at Cercei, another few flashing their… you know… and two regular extras for continuity…

  63. Lady Nym:
    What do you think they will do with Little finger ? And most of all Sansa ?

    if you don’t mind, I’ll wait until I am confirmed as not being a troll…

  64. TristanSnow,

    do you really think kevan will have a huge part? because i kind of don’t want him to have any more than 2-3 scenes

    oh and 99% people don’t think you’re a troll anymore, so don’t worry

  65. Cersei definitly didn’t deserve all that stuff they did to her during the walk. My uncle who was an extra seriously considdered to jump in front of The Queen and ask pepole to cast the first stone whoever hasn’t sinned, even if that ment throwing him offset forever….

  66. aurane waters,

    1. Funeral
    2. Confrontation with Cersei
    3. In the Sept with Cersei’s after her arrest
    4. The Walk
    5. the little birds

    And maybe a scene with Jaime too so he will have a decent amount of scenes I imagine.

  67. Luka Nieto,

    It’s just a title, as the same happens in the books. I guess it depends on what they do with the Blackfish. I’d agree that it might not be needed, but it’s certainly possible. It all depends on what they do with the Blackfish and I would have thought Edmure still has some part to play or they wouldn’t have cast such a well-known actor. Plus Jaime needs a place to go after departing from Cersei so a scaled down siege could certainly be a plausible plot device. Perhaps Brienne and Pod interact with it in some way as they seem pretty rudderless at the moment.

  68. I rememer when Joffry undressed sansa and beat her in front of the whole court she’s queen regent yet didn’t do any thing to stop him and help her ! When she brought ser allyn to the room during the black water battle to kill her if everything went worng When she laughed at her when they draged her to merry Tyrion , when she gave inecont people to Qybern and if I’m not wrong I remember that she wanted to send one of the kettel brothers to kill jon snow , and so many other things , I wanted her to suffer for what she did and know that beign a queen doesn’t really help yet I hated the idea of the walk 🙁
  69. Lady Nym,

    Also. Having underlings beaten and banished when she was a child; most likely getting Mandon Moore to attempt to assassinate Tyrion; having a hand in Robert’s death; killing her childhood friend Melara so she didn’t speak of Maggy the Frog’s prohpecy; manipulated Jaime into joining the Kingsguard for her own reasons; aborted one of Robert’s children (changed for the show); trying to get Arya’s hand cut off for striking royalty i.e. Joffrey (trying to rather ironically get Jaime to do it); the betraying of Robert’s Will and subsequent killing of the Stark household in KL; the killing of Robert’s bastards (again changed for the show); the dead baby comment that led t othe Kings Landing Riots; llying to Tywin to turn him more aginst Tyrion after he’s laid up after the Battle of Blackwater…a battle she almost lost for them by recalling Joffrey to the Red Keep and this is all before she gets worse and goes into her Mad Queen phase!

    I think having to walk naked through a crowd of annoyed people pales into insignificance compared to the things shes done in her lifetime. The only thing that really takes a hit is her pride.

    Live by the sword you die by the sword. Or in this case live by promiscuity then get punished for promiscuity!

  70. I’m starting to think she dserved the walk 🙂 yet I hope one day she find Nymeria holding Tommen and her Spear in his throat (since she is in Kl now) and bigg her for his life like Catlyn did for Robb’s with Walder frey , // you know that scene that was roumerd about her and jaime reseving a box with a snake and Marcylla’s neckless in its mouth ? I think they should put Marcylla’s head in it instead (though I liked Marcylla she is beatufull and smart) or live a prisoner for the dornishmen and get mocked and bulled by the sand snakes like she and her bastard did to Sansa
  71. TristanSnow,

    Speaking as one of the WotW crew, your stuff all checked out so we’d love to hear what you have to say. We are cautious because we have an internal policy to verify things as much as possible because there are trolls and competitors who do not have the fans’ best interests at heart. That’s what distinguishes us from many of the “other” sites–we leave the rumor mongering and the spoilage to them. I hope you didn’t take it personal because it certainly wasn’t meant that way.

  72. Lady Nym,

    See, I hate Dorne so wouldn’t be keen on seeing any of that! Plus it wasn’t actually her who organised the Red Wedding so I think despite all that she’s done poetic justice for that wouldn’t work.

  73. TheTouchOfFrost,

    This. I don’t undestand why people keeping saying “e.g. I was crying while reading the WoS chapter”… I rather enjoyed it! Cersei is actually a monster, and the

    WoS must be just a beginning of her punishment.

    Neither understood why people complains by the death of Joffrey… he absolutely deserved it… indeed I’d sent him to pay a visit to Ramsay.

