‘Game of Thrones’ wins Best Show at MTV Movie & TV Awards, but host Zachary Levi betrays Daenerys!

Dany is happy about GoT bringing home more awards!

The Oscars are finished, the Emmys have come and gone, the Tonys wrapped up two weeks ago, but awards seasons wasn’t over quite yet — at least not until Saturday night, when MTV held its annual Movie & TV Awards. And as long as there are accolades to be had where television is concerned, Game of Thrones stands a chance of winning them.

For its final season, Thrones was nominated for Best Show, Best Performance in a Show (Emilia Clarke), Best Fight (Arya vs. the White Walkers) and Best Hero (Maisie Williams), although it only took home the golden popcorn for Best Show. Jacob Anderson, who played the stoic Unsullied commander Grey Worm, was presented with the award on the red carpet ahead of the ceremony itself.

“A lot of amazing people work on Game of Thrones, so I feel weird being the one to hold this, but I’ve always wanted to hold one of these,” he said. “So, congratulations to everybody, all the people I love on the show, who have worked incredibly hard, you will get to touch this. Cast and crew, and everybody who’s amazing, we did it!”

Elsewhere in the broadcast, which aired Monday night, host Zachary Levi filmed a hilarious segment with himself cut into the Season 8, Episode 5 scenes at Dragonstone — flaunting new clothes he picked up in Dorne, writing “Jon and Dany are boning OMG!!” on raven scrolls and finally begging Tyrion to hand him a can of dragon repellent as Drogon prepares to roast him to a crisp. Levi’s comedic timing make it all work perfectly, and it’s worth four or five minutes of your time today:


  1. Blah. Tony Stark beat Arya Stark for “Best Hero.”
    I demand a recount! Or a trial by combat!

    ASNAWP don’t need no iron suit or jet pack.

  2. the Emmys have come and gone

    ? Emmy Awards aren’t until September… 🙂

    It was cool to see Maisie being mentioned for her ASNAWP-ness regardless. For MTV it’s hard to beat out an Avenger when movie characters were part of the category.

  3. Ten Bears:
    Blah. Tony Stark beat Arya Stark for “Best Hero.”
    I demand a recount! Or a trial by combat!

    ASNAWP don’t need no iron suit or jet pack.

    Absolutely Ten Bears! ASNAWP will always be my BestHero 💪🏻

  4. Tony Stark has nothing on Arya Stark! Nothing!
    (Disclaimer: I have not seen Avengers Endgame.)


  5. Totally deserved. Even with their flaws of season 8, it was still the best of the year. Can’t wait for the Emmy’s and Golden Globes

  6. Not sure I understand how the eligibility works here, given the show aired in 2019 but 2019 isn’t even halfway over, so is this a win for 2018 even though the show didn’t air in 2018? In any case, congrats, though either Fleabag or Barry is the best show of the year so far (but possibly comedies so maybe not the same category depending on how this award works).

  7. viki,

    Oh wow, thanks for posting. I knew what Emilia’s and Kit’s last scenes they filmed were, but I was curious about Maisie’s. Now we know. And.. she lied — I thought in previous interviews she said she didn’t cry on her last day. 🙂

    Anyway, that was lovely. I hope we get the full thing either on the Blu ray or later on the YouTube channel.

  8. Wait, they gave a black man an award before the ceremony? I see Hollywood still has a long way to go.

  9. Netheb:
    It’s a shame Lena or Sophie’s great work has never been rewarded.

    Lena had several Emmy nominations. I really thought Sophe might get one in Season 6 (IMO her strongest) but Maisie got one instead. This year Lena and Maisie are almost shoo-ins, but Sophie or Gwen might get one too.


    Thanks for sharing that. It’s very affecting. The ladies were teary and Kit choked up. WRT her last filmed scene, Maisie posted those bloody trainers, and in an interview she said Arya was, as always, bloody alone. Does Maisie pun?

  10. Stark Raven’ Rad,

    My questions are:
    1. In what scene wouid her sneakers (“trainers” in UK) have gotten blood spattered?
    2. Can you imagine how much $$$ those sneakers wouid fetch in a charity auction?

  11. Ten Bears,

    Thanks, TB…I really needed a larf (having bloody computer issues!), Since her farewell costume is from when she fled through the firestorm, maybe she was running, falling, etc., which is easier in trainers. There are many scenes that did not show her feet. I’d bid for them! BTW, did you notice that in the final edit, Arya actually is the #LastWomanStanding? Of main characters, only Jon appears afterwards.

  12. Stark Raven' Rad,

    Ah, no, I did not notice that in the final edit Arya was actually “the last woman standing.”

    I was probably too hyped up wondering “Ooh! Ooh! I want a model of Arya’s direwolf ship for my book shelf!”

  13. Red Nightmare:
    What a joke.Season 8 sucked.This “award” is worthless.

    Not that many people other than disappointed juvenile fans think it totally sucked. It is an award given for excellence and television, and although no doubt some of the choices are not very impressive, that is true of all awards. It is very sought after and very prestigious in this industry. And as far as worthless is concerned, at least the actors get $75,000 for a nomination and $150,000 for a win. Lucky Peter Dinklage had three wins… And several others have had nominations, like Lena, Kit, Emilia, Maisie And more.

  14. Stark Raven’ Rad: Not that many people other than disappointed juvenile fans think it totally sucked.

    Not that many? You mean 1.6 MILLION people who signed a petition to literally remake this season for example?

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