Game of Thrones Can’t Be Stopped: Season 7 Continues its Best-of List Domination!

Nathalie Emmanuel as Missandei. Photo: HBO
Nathalie Emmanuel as Missandei. Photo: HBO

Last week, I shared with you all the best-of lists on which Game of Thrones season 7 showed face. Turns out I pulled the trigger on that too early, as more and more lists are turning up on which – you guessed it – GoT is featured. Whether it was a list of TV’s best quotes of 2017,  TV’s most impactful deaths of 2017, a list of landmark TV visuals of 2017, or simply another list of best overall shows of 2017, GoT continues to reign supreme in all corners of the TV landscape.

Variety put together a list of TV’s most meaningful deaths of 2017. While season 7 had its fair share of character deaths (admittedly fewer than seasons past), they highlight Olenna Tyrell, Littlefinger, and Viserion as the characters whose deaths affected the story the most. Hard to disagree with this list.

The NYTimes compiled a list of fake news 2017’s most memorable TV episodes, and they included 704’s The Spoils of War among the contenders. Meanwhile, Entertainment Weekly decided that no list of ‘Shocking TV Moments’ would be complete without Wight Viserion making his debut.

TVLine compiled 65 quotes they felt stood above the rest of 2017 TV, and Game of Thrones takes spot 46 and 47, courtesy of Sansa Stark and Olenna Tyrell with Sansa’s in reference to Littlefinger’s sentencing, and Olenna’s being her final words for Cersei.

Alan Sepinwall decided to add a new list to his yearly roundup, and compiled 15 indelible images he saw on TV this year. Though he is not always positive in his reviews of GoT, even he could not leave The Loot Train Battle off his list of impressive visuals. Sidenote – take a look at that image of The Leftovers that Sepinwall rightly highlighted. Wipe the dust off your HBO GO account that you haven’t used since August 27th and watch The Leftovers, while you’ve got some downtime between GoT seasons. You won’t regret it.

Additionally, Game of Thrones has popped up on a few more overall lists. Fortunately, Uproxx has critics other than just Sepinwall, so GoT has placed 9th on their poll. The Daily Beast included GoT as the fourteenth best show of the year. Three NPR critics joined forces to etch out a non-ranked top 26, where GoT secured a spot. Tim Goodman of The Hollywood Reporter debuted his whopping 46 greatest TV shows of 2017, and thankfully GoT came in towards the top of the pack in the 8th place slot. Finally, Tim Surette of TV Guide sums it up best. There’s just too much good TV out there; how can we truly rank them?

If we see any more lists pop up, I’ll be seeing you all again very soon…



  1. Please tell me that you calling it “The Loon Train Battle,” was no mistake. And if it was, shhh…just own it. It’s funny!

  2. Wow, I enjoyed that Sepinwall compilation. Great year of TV, especially The Leftovers, Better Call Saul, Mr. Robot, Twin Peaks and GoT.

  3. Agro:
    I see The Leftovers being mentioned, I’m instantly happy.

    Hodors Bastard:
    Wow, I enjoyed that Sepinwall compilation.Great year of TV, especially The Leftovers, Better Call Saul, Mr. Robot, Twin Peaks and GoT.

    Me too, it’s such un underrated show, we can assume that new show will take over the format of Leftovers but do a lesser job, and I’m glad HBO didn’t intervene with Leftovers like ABC did with Lost. I’m glad it was the nr 1 with hoolywoodreporter and uproxx, and 3th with the daily best. I still get goosbumbs thinking about episode 3×02 3×04 3×06 and the final. It’s a shame with the Leftovers that season 1 is so extreme depressing that people tend to stop, and they miss out on the next 2 seasons that are master pieces.

    And of Course Mr. Robot, first 2 were great, I’m only waiting with the third season because I watch it with my partner, but it feels great too see it in many lists, now I know it will be great as always.

    BcS season 3 was also amazing, shame we have to wait till at least september 2018 for the next season.

    And don’t forget Fargo season 3 it was a masterpiece.

    Even if GoT had a lesser season, it’s made clear it’s still one of the best. That can only mean one thing, and that the past season were even better.

    And now you can just agree with me and bend the knee or die *dracarys* (just kidding)

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