Announcing the Game of Thrones Compendium


HBO has just unveiled its latest Game of Thrones project with a teasing tweet, and this is going to be a special one for fans.

According to the website, The Game of Thrones Compendium will be “the world’s first collaborative, crowd-sourced compendium,” resulting in a printed and bound edition.

And what exactly are they crowd-sourcing? The Game of Thrones Compendium is gathering the best of the fandom’s original offerings, including “artwork, photographs, crafts, music and analysis.” The compositions and creations will then be reviewed by a Council of Editors, and if accepted, may then be a part of the printed book.

This is especially exciting for us here at Watchers On The Wall as one of our own, Zack Luye of Game of Owns, is a member of the Council.

Those whose work is included in the book will receive a copy, and will be listed as an author. The website has set up an FAQ detailing the ins and outs of submitting, as certain rules do apply. Entries are being accepted through March of 2015.

Game of Thrones fans have produced top-notch fan art, music, essays and more since the inception of the show, and so The Compendium is a creative way to preserve and share those works. I look forward to seeing what our readers and Game of Thrones fans everywhere produce in the new book!

PS: Nice.

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HBO has issued this official press release regarding the Compendium:

HBO® Creates Game of Thrones®: The Compendium Online Destination Of Original Fan Creations Inspired By Hit Show
Selected Contributions To Be Curated Into A Printed Book Handpicked By Notable VIPS Including Tom Colicchio, Nina Garcia, Greg Hildebrandt, Arthur Chu and More
From paintings and posters, recipes and songs, Game of Thrones® fans have created some of the most intriguing and creative content inspired by their beloved show. To celebrate their passion, HBO is embarking on a first of its kind collaborative official compilation Game of Thrones®: The Compendium.
Through this unifying gateway, fans can contribute original Game of Thrones® themed creative content that showcases their knowledge and expertise of the series giving fans the opportunity to literally “write the book” about the world of Westeros. Artists, craftsman, musicians, foodies, writers and more will have their work displayed in a fully searchable, fluid gallery experience.
The site ( live today and fans can begin submitting their creations on December 19th through March 28, 2015. After the sixteen-week
submission period, the best of the finalist entries curated by the VIP Council of Editors will be edited for inclusion in a printed compendium scheduled to be available in December of 2015.
Game of Thrones®: The Compendium is an exciting destination for fans, giving them a central location to see the latest fan created content. The site will feature six artistic categories– art, music, costume, food, craft and analysis– where followers can create and
upload their pieces or simply browse the galleries to view what others have produced.
Additionally, each piece that is submitted to the site will be reviewed by the Council of Editors. The Council will help curate selections for inclusion in the printed compendium.
The Council consists of eight luminaries across various fields such as art, fashion, food and journalism, which are all most important, also fans of Game of Thrones®.
The Council Consists of:
Gerald Brom, renowned writer and illustrator of Brom Art
Arthur Chu, culture blogger, The Daily Beast
Tom Colicchio, celebrity chef and judge of Bravo’s Top Chef
Nina Garcia, creative director of Marie Claire magazine and judge on Lifetime’s Project Runway
Kevin Hatch, writer and moderator, Reddit r/gameofthrones
Greg Hildebrandt, famous fantasy and science fiction artist;
Laura Hudson, entertainment and culture writer for Wired and others
Zack Luye, author at Game of Thrones fan site
Sue the Fury
Susan Miller, Editor in Chief of


  1. Congrats Zack!

    I’m still waiting for the next #TheSight video HBO, the Year Ender video with some S5 footage would also do. Thank you!

  2. Nice photo, though you look like you walked off the set of “Justified” to get to do this. 😉


  3. How is Sue not on the council? A TRAVESTY! That’s cool though this sounds awesome

    edit: and congrats Zack

  4. What the hell?!? I can’t participate in this, just because I live in Europe? Is there any reason why that’s not possible? I would love to submit some artwork…

  5. Very exciting. I wil definitely try to contribute something towards this.

    Congrats Zach (Please accept my entry).

