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  1. the moment drogo attacks the lannister soldiers. what I was waiting for since s01e10 and it did not disappoint!!!

  2. Thank you for doing this giveaway!!!

    My favorite GoT moments are the ones when Daenerys is being the true queen that she is- like when her dragons were born, when she freed the slaves from Slaver’s Bay and when she sailed to Westeros. I also love her interactions with her children (the dragons) and of course, her relationship with Jon!

  3. “Ser Ilyen… Bring me his head”

    Having never read the books before, this was the moment that got me hooked. I immediately ordered all the books and started re-watching season 1 over and over, wondering what will happen next.

  4. My favorite scene is when Daeny is buying her army of Unsullied, trafikng her largest dragon, and commands it to breath fire ultimately freeing the slaves.

  5. It is hard to pick one, but i think I will stick to the birth of the 3 dragons at the end of season 1. Since it aired it was my favorite and nothing aired to this date breaks it. Some moment might almost tie, but this scene keeps the top spot for me. The whole Hardhome battle comes second. Not sure what to pick for third place.

  6. S7E4

    The loot train attack.
    For me the scene I enjoyed the most because my favorite character kicked (Dany) showed us some real devastation 🙂

  7. My favorite moment of GOT is at the end of “ The Laws of Gods and Men” when tyrion is at court . It’s one of the best scenes in the show and is one of the most intense moments

  8. The Battle of the Bastards is my favorite moment of the series. From the moment they come together on the field to John’s bravery as he takes Ramsey down! Even seeing it 3 times, I still shiver in anticipation!

  9. I didn’t commit my men to your cause because I didn’t want any manderlies dying for nothing! Jon snow avenged the red wedding! He is the white wolf . At this point capping off season 6 I knew I was in for a hell of a ride. With Jon snow being the first to unite the northmen and wildlings in over 8,000 years I knew I would have to start taxing anti depressants for the anxiety I was going to have waitin for season 7

  10. Favorite moment, Season 3, episode 2. Catelyn making that wheel of the seven when Talisa rides up and Catelyn tells her the story of when one of the boys was sick “all this horror has come to my family, because I couldn’t love a motherless child.” Bittersweet. Tragic. Beautiful.

  11. Favourite moments by far:
    S1E10 The night came alive with the music of dragons
    S6E4 Sansa and Jon reunite!!
    and of course S7E4 Loot Train Battle!!!

  12. My favorite moment was part of S7E7.
    In the dragonpit, before Dany’s arrival. Cersei glares at Brienne who in turn stares back before turning her gaze on Jamie. He looks back at her before glancing at the glaring Cersei before he decides “nope, not getting involved”

  13. When Ilyn Payne actually executes Ned Stark on S01E09. This is my favorite moment (although very heartbreaking) because from there I felt that Game of Thrones is really different from all the other shows; literally you either win or you die!

    Another is on S06E10 when Bran had that vision of Lyanna and Ned in the Tower of Joy then the scene goes right to Jon being proclaimed as the King in the North. Sends chills to me everytime!

  14. I loved Tyrion’s trial. The acting was great. It was hard to pick a favourite moment as I like a lot of scenes in this spectacular show 🙂

  15. One of my favorite moments (out of 1000) is when Drogon gets unleashed on the Lannister armies in the Spoils Of War.

  16. My favorite moment is the Purple Wedding. It was a beautiful scene with all the costumes, and we all enjoyed when Joffrey bit the dust

  17. “I will be your champion”.

    RIP Oberyn. It ended horrifically for him but that was my favourite moment. What an honourable, brave man with tons of swagger.

  18. My favourite moment of Game of thrones is when jon snow kills an white walker with his long claw after losing all hope in the battle of hardhome….and second best is when dany Targaryen comes out unburnt and all dothrakis bow down before her in the sacred city of dothrakies..

    Well there are many more..but these two were those scenes i couldn’t stop my palms from banging into each other(or simply clapping)….

  19. It’s hard to choose but one of my personal favorites is Arya confronting Jaqen after killing the waif. “A girl is Arya Stark of Winterfell, and i’m going home.”

  20. My favorite moment was when Oberyn was winning against the mountain and he was finally gonna get to avenge his sister’s death(not to mention he was also gonna win the trial for Tyrion). But just like any other beautiful, hopeful moment in Got, it was ripped away from me moments later.

  21. All time favorite moment: Season 6, Episode 2 Home: When Jon Snow gasps as he is revived by Melisandre.

    Yeah yeah, we knew it was coming, it was the worst kept secret in all of television. Whatever man, don’t care. This is where the show overtook the books, and spoiled the biggest cliffhanger of all time for GRRM.

    Despite “knowing” they basically had to bring him back to life, and “knowing” he was seen shooting the battle of the bastards, it didn’t matter. It was just a collective “YAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!” from the group of people watching.

  22. My Favorite moment in Game of Thrones was when Joffrey finally choked on his own words and died a brutal death. I hated every minute of his character. I was surprised when I heard that Mrs Tyrell did it. I wish it was Sansa Stark.

  23. My favorite GOT moments are when season 6 when it was revealed that Jon is the son of lyanna stark and he became the king of the North. My second moment was battle of the bastards when sansa and the knights of the veil came to save jon snow and help to win the battle of the bastards.

  24. My favorite moment is the scene with Jaime and Brienne on the baths of Harrenhal. Great acting from both Nikolaj and Gwendoline and such an emotional and powerful scene!

