Emilia Clarke confirms the Jon Snow show – and whether she’d appear on a GoT spinoff


Emilia Clarke chatted with BBC News recently, ahead of her stage appearance in the Anton Chekhov classic “The Seagull.” In the interview, she discusses her new work, representation in acting, her previous stage outing (that notorious bomb Broadway revival of “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”), and most interestingly, the Jon Snow sequel spinoff that has everyone wilding out this week. And she is surprisingly forthcoming!

Clarke appears to confirm reports of the new spinoff in development, telling BBC, “He has told me about it. And I know it exists. It’s happening.”

She further explains, “It’s been created by Kit as far as I can understand, so he’s in it from the ground up. So what you will be watching, hopefully, if it happens, is certified by Kit Harington.”

Well, that is reassuring! Thank you, Emilia.

When asked if she would she ever consider appearing in a Game of Thrones spin-off, Clarke states, “No, I think I’m done.”

There go our elaborate fantasies of Dany flashbacks! (Just kidding. We don’t give up that easily.)

Sue the Fury
Susan Miller, Editor in Chief of WatchersOnTheWall.com


  1. Well, I wish Kit well in this – it really does seem like something he wants as opposed to something he was convinced to do…neat!

    Emilia is one of those people who lights up a room. I wish I had 1/1000th of her spark. 😊

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  2. I’m surprised it was Kit’s idea! Really thought he wouldn’t want to play someone like Jon anymore because of typecasting.
    I loved Jon Snow, he was one of my favourite actors in GOT, but I’m not sure there is enough interesting storyline for him unless the white walkers somehow return or he visits and/or gets visited by his friends and relatives.

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  3. This is good to hear.

    So this wasn’t HBO’s idea to make haters happy. Also he liked the ending so he will just build on that.

    And also since he is good friend with D&D maybe they will be involved somehow

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  4. Wondering if she had already said too much, she said she thinks she’s done. If one dares to read between the lines, then she is not completely dismissing the idea. I think a lot of fans would be happy if they brought her back but we shall see.

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  5. It would be so pointless to bring her back for a flashback.

    We’ve already had 8 years of her character. Her arc is complete now. Let it go. Move on.

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  6. I think a show about Jon Snow dealing with his heritage, his siblings/cousins, and his likely fame from being who he is and wanting to be north of The Wall could be interesting. And maybe he falls in love & has children & has to watch them deal with his decisions as well.

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  7. Ok, intriguing. It was Kit’s idea.

    So, following the ending of GOT Kit went through some turmoil. A factor in that turmoil was all the hate directed at the final season of GOT. We know that he loved the show, and the hate was probably difficult for him to process.

    So I am imagining him having several discussions with various people about how things went down, the ending, and where Jon goes and what he does from there. And tied into that is a deep feeling of connection to Jon as a character – Kit was going through turmoil, but so, most certainly, was Jon who just dishonourably murdered his lover and aunt for the greater good.

    So Kit was processing, and while processing he talked to Rose, and GRRM, and John Bradley, and D & D… lots of friends connected to the show in a casual way at first about what actually happens after all that.

    The Night King is dead, but Drogon is not. The Night King rose up because…… ? We still don’t know why. Which means that Jon and the Night’s Watch and the wildlings and the new Kingdom of the North don’t know why either, and that is a big problem. I mean, do they need to rebuild that wall or not? How?

    This is not about Bran or the six kingdoms to the South, or Dany or anything else. It is about the future of humanity and if the threat is ever going to come back.

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  8. GeekFurious,

    Jon’s ending was very open ended to me so there are many avenues to be explored. EC might be done but flashbacks could used as Jon sorts out what has happened and who he actually is.

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  9. Jon Snow was probably my favorite character. I enjoyed him in GoT, but that time has come and gone. It’s over now. We already know what he thinks about the events that transpired in season 8. We know he doesn’t want to rule. We know what he thinks of his heritage. This is all ground that has been covered. I don’t want him coming back just for the member berries and rehashing old shit. That’s what re-runs and re-watches are for.