  74. Luka Nieto:

    In Season 4, when Brienne is considering where the Brotherhood might take Arya, she says that “Walder Frey is the new Lord of Riverrun.” Out of context, that could have merely meant that Walder is the new Lord on paper yet doesn’t have the castle; but in the proper context (of where Arya could be sold off to a Stark ally), that line of reasoning would make no sense whatsoever. It can only mean Arya wouldn’t be taken to Riverrun because Walder holds it.So, no Riverrun siege is needed or possible in the show.

    And in Mhysa, Walder Frey also refers to himself as the new lord of Riverrun. They also comment about the Blackfish escaping the Red Wedding – exactly the same position he’s in after Edmure opens the portcullis and lets him out in ADwD.

  75. Dame Pasty:

    Speaking as one of the WotW crew, your stuff all checked out so we’d love to hear what you have to say.We are cautious because we have an internal policy to verify things as much as possible because there are trolls and competitors who do not have the fans’ best interests at heart.That’s what distinguishes us from many of the “other” sites–we leave the rumor mongering and the spoilage to them.I hope you didn’t take it personal because it certainly wasn’t meant that way.

    Also, if you are Hapthor Bjornssen, we all take back any critical statements of you so you don’t tear us apart with your bare hands.

  76. jentario,

    I believe so. That would be the only reason for Conleth to be in Dubrovnik this year. And the video was posted pretty shortly after they filmed there.

  77. StandOzone:

    This. I don’t undestand why people keeping saying “e.g. I was crying while reading the WoS chapter”… I rather enjoyed it! Cersei is actually a monster, and the

    Neither understood why people complains by the death of Joffrey… he absolutely deserved it… indeed I’d sent him to pay a visit to Ramsay.

    Cersei deserved to be executed or put away in the black cell for life for all the actual crimes she’s committed (murders, torture…). But the Walk of Shame is disgusting, misogynistic and hypocritical in itself as a form of punishment, in addition to the fact that she wasn’t being punished for any of her actual crimes, but for having sex with people she wasn’t married to, which makes it doubly disgusting, misogynistic and hypocritical. I can’t like Walk any more than I could like watching someone be raped as a “justified punishment” for something, especially if that something is simply having a vagina and using it by her own choice and without a High Septon’s approval.

  78. Greenjones,

    I’m confused. Why would Varys be in Dubrovnik? Is it also Pentos or Volantis? Did I miss something here?

    On the other hand, Dubrovnik is stunning. The shot from above is amazing. I would like to visit.

  79. Isn’t that villa the place where

    WOTW sources took photos of crew rolling out rugs and such preparing for “Illyrio’s Mansion” or something?

    That would explain it

  80. Annara Snow,

    Cersei should have been sent to the Wall.

    Given all its brutal glory, I bet the WoS doesn’t have the lingering effect on Cersei that the High Sparrow hopes for. There is no way she is coming down from her pinnacle of high delusion.
  81. Annara Snow,

    Well said. If she’d been, as you say, thrown in the Black Cells for years or what not, or beheaded, flayed by Ramsey, or sent to the Wall, or any other punishments that we’ve seen in Westeros, it would have been unsurprising. Cruel and inhumane, of course (it is Westeros), but the punishment is specifically tailored to shame her in a patriarchal society, and it isn’t even undertaken for her other crimes (attempted fratricide, conspiring in what becomes the death of Eddard Stark, incest), but for having sex. Which, really.

  82. Annara Snow,

    IIRC, the WoS was an agreement between Kevan and the High Sparrow to release Cersei. She was accused to murder the previous High Septon, and to make false accusations about Margaery and unlike her, The High Sparrow had evidence (Osney’s confession) of Cersei’s crimes and won’t let her free just for Kevan’s word. Anyway, walking naked is not the same that a rape. Anyway, I agree, it is misogynist (Medieval times were)… but I don’t feel sorry for her… Being misogynist is not the same to be a murderer, and Cersei was a murderer and worst. I like the walk because made Cersei feel weak, exposed and vulnerable, no matter if was a punishment for adultery. After what she allowed to Joffrey, and after what she herself did to Bran, Sansa, Lady, Melara, Felyse, Robert’s bastards, and a lot of people, and what she tried to do with Jon Snow and Arya… I was very pleased to see her shame.
  83. Indila,

    He looks so intense and out of breath in that shot, I thought he was acting, but then realized the people filing past were crew.

  84. StandOzone,

    I agree but

    Cersei was basically released on bond, in her uncle Kevin’s care, while she awaits trial. The walk was cruel and unusual and meant to intimidate, but I doubt it did much to Cersei’s state of delusion. Plus, since Kevin has perished, the nature of her “release bond” arrangement is now completely screwed. Chaos shall ensue.