  6. Look, I’m happy the HBO is getting the fans involved. I’m significantly less happy that this appears to be IMO, HBO making money off the artists without paying them.

    Yeah, you get a book, and I guess if that’s what you think your art is worth, than so be it.

    Call me crazy though, but I like to see people paid for their work, no matter what that work is.

  7. Call me crazy though, but I like to see people paid for their work, no matter what that work is.

    To be honest, my first thought was also “aren’t the contributors going to be *paid*?”

    I think I’ll be avoiding purchasing this if it turns out they are not paying the creators.

    Now, it would be very cool if this was just a limited edition printed only for those who contribute, but outside of that this just seems a little…greedy?

  8. Manderly Pies,

    I agree the artists should be paid. Still, their art does NOT become property of HBO, I think. The FAQ says it’s a non-exclusive right to print and sell their work. Emphasis on non-exclusive. If I am not mistaken, the authors may sell their art themselves separately. My point is, they’re not giving away their art for free —they are freely giving HBO the right to print it, which is quite different, isn’t it?


    The Terms and Conditions page clarifies this:

    You understand that no compensation will be paid to you with respect to any Submissions or HBO’s use of the Submissions and nothing obligates HBO to publish or use any Submission you provide on the Service.

    Subject to the provisions of any additional terms, by posting or uploading a Submission to this Service and/or providing any communication or material to HBO, you automatically and irrevocably […] grant and assign to HBO a royalty-free, transferable, sublicenseable, non-exclusive, unrestricted license in the Submission throughout the world in perpetuity including, without limitation, all copyright, together with all consents (if any) necessary to use, reproduce, display, perform, modify, make derivatives of, translate, reformat, distribute, publish, merchandise, and/or otherwise exploit by HBO and/or by any person authorized by HBO, by any means and in all media now known or hereafter devised, in whole or in part, without payment or other reference to you or any other person, and to advertise and promote such exploitation, for the full period of all such rights (together with any extensions and renewals)

  9. So, I was wrong:

    Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, HBO hereby grants you a non-transferable, non-exclusive and limited license to use the names, images, characters, trademarks, logos, and other indicia of the HBO series “Game of Thrones,” (collectively, “GoT Materials”) solely in connection with the creation of a Submission for the Service. You shall not make any commercial use of this license or use the GoT Materials in conjunction with any third party trademarks, logos, names or other indicia.

  10. Zack enjoys…cleaning…

    ha! love it. great pic. The only things I could contribute is a holiday card I made with someone else’s photoshopped HBO pic of The Hound and a tribute video to Black Sansa set to “100 Black Coffins”.

  11. Manderly Pies,

    Seeing how the demand for this type of work is HBO and Nobody, LLC., I don’t have a problem if HBO doesn’t compensate the contributors. It would be nice if they slipped the content providers a little something, but most fans would do it out of love and that thrill of seeing their work in something official.

    Time to dust off my SanSan.

  12. Yay Zack!

    But he certainly seems more qualified for the board than some of the others. I really like Tom Coliccio but how does being a chef make you an expert in fantasy and specifically GoT? Guess the final product will need some review before I pick up a copy.

  13. “Anyone who lives in United States of America and its territories and possessions (“U.S.”), the United Kingdom, Brazil, and Canada” … this is unfair.

  14. Cumsprite:
    Manderly Pies,

    ….Time to dust off my SanSan.

    Sometimes exposure is worth more than a few $$. This is a great opportunity for new artists to get out of the muck of deviantart or tumblr and get some relatively significant exposure. This is a cool effort and once again ASoI&F/GoT will prove to be an amazing melting pot of creative online brilliance. Can’t wait to see what comes of it.

    Also, can’t wait to see your SanSan offering. There are a few SanSan scenes that could be artistically explored further.

  15. Patchy Face,

    Tom Colicciho was the chef that HBO collaborated with to create its “Tasting Westeros” promotional campaign prior to Game of Thrones’ premiere in 2011. (I’m not really sure why that piece of information isn’t listed in his bio for the Council – it seems like it would be pertinent).

