Brush-up for the finale with Dame Pasty’s Recap and Review of “Dance of Dragons”


What a crazy episode and a crazy week!  This one is a little shorter than usual because life decided to implode on me every time I tried to make the video.  There are still spoilers at the end and my usual smartass jokes.  Join me, Dame Pasty, in reviewing the next to last episode for Season 9.

Video after the jump.

As always, feedback and your thoughts are greatly appreciated!

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  1. I enjoyed that. I completely agree with you saying (eloquently!) that the WWs and Melissandre are both extreme (and opposite) cases of evil. They don’t want to preserve or celebrate life, but their final goal is simply to defeat their enemy.

  2. Re: Who gets toasted next? Random Harpy #27 or Daario. I have feeling they spent their dragon budget (except for catching up with Dany next episode) and we won’t see the other two this season.

    I would love Show Tyrion to get to rhapsodize about dragons, drawing on his knowledge of reading about them when he was a child. Daario seems to be fixated on them too, or at least his girlfriend’s power as an extension of them.

  3. To the mods question. Sky Australia just posted the “previously on” of game of thrones for 5.10 and it contains the mother of spoilers, probably the biggest spoiler this show has ever had.

    Are we allowed to discuss it or not?

    For those who want to know it… a lot of Benjen Stark footage
  4. Ĥỡýţì Vỏñ Ţơťíỵ: But if leeches worked so well they “killed” 3 kings why not just leech Shireen no need to burn her.

    False equivalency: who says that killing three people requires anywhere near the magic of stopping blizzards?

    In the books, it took actual

    burning of people for Melisandre to create favorable winds to send the ships to the Wall. That suggests that weather magic is very powerful and thus requires a big sacrifice.
  5. Dame Patsy: once again, strong stuff. I wish that I had found your summaries earlier!

    However, I think that maybe we should hope that it is Tyrion:

    maybe, just maybe, Tyrion will somehow, somewhy bond with a dragon and actually fly on out of there? Didn’t GRRM say that Tyrion would fly on a dragon one day? I know that does not mean that he has to tame a dragon – he could be the “passenger” with Daeny or someone else as pilot – but maybe Tyrion is the pilot, and maybe Sunday is it.

    Regarding Arya, I would think that

    Sunday will give us the equivalent of the Mercy chapter. I doubt that she will be made blind: that would be going backwards in her plotline. However, as for her return to Westeros: what of the possibility that Arya returns in Daeny’s retinue? If so, then Arya does need to be in Essos until Daeny arrives in the Bravos vicinity (or wherever Arya is at that point).

    That is, of course, highly, highly speculative! (I will be very surprised if it happens: but not 100% surprised, just 99% surprised, if that makes sense.)

  6. There’s a huge possible spoiler in the episode 10 previously on. No it’s not


    . It’s a thousand times better. 🙂

  7. Wimsey,

    I don’t think Arya going blind would be backwards in her timeline. Jaqen’s knowing look is all the setup that needs, and it would be a good cliffhanger to end on. Next season she’ll get a stern talking to and a mission. If she leaves the FM for good for killing Trant then you’re right.


    That is some high-grade quality spoiler. We are well and past the books.

  8. Turncloak,

    It fucking is. It REALLY is better. If this means what I think it means, I’m really shocked they’re going there before the books… Honestly, I thought this was a minor lost thread that neither the show nor the books would ever go back to, despite the crazy theories. Guess I’m wrong!

  9. Simeon,

    IMDB is not reliable so I never put stock into that. But the previously on’s are basically GOT’s way of hand holding the Unsullied watchers so i am super pumped!!!

  10. My hype is leaving me dead and flailing on the floor

    Waiting patiently for Lena’s Emmy acceptance if this goes down as it should!

  11. Why the fuck is Sky Australia releasing shit a day early?

    Also, do people never check the post they just made? Although I’m sure it wasn’t intentional, Turncloak fucked up the spoiler coding, so I’ve basically figured it out.


    Edit: Ok, it looks like someone fixed to spoiler coding in Turncloak’s post, but now Grand maester giz is just posting about it out in the open???

    Fuck this.

  12. Nymeria Warrior Queen,

    Lies my spoiler coding has been flawless. Sometimes I accidently put an S in front of “spoiler” but I’m quick to correct it. It was much easier when we just had to do bold coding for spoilers though

  13. I just realized there are mirrored images in other Previous On segments as well. How strange.

    Maybe it’s legit, maybe it’s not. My question is


  14. We probably shouldn’t be talking about this. I think it technically counts as leaked material and Sue told people not to post or talk about this stuff.