    Greatjon of Slumber,

    Really? You believe sending Cersei to the Wall (to a woman’s castle or to be “hosted” by the NW) would be unsurprising? That would be crazy and full of opportunities for twists and turns, imho.

  85. Hodor’s Bastard,

    Chaos is coming… It is known… and I don’t think that the WoS will stop Cersei’s madness… anyway, it made me happy to see her being humiliated at least one time… Of course, I hope she feel the threat that dragons and white walkers represent… I wish she realizes that Tyrion, Arya, Bran, Rickon and Sansa are alive, and taken vengeance, and I wish for a Cersei-Daenerys clash… but at the end, I want to see her die at the hands of Jaime, her valonqar.

  86. So if Eugene Simon’s Twitter says:

    “Ian Beattie, what an absolute gent and a terrific actor. You’d never think his GoT character was a complete wanker!”
    (september 26)


    “I’m now filming and the fruits of this labour will be out spring 2015”
    (october 10)

    Can we assume it means Lancel’s comeback? Unless someone knows of a convention where Beattie and Simon attended together recently?

  87. Lavignac,

    They attended a convention in Belfast around the time of that tweet BUT I do take the more recent one as a confirmation of his return.

  88. Greenjones,

    That plus Tristan Snow makes me have higher hopes than ever for Lancel Lannister: The Return. But I’ve been burnt before. I would prefer a photo from Dubrovnik to seal the deal.

  89. Nobody ever thought the late King Robert should undergo a walk of shame for his many infidelities, did they? The world depicted is a very unfair one for men and women though a fictional one. Of course the WoS would never have happened if Cersei had not plotted to discredit Margaery though people who point out Cersei is not punished for the murders she has ordered but for adultery are right. I hope they paid the body double well (nobody forced her to play the part of course) as she had to endure unpleasant things being thrown at her. I doubt they threw real manure though.

  90. TheTouchOfFrost,

    “Or in this case live by promiscuity then get punished for promiscuity.”

    That line of thinking is troubling at best. Anyway, where is that inner fire for justice when it comes to the many —and I do mean many— male character who are also promiscuous and committed heinous crimes? Do they deserve to be punished indirectly for their crimes by actually punishing them for imaginary “crimes” of indecency? Can you honestly tell me you feel the same about Robert and… hell, most male adults in positions of power who are not Ned Stark, and even he (supposedly, officially) cheated on his wife once?

    Of course, that wouldn’t happen in the world of Game of Thrones because the society that is being depicted is highly misogynistic. Which is fine! Also, I get the karmic punishment; obviously she’s not being punished for her actual crimes, so one may think of it as the universe punishing her, but my point is some people here seem to relish too much in the actual punishment and the actual reasons for it. There are troubling undertones of “The whore got what she deserved.” I hope I don’t have to explain why that’s bullshit.

  91. Luka Nieto,

    I’ll respond but have to admit I’m getting incredibly tired of his WoS conversation and how we should be considering Cersei’s position as a female and why that appears to be more important than anything else.
    Characters who have faced karmic retribution through different methods litter the show. Tywin shot dead whilst sat on the toilet, Theon (promiscious and committed heinous crimes) having his todger cut off, Joffrey poisoned at his own wedding. If the viewer/reader wants characters punished specifically for what they’d done then they can go and watch a court room drama. I don’t care who a character has slept with or not. To me , it’s completely irrelevant to whether I like them or not. Asha Greyjoy and Genna Lanister are two of my favourite female characters in the books and they put it about a fair bit. Cersei is disliked not for cheating or having sex but because she’s perpetrated many many many vile actions.
    Everyone who watches the show or reads the books now knows that the world of Westeros and beyond is not a pretty one. Murder, torture, rape, mutilation, unfair power structures, war and disease. All of these things are very prevalent and none of which are things we either condone or want in our own world. But it’s a fantasy world. Although via karma and the art of storytelling she is actually being punished for a lot more, Yes, Cersei is getting punished for her promiscuity in this universe. So what? I don’t condone it in real life but it’s a show designed to entertain so if people are that upset about it then stop watching! Not aimed at you as you seem to just want to discuss the concepts but why do some folks seem to need to constantly go on about how it’s wrong and the sign or a misgynistic society? Yes it is…and? I know cannabilism is wrong, I know murder is wrong, I know rape, torture, cruelty to animals, etc are all wrong but don’t need a reminder about it whenever this show or any other uses it as subject matter! People enjoy her getting her come-uppance, like they enjoyed Joffrey, Tywin, etc getting theirs. Personally, I think she gets off incredibly lightly from a karmic point of view. Considering all she’s done having to walk naked in front of an angry crowd is nothing. It’s a walk of shame but meant to be the shame she should feel for all of the terrible things shes done not for being a women who has sex.

