Congratulations to the Winners of the Dark Horse Gift Giveaway!

DH-Dark_Horse_Comics_logoWe hope that all our readers enjoyed our week-long giveaway at Watchers on the Wall, celebrating the Great Houses of Westeros and beyond. We’ve now reached the conclusion of the Dark Horse Game of Thrones Gift Giveaway, with more than a hundred prizes awarded over the span of a week. Dozens of winners have been chosen randomly to win officially licensed Game of Thrones products, thanks to the generosity of Dark Horse Comics.

The giveaway was fun for the Watchers on the Wall team, and we’re tremendously grateful for the enthusiasm of our readers.

The winners of the daily giveaways are as follows:

Day 1: House Targaryen

Fire and Blood Grand Prize Winner package: Belle
2nd place Winners: Nipplesonabreastplate, Alan
3rd place Winners: Randa Noyce, the referee, Zach Rudolph
4th place Winners: Carl, Jessica, Angela Yen, Louis

Day 2: House Stark

Winterfell Grand Prize Winner package: Sharon
2nd place Winners: Flora Linden, silent sister
3rd place Winners: The Right Hand of Tyr, mariamb, MoF
4th place Winners: Amplifyme,Darjan, Fat ‘n’ Balda, Kim

Day 3: House Lannister

Casterly Rock Grand Prize Winner package: Whitefyre
2nd place Winners: ShadowStalker, Kam
3rd place Winners: Aimee Storm, Gwenivere, Hodor’s Bastard
4th place Winners: Brien Noonan, Jon, Lauren, Heather Konish

Day 4: Daenerys Targaryen

Mother of Dragons Grand Prize Package: Meghan
2nd Place Winner: Aegon the Cat
3rd Place Winner: Rachel
4th place Winners: Morgan, Brian Stark, Chloe

Day 5: Grand Finale, Great Houses of Westeros

Dark Horse Grand Finale Prize Winner of the Tyrion in Battle Statue: Canis Dirus

Jon Snow’s Package: Dovaogēdys
Beyond the Wall Package: K26dp

House Greyjoy Package, 4 winners: A. Stark, Alex, Paaaat, thornofhighgarden
House Tyrell package, 4 winners: Queen of the North, Dragons125, Rachel, RealPowerTwix
House Baratheon package, 4 winners: Christina H, Casso, Manderly Pies, Alvin Ashcraft

Game of Thrones shot glass set, 3 winners: Renly’s Peach, Daniel Carragher, Alikat
Great Houses mini-pack sets, 2 winners: Darkstar, Marie

8 readers win the Round House Sigil Magnets 4-piece set: Maester of Ceremonies, Queenofthrones, brandone Jackson, Hexonx, Kit, Alayna, Aerynsunx, Nick Hartley
8 readers win the large House Sigil Magnet 7-piece set: Turncloak, Lady Mychelle, Laura, Francis Casanova, Amplifyme, John Habel, Tyrion Pimpslap, Trix

Winners were privately notified via email, and accepted within 48 hours of contact.

Please join me in giving a huge thanks to Dark Horse for making the giveaway happen. I would say send them your regards, but well…you know. You can shoot them a thanks on Twitter @DarkHorseComics.

If you haven’t seen their Game of Thrones merchandise before now, head on over to and browse around. Or better yet, check out Shylah and Blaqfyre’s review and photos of the newest Dark Horse merch from this year’s New York Comic Con.

Thanks again to everyone who participated and made the week a success!

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    1. I didn’t win anything… only now do I realize I should have taken the job at the other site when it was offered… only now.

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    2. Since I won the revered House Lannister mug, it must be a sign from the gods. I will continue to smash beetles and finally accept the valonqar prophecy.

      “Un”-Orson FTW!

      (Thanks to WotW for this unexpected surprise!)

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    3. After a rather very very very stressful week, one thing being the motor in my car blew up…. Winning the Winterfell Grand prize put some pep in my step and I’ve been so truly grateful and surprised!! Thank you so much!!

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    4. Happy Christmas Everyone!

      Thank you again to Sue and the all of the WOTW crew. I can’t wait to get my package. Many thanks to Dark Horse as well.

      WOTW, you have had an amazing year and I am very thankful for all of the hard work you put in to get this site up and running. I hope you all get a little something special from the GOT elves.

      Good cheer, people!

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    5. Thanks to WOTW and Dark Horse for the awesome gifts!! As I told Sue when she emailed me, I never win anything. For my name to be drawn for both a Stark sigil patch and the sigil magnet set was totally unexpected. Merry Christmas to me!

      Thanks again, y’all are the best! 🙂

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    6. What is dead may never die! 😉 Thank you so much, Dark Horse and WotW, this made my day. I so appreciate all the work you’ve put in to do cool things like this for us. Ty again!!

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    7. Thank you Dark Horse and WOTW! I almost forgot to check my email in time. Lucky for me I saw a tweet reminding me about the contest. Sorry to the person who doesn’t have a Westerosi sigil magnet set now because I replied just in time. Better luck next time.

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    8. Congrats to all the winners! I saw many familiar names and some relatively new ones. Great job this very tough year, WotW folks! Looking forward to all of the wonderful stuff to come in the new year, especially Oz’s posts and the twitter highlights. Cheers everyone!

      WoW in 2015!!

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    9. Turncloak,

      – Cersei probably getting the word about Tywin, Shae and Tyrion (and Varys)
      – The Chekhov kid is still part of the NW
      – Tyrion getting off the ship in Pentos
      – Arya walking up to the HoB&W

      1st episode stuff, I believe.

      Ashara D,
      WoW in 2015!!

      Let it be!……………………(please)

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    10. Thank you so much Dark Horse and WoTW for the fun giveaway, such a nice surprise to win something. And congratulations to the winners, especially for the grand prizes! Happy Holidays to you all!


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    11. ser zigzag,

      Regarding the GOO giveaway, I only got my prizes in the mail yesterday. It was delivered by the USPS, not FedEx or UPS. Sometimes things sent through the regular postal mail can take quite a while to get there, especially if it’s not a letter or magazine.

      It’s possible you could get your prize later this week.

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