  25. Quasi-random selection, one for each season 😉

    A crown for a king
    They call him the tickler
    I will be your champion
    Olly, bring me my sword.
    We can hold them off

  26. the best scene is the beheading of Eddard Stark in Season 1. It is *the * moment that made GoT different to all other shows, made me buy and read the books, and kept me then till now on the show

  27. My favourite moment is still Jon’s “King in the North!” coronation in 6×10. I still get chills whenever I watch that.

  28. My favorite scene will be the final scene of Season 8 and I hope to see the final scene of season 8 as soon as possible!!!!!!!!!!

  29. one of my favorite moments is the scene in season 4 episode 9 during the fight of the wildlings and the night’s watch when Grenn and the others are holding the gate and the giant is running to them and they just start to repeat the night’s watch oath. The music in that scene, the colors and the voices reciting the oath, the feels, EVERYTHING make that one of my favorite scenes forever.

  30. My favorite scene will always be after the Battle of the Bastards, when Sansa lets the dogs eat Ramsey. It was so satisfying to see.

  31. The red wedding. The I lost all hope and I realized I had to start reading the books. I suffered enough I said (sweet summer child)

  32. My favorite scene is when the Hound and Arya are at tavern when they are spotted by Lannister soldiers. The dialogue between the Hound and the Lannister solider is incredible. “You’re a talker” “make it 2 chickens” “you gonna die over some chickens?” “Someone is” just a great scene.

  33. Favorite Moment: Chaos is a ladder conversation. That was the moment I knew LF was a bigger deal than I had realized and it also was the catalyst to get me to read the books.

  34. One of my favorite moments on the show so far has to be when Sam, Grenn, and Edd are talking near the Fist of the First Men, and when they hear the horn blast they first think, “Jon and the Halfhand!” Then they hear the second blast, and Grenn and Edd draw steel. Finally they hear the third blast, and that, “oh, shit” moment when all their faces fall is so awesome.

  35. My favorite moment is and always will be Daenerys and the dragons scorching the Masters’ fleet in Meereen. We had seen dragons in action before, but seeing Dany riding a huge Drogon in a real battle sequence, with the help of his two brothers, was something I wasn’t prepared to see, specially considering that I had thought that episode was gonna be 100% battle of the bastards. I lost it.

  36. My favourite moment is when Dany finally arrives in Dragonstone after that amazing scene setting sail from Meereen. It was amazing getting ready for her conquest.

  37. One? I can’t pick just one, lol! In no particular order:

    1) Cersei and Robert:
    “Was it ever possible for us? Was there ever a time? Ever a moment?”
    It’s just so heartbreaking and gives you everything you ever needed to know about them in two lines.

    2) Arya and Gendry:
    “I could be your family.”

    3) Arya and Ned-all

    4) Arya killing Littlefinger

    5) Davos confronting Melisandre:
    “I loved that girl like she was my own! She was good and she was kind and you killed her!”

    And pretty much every other raw emotion scene

  38. The beginning of the Battle of the Bastards, from the point Jon is standing on the battlefield and draws his sword. Havent had that on camera war intensity sense seeing Bravehearts first battle scene or Saving Private Ryan Omaha beach scene:)

  39. My favorite moment, easily, is Tyrion’s speech to Tywin and the other judges during his trial in Season 4, when he demands a trial by combat; such great acting by Dinklage and still gives me chills when I’ve re watched it for the 1,000th time!

  40. My favorite moment? The stare-down between the Nights King and Jon. The Hardhome sequence is still, in my books, the best battle sequence the show has created. The stare-down was round one and we know the ultimate battle between these two is coming.

  41. I have multiple, competing favorite scenes for nearly every character, but for the series I have to pick Daenerys beating the smug Masters in Meereen with her dragons. As a big, unexpected beginning to the episode we figured would be almost entirely the BotB, and being such a gorgeous spectacle, it became my biggest arms raised cheering, f-yeah moment so far. It almost certainly has become my most rewatched scene as well. As one watched the first time it also became evident that (this) was THE moment, the step she needed to take to finally be able to head for Westeros.

  42. The last scene (so far) between Arya and the Hound was by far the most moving scene in my GoT experience. Rory and Maisie have such incredible chemistry. “I’ll last longer than you.”

  43. So many!!
    It might be because it’s a bit fresher in my memory, but I’ll go with Sansa and Jon’s reunion in season six: it’s just a really moving scene, beautifully acted and shot and when watching it for the first time it strangely felt like I had been waiting the whole series for that moment, even though the relationship between Sansa and Jon had been explored or even considered on the show. But for me the Starks are the heart of the show, the characters I will always root for and whose storylines I’m most invested in, so after five and more seasons of tribulations, just watching these two characters, who have nothing in common, cling onto each other because they represent the family they thought they’d lost forever was really satisfying and heart-warming.
    Added bonus, this reunion led to one of my favourite relationship on the show.

  44. Season 4 – Two Swords final scene

    Polliver ask the hound… “You gonna die for some chickens?

    and the hound says…. “Someone is”

    the scene finishes with The hound scarfing his chicken…

    Arya gets needle back and her own beautiful white horse

  45. My favorite scene is when Arya was interacting with Jaqen H’ghar at Harrenhal. Particularly when Jaqen owed three deaths to the Red God.

  46. My favorite moment was the birth of the dragons- but Dany´s armada going for Westeros and Ned´s execution were also high points.

