The Black Queen: A House of the Dragon Twitter Recap

Black Queen Arrax Lucerys Storms End

So with “The Black Queen,” we’ve reached the final episode of the first season of House of the Dragon, and with it, the concluding Twitter Recap. But! There’s hope on the horizon. In a mere two years, there’s more to come. And if there’s anything we’re good at in this fandom, it’s waiting…and waiting…and…waiting….C’mon, y’all, after waiting a decade for TWOW, we can do a little two-year wait standing on our heads!

This week, you cried for Lucerys, screamed at Aemond, cursed out Daemon, and cheered for Queen Rhaenyra. And yes, there was a solid round of “What the fuck”s with another terrifying birth scene. As far as TV trademark scenes go, that’s an interesting choice, but I salute their boldness.

Be patient with loading times, etcetera, etcetera and so forth. Thank you all for reading and joining the live tweeting fun this season! We couldn’t do it without you. We love this fandom so much. You really are the greatest one around.

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  1. Had they given that kid 3-4 episodes, then perhaps one would have felt emotion for his death. Now it was just “Meh, a character died. Move along…”

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