    Basically, Colicchio created a menu based on dishes from the novels, corresponding to various regions of the Seven Kingdoms, and then HBO paid for a fleet of food trucks to drive around New York City and Los Angeles for a few days so that people could try them. It was actually a really cool idea for a promotion (sadly, because I don’t live in either one of those cities, I never got to try his dishes). Nevertheless, I’d say that Tom has earned his Game of Thrones bona fides – especially when it comes to judging food (a very important part of the Westeros experience, as all of us who have read GRRM’s extensive descriptions of feasts can attest).

    Obviously, he has nothing on Zack when it comes to enthusiasm for and dedication to the series. But we here at Watchers on the Wall may have admit that we might just be the tiniest bit biased on that front. Justifiably so, of course. 🙂

  16. I intend to muscle in on this, the same way I muscled into being the new head Admin on Game of Thrones Wiki, and my muscle-for-hire side job.

    I’m in the empire business.

  17. …on second thought, I’m balking now that I read the fine print. The Wikia Staff people told me that I technically “own” things I write on the wiki, so maybe I shouldn’t rush to give away essays I’ve spent weeks writing in private.

    Why write up a photo essay on costumes for Nina Garcia to see and HBO to own….when I already “own” the costumes guide I’m writing up on the wiki?

    Unless, of course, I get certain “assurances”…. 🙂

  18. …yeah, this sounds very nice and I’ll buy it myself when it comes out, but I’m more for straight-up, hardcore academic analysis, this leans more towards artwork and stuff.

  19. OT: As was reported a few months back, HBO has a standalone service being prepped for 2015. Now it looks like they are confirming that it will be tied to the GoT S5 premiere. Another interesting thing…they are NOT using HBO GO as the service. Here’s the link.

  20. Hodor’s Bastard: Sometimes exposure is worth more than a few $$.

    Exactly. And thanks for all the updates, HB!

    Congratulations Zack! Nice opportunity!

    Patchy Face,

    They seem to have included food and fashion experts to cover those areas. I’m sure Zach is looking forward to hearing from the experts in order to judge those entries.

  21. Greg:
    How is Sue not on the council? A TRAVESTY! That’s cool though this sounds awesome

    I don’t know what TRAVESTY means in your language… but in my language, in Spanish, it means Tranny (transexual, transvestite)

    So, your comment was hilarious to me hahahaha

  22. Fedejru,

    Travesty (pronounced trávesti, not travésti) means “farsa”.

    Also, travesti in Spanish means transvestite, not transsexual. There is a difference. According to RAE, travesti means: “Persona que, por inclinación natural o como parte de un espectáculo, se viste con ropas del sexo contrario”. Transgender (an unfamiliar term to us Spaniards, to be honest) are those who do not identify with the gender they are born into. If they get a sex change (or want to), they are transsexual. By the way, I’m kinda surprised the dictionary definition of “travesti” doesn’t include a “vulgar” tag. It’s not the proper way to refer to them. It’s pretty much equivalent to “tranny”, and just as offensive.

  23. Zach is da shit. Congrats bro!
    And Sue can be on my council anytime!

    Marry: Zach
    Bang: Sue
    Kill: Kenny (after I marry and bang him)

    Formerly Rygar

  24. Lion of Night,

    The scene that they shot on Day 65 looks like it could take place in

    the House of Black and White.

    And the prisoner that they shot on Day 64 could be any number of characters, but the most likely candidate is probably

  25. Luka Nieto,

    Interesting. Could the prisoner and/or the stiff be the Hound? Has anyone seen Rory around GoT sets this year? (fingers-crossed)

    Maybe a Winterfell prisoner?

    Maybe Qyburn is experimenting on a few bodies? Or prepping a stinky Tywin?

    Jared: That is great guess for the prisoner. Hmmm.

  26. Jared,

    I don’t know how I didn’t catch that. Of course it’s gotta be her (ot at least she’s the likeliest.) For some reason I couldn’t think of any book-based imprisonments this coming season, even thought that one is obvious and and a major focus of the story. Silly me!

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