  15. Grand maester giz:
    The websites pretty good on correction it if you forget to add tags

    Give me a break. You’ve already said you use a cracked phone and can’t do spoiler tags. So, what, you just openly post spoilers and figure…no biggie, someone will come along and cover it for me eventually, and in the interim, if a bunch of people get spoiled, oh well???


    Sorry for having a meltdown on your brush-up thread, Dame Pasty.

  16. zod,

    You’re right. I thought the recap might be fake though so I din’t think to put it in spoiler tags. My apologies.

    On the other hand… can it really be considered a spoiler? It’s the first thing we’ll see tomorrow night when the episode begins.

  17. I think there’s more hate aimed at Stannis than Mel because even though Mel is awful, this is nothing new for her. People hate her for what she did to Shireen, but she was already one of the more hated characters on the show.

    For Stannis, the crime is worse because it’s his daughter who is dying. Reminds me of what he said to Mel after she tries to comfort him over his killing Renly: “WE killed him.” “He wasn’t your brother.”

    And Stannis took all the hope and expectations people had for him and crushed it into a million pieces…where as Mel had no hope to crush

  18. Wimsey,

    To reach west, you must go east.

    I always took that literally and thought Dany would reach Westeros by going the other way ’round the world. (I used to think that either Essos or Southros eventually connected with the Lands of Always Winter, and she’d march her army across these lands, hence coming to the Wall before Westeros, but now I think that would be completely impossible given that winter is upon us – and it may never have been possible.) You think she’ll go west?

  19. Robb Snow: On the other hand… can it really be considered a spoiler? It’s the first thing we’ll see tomorrow night when the episode begins.

    Well that’s the reason why I decided to watch it, but some people try to avoid the “previously on” because they’re often way too obvious about what’s going to happen in the episode.

  20. To everyone, do NOT post that video here or link to it. I believe you can talk about it BUT only behind spoiler tags. I will delete anything that isn’t behind spoiler tags and will delete ALL links to that video.

    Nymeria Warrior Queen,
    You’re fine. I’m sorry I didn’t get in here quicker. I’ll try to keep a better eye on things.

  21. Ginevra,

    Yeah, I think that Daeny will be rounding up the troops and heading home. Let’s see how many troops she has lined up in 30 hours!

    Grand maester giz: Anybody have a clue a theory anything

    Daario is going to wash off the makeup and remove a couple of old-school prothestics, shake his head, and “!Lo!”: He’s Benjen!

    Tyrion will then turn to Jorah with a knowing smile, and Jorah will sigh, hand over a fiver, and say: “OK, so he isn’t Euron….”

    Missandei will turn and say: “Of course not, you idiot: Euron is hiding out as the head of some Andal religion in Westeros.” Tyrion will smile again, hold out his hand, and Jorah will reach for another fiver.

  22. I had selected to show all spoilers because I thought we were going to discuss Dame Pasty’s book spoiler stuff, but I had no idea I would encounter a huge show spoiler. As much as I respect those in this thread who’ve posted the spoilers and as awesome as these spoilers are, I would love to see all of the show spoiler comments deleted – or at least a certain name within those comments deleted. Spoiler code is meant for knowledge from previously and officially released materials, not from illegally shared materials.

  23. Ginevra,

    I’m so sorry…I can’t keep up with the spoilery comments. Trying to figure out how to deal with it because we’re not going to be able to stop people from discussing it.

  24. All, we will have a post under which you can discuss the leaks in a minute or two. Please refrain from talking about it here because you are spoiling people who only wanted to discuss the non-bookreader spoilers from my video.

  25. Dame Pasty,

    What is there was a post just for spoilers? That way, anyone who wanted to be spoiled could be, and anyone who wanted to share spoilery stuff could share? Of course, that may be against the site’s stance on spoilers, and it might not work. Thank you for your efforts thus far.

    Edit: Brilliant!!! Thank you.

  26. There, I mean. Not here.

    We will begin obliterating spoilery stuff in this thread beginning immediately.

    Fly, you fools!

  27. Dame Pasty,

    I appreciate the sentiment, Dame Pasty, but there’s no need for you to apologize. I’m a mod over on another site (not GoT-related), and I know it is impossible to keep up with all things at all times, no matter how hard one may try. The mods on this site are so great about trying to protect people. Thanks!

  28. Hodor Targaryen:

    For Stannis, the crime is worse because it’s his daughter who is dying. Reminds me of what he said to Mel after she tries to comfort him over his killing Renly: “WE killed him.” “He wasn’t your brother.”

    From an ethical point of view, Stannis being willing to sacrifice his own daughter rather than someone else’s is a good thing, not a bad thing. Few people can maintain such a high standard of moral objectivism.