  47. I cannot choose a single favourite moment but my top ones that I can think of are as follows

    1. When the mountain crushes the viper (I still hide my eyes)
    2. When the dragons are born
    3. “How do you plead, Lord Baelish”
    4. Arya kicks the waiffs ass
    5. Jon strokes Drogon and makes him purr
    6. Jon & Dany hooking up
    7. Everything with a Direwolf
    8. Everything with Lyanna Mormont
    9. Arya & Brienne sparring
    10. Brienne saving Sansa

  48. Best moment ? Is it possible to choose ?!?!?

    If I had to, I’d think about Cersei’s revenge above the High Sparrow through Baelor’s Septuary destruction… This is a unique moment, with particular filming / sounding effects… still listening the soundtrack today…


  49. Favorite Moment: S7E1 … Minutes into the episode… After Arya, masked as Walder Frey, poisoned the Frey(s) and avenged the Red Wedding!

    ” Tell them the North remembers. Tell them winter came for House Frey”

  50. Gotta go with Jon staring down the Bolton army cavalry charge at the Battle of the Bastards such really epic cinematic moment that never really leaves you.

  51. My favorite moment was when Tyrion first saw Drogon while traveling with Jorah on the way to Meereen. Dragons are something he’s dreamed about his whole life and he just stared in disbelief when he finally saw they had returned. That scene really reminded me of how great an actor Peter Dinklage is.

  52. Seeing Danny finally arrive in Westeros with her armies and dragons at her back, or when they came to Jon’s rescue beyond the wall!

  53. My favorite moment in the series is probably the birth of the dragons in the season 1 finale. Despite Daenerys not losing her hair, I believe the show did a brilliant adaptation of that moment.

  54. There are many unforgettable moments in GoT, but one of my absolutely favourite and most brilliant will always be Jaime “Kingslayer” Lannister opening up to Brienne in that bath.

  55. After all this time, my “favorite” moment is still the scene where Jaime pushes Bran out of the window, speaking the infamous words “The things I do for love”.

    Too many great scenes to mention have followed, often visiually more impressive and with greater consequences, several of which I would rate higher from a cinematic viewpoint. However, what makes the Jaime-Bran scene so poignant IMO is that it was this scene that first established the tone for the entire series. It probably convinced a lot of Westeros-newbies and/or fantasy-sceptics to keep on watching.

  56. The moment it was revealed that ser Davos was alive after the battle of Blackwater bay. He is an amazing actor, bringing such justice to a underrated character

  57. My favorite moments is the very last scene of the first season when the dragons are born. The music, the acting and the directing is outstanding. It’s also great because despite having CGI dragons that even in season 1 looked amazing, the focus throughout the scene still manages to always stay on Dany which I think makes it even better.

  58. My favorite moment was Daenerys arriving at the dragon pit on Drogon. Cersei realizes she’s is screwed and Dany shows everyone her power. YASSS QUEEN!!!

  59. It is so hard to choose just one!

    The Jon & Sansa reunion is up there but when the Stark banners dropped down to replace the Bolton banners after Jon took out Ramsey, it actually made me tear up.

    The moments keep coming to me. So many! Cant choose just one.

  60. Tyrion’s trial was fantastic, particularly when he unleashes in his closing arguments, having been so thoroughly betrayed by his family:
    “I did not kill Joffrey but I wish I had. Watching your vicious bastard die gave me more relief than a thousand lying whores”

  61. The scene where Dany emerges from the funeral pyre covered in ashes and live baby dragons!!!! The murder of Jon Snow by the mutineers at Castle Black. Shireen Baratheon’s sacrifice. Cersei’s revenge and the destruction of the Great Sept of Balor. Tyrion first seeing a flying dragon. Hodor’s death. Missandei and GreyWorm’s love scene. Viserion resurrected as a dragon wight. The destruction of the Wall.

  62. I mean sure! why not!

    Dracarys (a dragon is no slave)

    But why are the doing a 1-7 boxset!? Arent’ they going to have to do another one in a year for S1-8?

  63. The moment when Tyrion slaps Joffrey and tells him to pay his respects to Bran’s parents Ned and Caitlin. You know then Tyrion is the good guy and destined to champion doing the right thing.

  64. I think my favorite scene the entire North of the Wall section from Season 7, from the “road trip” of the “Magnificent Seven,” to the bear, to the building tension on the ice, to the wight attack, to Dany’s arrival, to the death of Viserion, the escape, Uncle Benjen ex machina rescuing Jon, to UnViserion being dragged out of the water and reanimated. Yes, it was a pointless task, but it made for some damn fine TV!

  65. Surprisingly, the 1st scene that came to mind was when Arya saved Gendry after the Yoren & the Nights Watch were slaughtered. She told the Lannister soldiers that who they were looking for was dead & pointed to that poor little boy who had just been killed. Gendry’s bull helmet laid next to victim.
    I wonder where the helmet is now?
    Thanks for another great contest WotW 😁 Good luck to everyone.

  66. Am I the only one who really enjoyed the season 7 finale? Seriously, all this tension and smart talk with no bombastic action for ~80 minutes was, for once in this show, if not ever, really damn good!

    The battle in “The Spoils of War” was still great though, but I think the finale was kind of underappreciated.

  67. So many good moments. From this season… definitely the moment where the Dothraki are charging the Lannisters and Jamie thinks for a split second that they can take them… and the horror on his and Bronn’s face when Drogon drops out of the sky and they realize they’re fooked. I also love when Jon strolls into Dany’s throne room on Dragonstone and sees her on her throne. So epic. And the dialogue between them in this scene is so good. Last but not least… pretty much every scene Cersei is in. Especially taking her vengeance and not giving a shit this season about what people think of her because she’s now finally queen.