    I do think it’s POSSIBLE to have a successful show featuring Jon Snow. However, there needs to be a legitimately compelling story for Jon Snow to come back. The new show will not be successful if it’s nothing more than Jon Snow brooding over what took place in season 8 or covering ground that has already been covered, or retconning stuff that already happened.

    We can’t have him just puttering around up North either, watching him take dumps, choose toothpastes at the grocery store, etc…or can we?

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  10. I don’t know. I think some reflection and flashbacks would be appropriate because so many of these events have shaped who Jon is now. They certainly don’t need to comprise a large (or even moderate) part of the show but I think they do play an important part in his current characterization. Two loves have now died in Jon’s arms and one by his own hand, he has died himself, he has been betrayed, he has betrayed, he has learned the truth about his parentage and how most of what he knew about himself has been false, he came to realize he wants no leadership position, and with all of that… I think being north of the Wall is a mercy for him — but I think there would be a lot of pain for him to deal with too as he moves forward, pain that will be by his side and perhaps inform his decisions.

    But yeah, I do think there is some story there if this series does move forward. There is a lot of mystery when it comes to the magic in the northern part of the continent with the weirwood especially and quite a few unanswered questions there. Personally, I think I’d want something more than Jon falling in love again and having babies because that kind of storyline has never interested me — but that’s just me 🙂 I think I’d want more uncovering some of the mysteries behind the magic in this region. I don’t know! I’m pretty dubious about this spin-off to be completely honest but I’ve seen some good ideas bandied about here 🙂

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  11. Mr Derp:
    We can’t have him just puttering around up North either, watching him take dumps, choose toothpastes at the grocery store, etc…or can we?

    yes we can!

    You seem to think the far North is boring post- thrones. But it is going to be very complicated and busy. First of all, we know how the Night King was made, but that was thousands of years before. Why did the Night King rise up in the new era and suddenly become such a huge threat? Yes, he is gone, but what is to stop it happening again if they don’t understand it? The Night’s Watch needs to know if they must rebuild the Wall or tear it down, and how.

    Either way, the Wall is political. Most wildlings hate it. And post-thrones, the politics of the newly settled wildlings in the Gift, the ones who go back beyond the Wall, and the relationship of each group to the Wall is potentially really interesting stuff.

    Beyond that, there is going to be the need for a deep dive into history to answer the question of rebuild or not, which means this show is also a second stab using a different method at covering The Long Night cancelled prequel events.

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  12. awol,

    “…First of all, we know how the Night King was made, but that was thousands of years before. Why did the Night King rise up in the new era and suddenly become such a huge threat? Yes, he is gone, but what is to stop it happening again if they don’t understand it? The Night’s Watch needs to know if they must rebuild the Wall or tear it down, and how.”
    Tinfoil Alert ⚠️ 🤖
    (1) Why did NK rise up and become a threat after thousands of years?
    A? If we accept as canon the S6e5 reveal that out of desperation, the CotF created the WWs, a race of super soldiers, as WMDs to stave off decimation by the First Men, that means: (a) the WWs were not some pre-existing indigenous species that emerged to threaten the warring adversaries; (b) the feel good story that the CotF and First Men “fought together” to “defeat their common enemy” is hogwash; (c) the WWs followed their marching orders from the CotF – until their creators betrayed them and sought to exterminate them; (d) contrary to propaganda that became legends, the WWs were the victims, not the villains.
    From all indications in Seasons 1-6 (before the show dropped the mysteries of the WWs backstory and how the first Long Night ended, in favor of the cliched sci-fi trope that destroying the alien leader instantly deactivates all of his drones), it’s quite likely that (1) an armistice was reached by the CotF and Mankind to end their hostilities; (2) as with modern wars, an integral part of the negotiated armistice was an agreement for the mutual decommissioning of existing WMDs + an anti-proliferation pact to prevent future arms buildups; (3) and that meant that the First Men and CofF turned the confined area bounded by the Wall to the south and the COTF’s cave to the north, into a killing field to exterminate the WW; (4) that’s why there were strategically placed dragonglass caches for the NW, and vague references in ancient scrolls at CB alluding to the CotF using DG for “hunting.” They were both hunting down WWs like fish in a barrel.

    …. Wait. I’m not done. 😵‍💫 To be cont…

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