  92. TheTouchOfFrost,

    Yeah, I actually like the fact that the world that is depicted is harsh in many ways, including the misogyny part. We agree on many things, apparently. Most of it. I was just trying to tackle the Walk of Shame from an in-universe point of view, looking at the motivations of the people who punished her. However, I do stand up by the idea that some fans (not you) seem to channel their hatred of Cersei through their own misogynistic point of view.

  93. Luka Nieto,

    Unfortunately, some people do all their thinking through that type of filter. I’m interested in the High Sparrow and his backstory and what’s driven him to be this zealous. Have to admit to being a proponent to the

    High Sparrow = Howland Reed

    theory but not sure what his motivations for being down there are either!

  94. StandOzone:
    …and I wish for a Cersei-Daenerys clash… but at the end, I want to see her die at the hands of Jaime, her valonqar.

    A C-D clash would be fun indeed, However, I don’t think Jaime has it in him to snuff out his soulmate sister…too prophetic….without extreme cause. He loves that “hateful woman.” What would cause him to rethink his lifelong stance? Maybe he discovers a deadly plot against Brienne? Maybe he uncovers her Lancel secret? (Why the hell didn’t showTyrion tell him when he had a chance????) I do wonder if Jaime will have to choose between saving Brienne or saving his sister.

    If the “valonqar” prophesy comes to fruition, then I believe it will be because Cersei commissions a hit on Jaime for some reason (maybe to do with Brienne or Lancel or Tyrion’s escape) and it backfires. Maybe there will be some sort of warped Romeo & Juliet scenario where they realize one can’t live without the other if one dies.

    Maybe Tyrion returns to KL only to be confronted by both siblings…and things get out of hand quickly….

    In any case, it seems like the show is pursuing the idea that Jaime needs to get out of KL to keep his sanity and respect, which is somewhat analogous to the books, except that it now involves his “daughter” as motivation. I do hope he does get to Riverrun at some point though.

  95. Hodor’s Bastard,

    I think Jaime will kill her in a similar way to him killing the Mad King. She’s on the verge of doing something crazy to a large number of innocents and in the end seeing how crazed she becomes sees it as a mercy killing. Like to think he comes out of the story alive but have my doubts.
  96. Cersei and Jaime came into the world together, and they’ll leave together. I think she says something similar in Book 5 – that he can’t be dead while she still lives.

  97. I know that it has been confirmed that the producers will be using flashbacks this season. If this is true, and they do more than one, Littlefinger could be seen in Kings Landing in a flashback. He is wearing the gold outfit that he wore around the time of season 3. I think that there’s a possibility that he could be seen in a flashback when he originally asks Cersei for Sansa’s hand in marriage (mentioned in ADWD). This would be an interesting piece of info for the audience as they watch Sansa and Petyr’s interactions.

  98. If the scenes with him Braavos are any indication of what’s to come, Meryn Trant is going to die in season 5 at the hands of Arya. I suspect he’ll take the place of Dareon or of Raff the Sweetling from the published chapter of WoW .

    aurane waters,

  99. Cersei is certainly not a sympathetic character. She has done a lot of wrong to other people, though she certainly does love her children fiercely … but only her children (and herself and, perhaps, Jaime). However, what upset me most about her ‘walk of shame’ was not the fact that she was shamed. I can think of a lot of other people that I would like to see shamed in this way … starting with politicians, Wall Street moguls, and corporate CEOs. What upset me most, and what has been upsetting me for the last few episodes since she unwisely empowered the Sparrows, is who it was that was doing the shaming … Fundamentalist religious fanatics who have no place judging other people but who do so all the time, as though they are any better. They are, in fact, much worse than other people precisely because they think they know the word of God or the gods. The violent Sparrow enforcers, with their star scarred onto their foreheads, remind me of the early Christian fanatic zealots who took over the city of Alexandria in the 5th century C.E. and persecuted and murdered the female philosopher Hypathia, whose invention of the hydroscope made huge advancements in the study of gravity millennia before Newton ‘discovered’ the law. With that one act of violence and hatred, they brought the progress of our understanding of nature to a screeching halt. What I love most about ‘Game of Thrones’ is that, beyond the fantasy and magic, it’s really about real life and the real world. Good guys don’t always win (in fact, they seldom do), the ending is not always happy (it never really is), and humanity is fundamentally cruel. Those who are good and who do good (Tyrion, Daenerys, Sansa) do so because doing good is its own reward, not because they expect any rewards to come from it. The whole Sparrows subplot, and Cersei’s walk of shame, are really reflective of the history of Christianity … Fanatics who continuously shame other people when they are the ones who should feel the most shame … for their cruelty, their lack of compassion and, most of all, their lack of humility.

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