    My top moments from other seasons have to be Jon’s epic stare down with the NK as his boat slowly drifts away. The absence of music during that shot is too good. Definitely Tyrion’s final talk with Tywin, Cersei’s final talk with Tywin where she tells him about her and Jamie, and Jon’s final talk with Arya back in S1. Brienne vs. the Hound is definitely up there, along with Arya’s final talk with Sandor afterwards.

    Season 6 probably had my most “favorite moments” of any season. Dany showing the masters what’s up is awesome, Sansa reuniting with Jon is heartbreaking, and Arya slitting Walder Frey’s throat is too satisfying… but my #1 favorite moment in Thrones history:

    Jon getting crowned King in the North. This takes the cake by a large margin. Lyanna really gets me emotional with her speech… “But House Mormont remembers. The North remembers! We know no King but the King in the North whose name is Stark. I don’t care if he’s a bastard… Ned Stark’s blood runs through his veins. He is my King from this day until my last day.” And then all the other lords join in asking for forgiveness for not fighting for him and make it all the better. My unquestionable favorite moment from Thrones.

  68. A tie between Arya’s mic-drop exit after the House Frey incident or when Gendry is shirtless at Harenhall.

    One for the story and one for the eye candy.

  69. The closing scene of season 6. Seeing the dragons fly over the water and the ships made my heart skip a beat <3

  70. My favorite moments are those between Ned and Arya Stark. Especially the scene when he tells her she’s not responsible for the butcher boy’s death. Also there is a scene between Ned, Arya and Sansa when he tells them they are going home. Sansa complains she can’t go home because of Joffrey and he tells her he will find her someone braver and gentler or something to that effect. When she’s says she doesn’t want someone better than Joffrey the look on Ned and Arya’s face is priceless.

  71. Just one favorite moment. You are kidding right?

    I am going to just go with the pilot episode, when King Robert and co arrive at Winterfell, because that is the moment I got hooked. Bran watching from the wall, Arya in the helmet and cape, Sansa’s crush on Joffrey begins, Robert and Ned’s relationship….so much detail, so many interesting characters.

  72. Tyrion listening to Oberon talk of how much Cersei hated him even as a baby, the look on Peter Dinklage’s face, the way his eyes fill with tears that never spill over. Such a great scene.

  73. Too many great moments from this show to begin to describe! I guess I would say:

    1. Red Wedding – Not a good moment, but great that it shocked everyone! I was speechless for about an hour
    2. Daenerys FINALLY unleashing the power of her army (less the unsullied).
    3. Oberyn’s skull popping like a grape!
    4. The meeting in the finally of season 7. SO many reunions, it was hard not to get emotional.
    5. Littlefinger finally getting what he deserves.
    6. The hound coming back! I love that guy, no matter what side he started on.

    I could go on and on, but I don’t want to take up all of your post space, lol. This would be the greatest present of all this year. I hope you will consider this post.

    Thank You

  74. The trial by combat between Bronn and Ser Vardis, which ended with Tyrion throwing his bag of money to a bewildered Mord, was the scene that got me hooked on the show.

  75. God! I need it!
    Best moments: Attack on the loot train for sure. Even now I still rewatch it countless times, beginning at the part where Bronn hears the Dotharki riding far away until that beautiful ending. Amazing and intense episode. But on the quiet side, The Queen’s Justice was near perfection. The whole episode made me realize GoT could indeed recover from all the faults in its storyline and dialogues since the past 2 seasons. It was all there, everything I like about this show. Aaaaaaand: The frigging wall crumbling down. Jesus, how I waited for that moment. The more high fantasy it gets the more I fall in love!

  76. MY favorite moment is when Jamie is getting ready to leave Kingslanding to join the North and you see the first snowflake fall. Winter is here!

  77. Keep getting “This page cannot be found” when I try to post.

    Anyway, if I had to pick one, my favorite moment = Sandor & Arya in last scene of S4e1, “Two Swords” 🐓🐓

  78. my favorite moment is the end of Tyrion’s trial where he calls everyone out and chooses a trial by combat.

  79. My favorite scene was the loot train. Such a fantastic payoff from season 1’s Robert/Ned scene about Dothraki. And seeing a dragon in battle. Amazeballs.

    Second fav is almost every Tyrion scene. Peter Dinklage is sooooo talented.

  80. Also, Tyrion’s scenes are always memorable, especially during the Blackwater Battle, Cersei tongue-lashings, & musical chairs scenes. Truly, Dinklage’s talent was off-the-charts that whole season. He can really gets the feels going.
    Daenery’s incredible dragon birth scene came to mind quickly as well. I remember wondering, what is this fantastic story?! What will happen next?!
    I feel compelled to mention how Bran getting pushed out of a window on purpose jacked me up for a while lol.
    Soo many many amazing moments

  81. My favorite moment from all the seasons is this last season when they brought the core cast together in one scene. I know it was a tense scene, but it was one that was 7 years in the making. It was well worth the wait, and looking forward to next season when they bring more characters together in one scene.

  82. Drogon roasting the Lannister army. Been waiting YEARS for a mainland dragon assault, and not only did it not disappoint, but the entire sequence left me breathless. Amazing show, amazing scene, with a not-so-amazing nickname (Loot Train Attack? Ugh)

  83. My favorite moment is in Season 7 episode 4 The Spoils of War, when Dany and company arrive to show their mighty power. Every time I see it (yes, I’ve seen it multiple times), I cheer each time when I see Dany riding in with Drogon.

