The Night’s Cast Presents: The 1st Annual Hottest D’s

Aegon II King's Landing Dragonpit Coronation HOTD 1x09 (4)

There was a lot to love about the first season of House of the Dragon and even more to hotly (heh) debate, so for a little bit of offseason fun, The Night’s Cast is bringing you the best of and not-so-best-of HOTD. It’s the first-ever Hottest D Awards!

In this special episode, Petra, Samantha and Vanessa hand out the Hottest D’s to best actor, character, location, and more — and the not-so-best-of get their own recognition in a segment that we couldn’t help but laugh at. Tune in and enjoy, and if you like, let us know your thoughts on the categories in the comments below!

The podcast is available on iTunes and SoundCloud, and you can follow us on Twitter as well. Happy listening!


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