  29. In regards to Dame Pasty’s spoilers at the end of the video:

    1. I don’t know how the face-changing works, but I suspect that it is extremely difficult and requires some sort of magic or else anyone could be a Faceless Man. With that in mind, I don’t think it is possible for Arya to steal a face (could be wrong). I do think that her pursuit of Meryn Trant will be discovered and will get her expelled from Assassin Uni.

    2. I think we’ve already seen the attempt on Myrcella, and we are done with that part. Show!Myrcella makes it out unscathed. Ellaria isn’t stupid enough to risk Doran killing her. I also think that the Doran spiel regarding his alliance with the Targaryens is yet to come, in Episode 10. The interview quote from that one Sand Snake actress saying that what happens with the Sand Snakes in Episode 10 is “very extreme,” I think she meant what happens with Dorne in general, not the Sand Snakes, and I think she was referring to Doran’s revelation about the long game he’s been playing.

    3. I’m with you on Mel being wrong – great Aemon quote. I’d love to see her burned at the stake. As for Davos, one poster suggested he might take the black, and I love that idea. I’m not convinced he’ll leave Stannis, though. Stannis did many things nearly as horrific in the books, and Davos stayed.

    4. I’m sure that the mirrored shield story serves a purpose. Could the burning simply be foreshadowing Shireen’s burning, making it especially poignant that she’s discussing “burned to a crisp” with the man who was about to burn her to a crisp? I also felt that the knight was arrogant and foolish, thinking he could so easily outwit a dragon, and I’m wondering if there isn’t a parallel that could be drawn between this knight and Stannis.

  30. Wimsey,

    Oh I do like that!

    Wow, I go to the gym for a few and all hell breaks loose. Ok, off I go…(Thanks Patsy and Axe for your work! )

  31. ash,

    The part where I was serious or the part where I wasn’t? (It’s the non-serious stuff I write that tends to get the most approval!)

  32. Wimsey:
    Chad Brick,

    Let’s not confuse morals and ethics!Those are two very different beasts.

    I’m not. The minor distinction between the two that people sometime make is irrelevant to my argument, unless you think people in general agree that nepotism and otherwise favorably treating in-groups is ethical. You can complain about Stannis all you want, but his willingness to hold his own family members to the same rules as everyone else is a positive, not a negative. It may go against your “gut reaction” but that only goes to show how deeply entrenched our favor for in-groups actually is.

  33. Kay: I enjoyed that. I completely agree with you saying (eloquently!) that the WWs and Melissandre are both extreme (and opposite) cases of evil.

    I have to disagree. I dont’ think that either R’Hllor or the White Walkers are “evil.” I think that they represent things that are opposed to each other (for reasons possibly unfathomable to humans). We are collateral damage in the same way that plants and animals caught in human wars are collateral damage.

    The question is, which (if either) is worse for humans? Can either be used against the other without just making things worse for humans?

  34. Wimsey: I have to disagree. I dont’ think that either R’Hllor or the White Walkers are “evil.”

    I get your point. Yes, the word “evil” I used was the wrong word. In fact, my take from the story so far is sort of along your lines to a degree. Life – human, animals, plants, microbes, can’t exist at extremes of cold or heat. In the vastness of space, mostly there is no sun to provide energy to sustain life. But life can’t exist on the sun itself! So what is required is balance in all things, and balance between ice and fire and cold and heat. (No wonder earth is the only one in our SS where life flourishes). Song of ice and fire. Amongst humans, balance is also needed, between male and female, and among all peoples, rich and poor. That’s where this is going, I believe. So the WWs are not “evil”, they simply are an extreme, where life can’t exist, but has to be co-opted like the baby turning into a WW. Melissandre’s POV is destruction of WWs, which would be the other extreme, where life also wouldn’t exist.

    EDIT: In Martin’s world, I believe fire = female = sun (Maiden Made of Light) while ice = male (Lion of Night).

  35. Kay,

    In some ways, it might make the point that “I don’t care” is worse than “I hate you.” “I want to ruin your lives” has a directed purpose and should lead to particular tactics: indifference is directed at something else and much harder to guard against because the blows aren’t aimed at you. That’s particularly the case when you don’t understand the two opposing sides: how do you defend against collateral damage when you don’t know how A and B are going to attack each other?

    Of course, it could all be just because both the Night King and R’Hllor really want Jon Snow’s hair, too.

  36. Been watching the HBO marathon all morning; really the only way to approaching watching this evening! Even the Sand Snakes aren’t as bad as they were; well, maybe. anyway Im enjoying the hell out of it all!

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