  84. Tyrion’s trial in season 4 gives me chills every time I watch it. The speech he gave to everyone in the throne room, the look he gave Tywin…incredible.

  85. My favourite moment is Joffrey asking Tyrion “What did you say?” when Tyrion said he would cut Joffreys knob off if he commanded Sansa and him to be bedded. It was at Tyrions marriage.
    I loved the sudden silence, and the threat I could literally feel 🙂 it was a great scene. My favourite.

  86. My absolute favorite moment was Arya as Walder Frey revenging the Red Wedding. I still smile every time I think about it!

  87. Basically any scene involved Tyrion is the best. To name one I have to say back in Season 4 when Oberyn visited Tyrion in the cell and vowed to be his champion in the soon-to-be-ill-fated trial by combat. Tyrion talked the least comparing to other scenes in the prison but Peter Dinklage perfectly captured the despair, shock, reject and finally hope in such a short scene without saying much. And Pedro Pascal’s delivery was right on par to compliment Dinklage’s performance. The twist of emotion at the end was amazing.

  88. Oh dear…
    Watching King Robert’s entourage entering Winterfell is great. The music (love) and getting to see everyone and the tension in the air was very well done. (thank you Tim Van Patten)
    It’s the first thing of GoT I ever saw. I had no means of seeing any other episodes or even the other part of episode 1. I’m a book addict and this is what introduced me to A Song of Ice and Fire. I had No idea just how deeply I would cherish it. I read all available books before starting the show at the beginning of season two. And I just keep on rereading!! 😊
    Battle of the Bastards was amazing. The horse work was beautifully done. Props to the trainer!!!! Jon brandishing Long Claw at the charging knights was epic.
    I have more, of course! I do love watching ToJ fading into Jon being crowned KitN. I get teary eyed. Daenerys using her dragons to take out Astapor! Bath scene with Jaime and Brienne. Brings great insight into Jaime as a human.
    That’s where I’ll end it. Lol

  89. Favorite moments: Jon & Sansa reunion, Oberyn’s conversation with Tyrion, Joffrey & Margaery’s wedding reception, Littlefinger’s death

  90. It’s a really hard choice. I think I would have to choose the scene at the beginning of the last episode of season 6. Everyone getting ready for the trial while “The Light of the Seven” plays leading up to the explosion of the Sept was flawlessly done.

  91. Way back in season one episode ten, after Ned died and Rob got first made king in the North. That was a much needed uplifting scene that made me cheer for the Starks, shame how it ended up.

    I never felt that again with the show, not even on season seven. I did feel it again with the books but in their wisdom the runners turned away from the North remembers speech and gave the agency to the Starks, I can see why that was done but it lost all the pathos and sudden unexpected hope.

  92. When Sansa exacted her revenge on Ramsay Bolton by releasing his hounds on him. Death by dogs. That was sweet!

  93. Merry Christmas!
    My favorite got moment would have to be when the Starks took back Winterfell! It was a long time coming!

  94. Thanks for doing this give away!!!!

    My favorite scene is hands down the flashback marriage scene with Rhaegar and Lyanna!

  95. My favorite moments of Game of Thrones:

    Season 1. Syrio Florel takes down the Lannister men.
    Season 2. The wildfire explosion.
    Season 3. The Red Wedding
    Season 4. The Hound eats all the chickens.
    Season 5. Hardhome, the Night King reveals himself.
    Season 6. This is a tough one but I’m going with Cersei wiping out all of her enemies while sipping on some wine (with her money on her mind and her mind on her money)
    Season 7. Dany rides in on Drogon and opens a can of dragonfire on the Lannister men

  96. My favorite moment is the moment I associate GoT with the most: Daenerys at the end of season 1, her dragons clinging to her miraculously still living body, because it was such a catharsis after everything she endured before.
    Everything Margaery and Ygritte related comes in at a close second.

  97. Yes please!

    Favourite moments? Jon meeting Dany, Jon reuniting with Tyrion, Jon facing down the cavalry, Olenna and Tywin facing off.

  98. My favorite moment is the first few minutes of season 6 episode 10 when Cersei blows up the sept. The music makes it so intense.
    But my all time favorite episode is Battle of Bastards.

  99. All 7 seasons? Man that is hard…SOOOOO many so I’ll just go with Us finding out who Jon’s parents are in Season 6…But have many more that I love just as much.

  100. One of my favorite moments in Game of Thrones is when Jaime and his forces were attacked by the Dothraki army. The Battle of the Goldroad was definitely one of the most awesome battles in GoT show history. It played my heart for I did not want Jaime and Bronn to die at the time yet I was also rooting for Daenerys’ victory. Good game, well-played.

  101. Jaime in The Dragon and the Wolf is what I’ve been WAITING for. Finally leaving Cersei plus the single snowflake on his glove…God I hope Jaime makes it.

  102. I have so many but my two all time favorites come from the season 6 finale; Jon being named King in the North and Cersei blowing up the sept.

  103. So many come to mind but just a few: Cersei and the sept sequence, loot train, BotB and Hardhome, WotW, Hound vs Brienne, Mountain vs Viper, Tyrion’s trial, anything Jaime in S3 or Theon S2, Blackwater, Baelor.. this won’t stop so reluctantly doing so.
    Anyways I’m not one for prayer but may the father judge me justly and the mother.. fuck it, I don’t remember the rest. Just let me win.

