Game of Owns: The Pirate Clove


Episode 241 – The Pirate Clove
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Salladhor Saan proposes a new life for an old friend, who is hell-bent with a dirk in hand. Smoke rises from the mount of Dragonstone, the Onion Knight has returned.

Discussion Topics
It’s a big world
Words of the fool
Exploring the dirk
Fraud or not
The sprinting Storm
Owns of the Chapter


  1. Excellent Shadynasty name-drop Kate! Now I want to watch that episode again and get my Lance Reddick fix.

  2. I think Patchface was definitely foreshadowing the Red Wedding, as in the book Catelyn kills Jinglebell, the fool of House Frey before she is killed. So “fools blood” refers to this, “Kings blood” refers to Robb, “blood on a maiden’s thigh” refers to Roslyn and Edmure and several of the other guests were then taken prisoner.

  3. I loved it when Kate likened Melisandre to “an evil, weird, fiery Batman”. That was just perfect … and quite an astute observation, I must say. Kudos, Kate!

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