  104. My favorite moments were when Drogo and Jon had a bonding moment, the loot train battle, and the lil one on one time Dany and Jon had in the Dragon pit

  105. Hard to pick one but I think I will go with Jamie’s “confession” to Brienne in the bath in “Kissed by Fire.” Such a great scene, pivotal to the most impressive character arc in the series.

  106. Seeing Danny arrive in Westeros for the first time was amazing! Also when she comes to Jons rescue beyond the wall with her dragons (except for when vyserion dies)

  107. That’s a tough decision. It’s either Arya & the Hound vs Polliver at the inn or Winter came for House Frey. I guess I’ll just have to flip an iron coin to decide.

  108. “This war has just begun. It will last for years. Thousands will die at your command. You will betray the men serving you, you will betray your family, you will betray everything you once held dear.”

    ― Melisandre to Stannis Baratheon

  109. I like that scene in the end of episode 6 in season 3 after the climb. Jon and Ygritte in the edge of world. And that music is amazing.

  110. Daenerys’ fleet sails for Westeros! Incredible score by Ramin Djawadi.
    Honorable mention: Jon bonds with Drogon.

  111. The first scene of the first episode of the first season – the starks are getting ready for the royal visit, when they find Arya hiding in a wagon wearing a knights helmet Fell in love with her from that momet

  112. I think my favorite of all time is when Arya finally gives up being “No One” and says she’s Arya Stark, and she’s going home.

  113. Favorite moment : Needle, John’s gift to Arya.

    I would love to gift the set to family on Isla de Ometepe, Rivas, Nicaragua

  114. While I have many favorite moments from Game of Thrones, my absolute favorite has to be when Jon stood his ground as Dany was landing on Drogon and then Jon and Drogan greeted each other.

  115. Favourite moment : Arya, trying and failing to give up Needle, with an entire history told on her face without a spoken word.

  116. My favorite scene is when Arya kills all the Freys disguised as Walder Frey and tells his widow to tell everyone that winter came for House Frey.

  117. My favorite scene from the entire series happened in season 6 episode 10. Cersei’s malicious stare as the Sept of Baelor imploded, watching all of her enemies burn in wildfire was everything! *Sips wine*

  118. Tyrion responding to Shagga’s question “how would you like to die, Tyrion son of Tywin?” “In my own bed, at the age of 80 with a belly full of wine and a girls mouth around my cock.”

  119. Favorite moment would have to be the fight between The Mountain and The Hound during season 1. Clegane Bowl pregame show!

  120. Hodor’s death scene…Nothing comes even close to the shock value and the emotions it stirred in me.

  121. The first time we see ‘Dracarys’ when Dany buys the Unsullied army and show the Masters she’s a force to be reckoned with is one of the best moments of the series so far!

  122. This moment probably carries more weight for me because it’s a moment that could only happen in the show. I still adore the conversation between Robert and Cersei in the first season when they they make their confessions to each other, knowing that they are so far gone that even that modicum of honesty between them will still be meaningless. Bonus points to Cersei for jokingly prophesying that their marriage was the only thing holding the realm together.

  123. Oberyn v The Mountain. Better than watching a prize boxing match, probably the most adrenaline-inducing scene in the show up to that point. The agonizing ending was GRRM/GoT at a their tortuous best.

  124. Probably the first scene I ever remember which actually made me even want to watch the show was in season 3 when Dany rebelled against the slavers of Astapor. It was masterfully done and adapted well from the books.

  125. By FAR the best scene in Season 7 was Breanne of Tarth & Arya sparring together!!! They are both badass women who can take on the world!!!! Gave me goosebumps…!

  126. S1, Episode 1. After reading the books it was nice to begin living the experience again and to see how my vision of book characters compared to the show. Seeing Ned with my eyes and hearing his voice with my ears… instead of my mind was a neat experience.

  127. Awesome awesome gift!
    Favorite moments? So many.
    Tywin butchering the deer and talking with Jamie is a favorite. Loved Tywin onscreen. Magnificent presence in every scene. He and Olenna – incredible casting

  128. Hardhome. Last 20 minutes when the white walkers and the army of the dead attack the wildlings. Epic scene. The ending gave me chills also.

  129. The opening sequence from season 6, episode 10 when Cersei blew up the Sept. I got chills and all of the feels!

  130. Omg, some of my favourite moments from the beginning was when old nan tells bran about the long night and when Lysa gets pushed out the moon door. When Arya Stark receives a sword from Jon and calls it ‘needle.’ Hot Pie giving her a dire wolf cake. I love the Wall and the snowy wintery scenes. Loved it when Samwell Tarly kills a walker. I love Ygritte and Jon’s bath cave scene and finding Uncle Benjen still alive. I liked when Khaleesi rose from the fire and ashes with two little dragons. I loved Jon’s direwolf Ghost… I loved the wildfire in the battle of Blackwater. There are so many moments.

  131. one of my favourite moments is battle of the bastards. it was Jon Snow vs everyone. he was bad ass and inspiring. he didn’t give up even when he was alone. i also loved the winds of winter when Cersei destroyed her enemies. even though i don’t like her she is ruthless and you gotta respect that.

  132. The beginning of the last episode of season 6. Not exactly a “moment” but one long scene. Such amazing cinematography, music, acting, costumes, and a crucial scene for the plot at the same time.

    But really, I have loved every moment so far.

  133. When Kahl Drogo promises to give Dani her Iron Throne after that wine merchant failed to kill her. His speech is epic.

  134. Loved Sansa this season. I think it obvious she and Tyrion are going to rebuild Westeros after the White Walkers have been disposed off and Dany/Jon die.

  135. Season 7 episode 4, Arya vs Brienne and the loot train battle

    Season 6 episode 9, Ramsey finally getting a taste of his own medicine!!

    Season 5 episode 9, Dany finally getting to ride Drogon for the first time

  136. Like everybody else, I think there are too many, but here are a few: Randsey being eaten by his own dogs,(that was priceless) the girl Lyanna”s speech at Jon’s coronation as King in the North, Arya’s revenge on the Freys, Cersey’s walk of attonement, the Red wedding, Lysa down in the moon door, Little finger’s face when Sansa tells him “When in doubt, I tell myself a little story” Hodor holding the door,the hound kicking the wigh’s box, Tyrion releasing the arrow at his father in the privet, the Tullyes being roasted, Vaserys being crowned, Jamie’s and Tyrion dialogue right before he goes in to meet the most murderous woman in the world… I can go on and on and on… I hope I get the dvds, it would be the best Christmas present ever!!!

  137. My favorite scene is between Arya and the Hound. When Arya is looking down at the Twins waiting to join her mother and brother. Arya tells the hound “Some day I’m going to put a sword through your eye and out the back of your skull.” The fear on the Hound’s face from her threat is so real. It just shows how amazing Arya is and how fearless she is. That whole conversation among many are great! The Hound and Arya are such a great duo, some of the best dialog came from those two.

  138. Wow too many to count!
    Some favorites include any moment the word Dracarys is applied to action, the entire Sept of Baelor sequence in Winds of Winter, Hardhome, Ramsay Bolton getting his come uppance and Sansa’s smile walking away, chaos is a ladder speech, Arya’s “a girl is Arya Stark of winterfell and I’m going home”, the dread at hearing Joffrey pronounce Neds execution moment, Littlefinger’s death, Dany and Jon talking after Viserions death, Tyrion pulling the crossbow trigger at Tywin. I could go on because there’s more but here’s a few!

  139. The first one that popped into my head was ‘Dracarys’
    When Dany starts speaking Valaryian and the master doesn’t even notice until she tells the unsullied to kill the masters and then orders ‘dracarys’ – the music and sound effects are just fantastic.

    Despite knowing what would happen it gave me goosebumps at the time and it’s a scene I love to rewatch. Which is funny as Dany isn’t even my favourite character!!

  140. It’s hard to pick a favorite moment but the first thing that comes to mind is Dany sailing to Westeros in the closing moments of season 6.

  141. When Jon and Daenerys finally meet face to face:

    Missandei: “You stand in the presence of Daenerys Stormborn of House Targaryen, rightful heir to the Iron Throne, rightful queen of the Andals and the First Men, protector of the Seven Kingdoms, the Mother of Dragons, the Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, the Unburnt, the Breaker of Chains.”

    Davos: “This is Jon Snow.”

  142. My fav is Dany on the back of Drogon giving her Khallasar (sp) the Drogo speech. Everytime I watch at the end Im like a Dothraki bloodrider ready to kill some Westerosi nobility.

  143. Aryaandthehound:
    My favorite scene is between Arya and the Hound. When Arya is looking down at the Twins waiting to join her mother and brother. Arya tells the hound “Some day I’m going to put a sword through your eye and out the back of your skull.” The fear on the Hound’s face from her threat is so real. It just shows how amazing Arya is and how fearless she is.That whole conversation among many are great! The Hound and Arya are such a great duo, some of the best dialog came from those two.

    Can I join your club? (And love your screen name.)

    For me, Sandor’s speech in S4e7 telling Arya how Gregor burned him is probably my favorite Arya-Hound scene…or the one where Sandor knocked out the pork merchant and Arya begged him not to kill him – and then when the merchant started coming to, she bonked him on the head. Sandor’s double-take as Arya marched off was priceless. I must’ve rewatched that > 20 times.

  144. To be honest, the whole show. No other show I watched has been this good. Some scenes that I could watch over and over. Season 1 – Jon giving Arya her needle, Season 2 – Dany using her dragons to save her, Season 3 – Dany getting her army, Season 4 – Red Vipper and Mountain, Season 5 – Battle of the wall, Season 6 – Battle of Bastards, Season 7 – Jon and Dany storyline.
    Can’t wait to see how this show wraps up.

  145. My favorite moment is when Drogon saves Dany in the fighting pit and she rides off on him. Love it!

  146. I literally cannot quantify my favorite moment, but I’ll tell you one that just popped into my head:

    “That’s not a monster…that’s just a baby.”

    The acting from both men involved in that scene is just incredible.

  147. Basically everything that included Robb Stark in it (the Red Wedding included) but if I had to choose one it would be his confrontation with Jaime at the beginning of season 2, the “You insult yourself Kingslayer…” scene. He was so badass then and I loved the lines.

  148. I have so many favorite moments, mostly when Tyrion and Varys chat or whenever Olenna appears but if I have to choose one it has to be that moment when Sansa comes down the staircase in Season 4, fully ready to start playing the Game of Thrones at last after Littlefinger killed her aunt. That was a pivotal character moment for her and it’s the one that made me want to re-read the books all over again.

  149. Wow, this is a great boxset!
    My absolute favorite moment of all season remains the Mountain and the Viper combat. I didn’t know what was going to happen and was sure Oberyn was going to crush Ser Gregor… boy was I wrong!

  150. Tyrion putting a bolt through Tywin’s heart. I can’t think of a more appropriate place for that shit to buy the farm!

  151. Battle of Bastards was my favorite, unbelievable cinematography! I don’t want Game of Thrones to ever end, love the books and the series.

  152. First of all my wife has not seen GoT yet. She’s ridiculous on the other hand if I win she’s going to have to watch it with me.(she’s excited)!!!! Still my favorite part is in season one. When (The True Dragon) comes out of the fire with her three dragons crawling on her. It just makes me think aww s!$# man the dragons ARE BAAAAACCKKKK!!!!!!! HAHAHAHA SO AWESOME.

  153. When Sansa tells Jon that if Ramsay wins (and it’s implied, Jon dies), that she’s not going back there alive, that she will kill herself, and then Jon goes to Melisandre and tells her not to bring him back, because he would come back into a world where Sansa was dead, where she killed herself, because he lost, because he failed her.

  154. The moment Daenerys DESTROYED the l
    Lannister Army. I was so hyped in the moment that I acidentally hurt my wrist, since I was hitting the couch with excitement. Didn’t matter tho, the adrenaline numbed the pain. This scene will remain as my favorite moment in Game of Thrones history.

  155. My favorite was when they showed Jon Snow’s parentage leading upto the next scenen when he is procliamed King in the North!

  156. Ned’s demise at the back end of s1 – for someone not familiar with the books at that time it actually happening was a game changer

  157. There are too many favorite moments. But if I had to choose one I’d say when Jaime jumped into the bear pit -unarmed and one-handed- to save Brienne.

  158. Jorah Tyrell:
    I literally cannot quantify my favorite moment, but I’ll tell you one that just popped into my head:

    “That’s not a monster…that’s just a baby.”

    The acting from both men involved in that scene is just incredible.

    Oberyn’s last line was chills-inducing (for me):

    “I will be your champion.”

  159. Reading through the comments, I realize what’s so great about this contest: It reinforces how many unforgettable scenes there have been over seven seasons. Sometimes it’s easy to forget, as we often debate the occasional misfires.

  160. To choose a favorite moment is such a difficult exercise! I chose Ned’s beheading. It set the tone for all the seasons to come.

    Thank you so much for all these contests and keeping us occupied between seasons!

  161. Today, I will say Sam and Bran figuring out that Jon is half Stark and also the true-born Targaryen prince because of the implications that reveal has on the final season. Tomorrow it could be a completely different answer because there are seven seasons of great moments!

  162. Favorite moment: Everything in ‘The Winds Of Winter’. More specifically, the TOJ reveal followed by ‘The King In The North!’ scene.

  163. I’m with a lot of people-The Spoils of War. It was the culmination of what so many of us had waited years to see. Every time I hear the Cello music play, my heart rate increases and I hold my breath.

  164. I must say, picking the scene I liked best is extremely hard. I think Arya not throwing away needle in Braavos is very high up there, as is Tyrion’s “confession” of being a dwarf in his trial, Tywin explaining to Tommen what a good ruler is, any dialogues between the (famously tart) Queens and any scenes between Arya and the Hound. Maybe because it was new material I would settle on the whole light-of-the-seven buildup to the explosion of the sept of Baelor.

  165. My favourite is when Daenarys sacks Astapor by tricking the slavers and acquiring all the Unsullied as a loyal army.

  166. My favourite moment has to be Tyrion’s trial, the sheer emotion and tension created is fenomenal. Coupled with the show’s best acting, it’s a scene that will be memorable forever.

  167. This has to be one of the most iconic moments in GOT. When Littlefinger betrays Ned Stark. This moment isn’t my favorite because of the fact that Littlefinger betrayed him. It’s my favorite because it shows us how conniving Littlefinger is .And he really started the game .

  168. My favorite moment has to be Bran’s vision of Ser Arthur Dayne battling Ned, Howland and the rest of their men. 1v5 and Dayne does with EASE (til getting stabbed in the back of course).

  169. I have many favorite moments in Game of Thrones…but after seeing this little piece, I love and it and it never gets old.

    The Moutain crushing the peasants head against the wall for talking perversely about his Queen! – Love it.

  170. My favorite part of season 7 was without a doubt Drogon burning the Lannister army. It just warms the heart 😀

  171. One of my favorite GoT moments was seeing Arya finally return to Winterfell and teaming up with Sansa again in S7!

  172. There are so many favorites, but I go with S6E09 when Daenerys talks to the 3 slave masters and you can see Drogon approaching in the background. She says “My reign has just begun”, Drogon screeches, the song “Reign” sets in and “shenanigans” ensue. “Dracarys!”. Boom. Magical. 😀

  173. My favorite part of GoT is Battle of the Bastards S06E09. Up to that point there hadn’t been anything close to realism of a 15th Century battle captured on film. The level of expertise to put the battle together stands alone. Besides the battle itself, I enjoyed watching the Hounds get a Ramsey Snack. Couldn’t have happen to a nicer guy!

  174. My favorite moment will always be S1 when the Starks find the direwolf pups. One for each of the Stark trueborn children, and one for Jon of course. It foreshadowed so many events yet to come.

    1. Mother direwolf impaled by a stag.

    2. Appearance of direwolves, missing for thousands of years, was proof that magic has returned to Westeros. We are left unsure if this is good or bad.

    3. Jon Snow inheriting the smallest, weakest one.

  175. My favorite scene is the Jon Snow standoff with the charging horses in the battle of the bastards and the chaos that ensues afterwards. Gives me chills every time.

    I also love the scene when the Dothraki are charging in on Jaime and co and then Dany and Drogon come swooping in. So amazing.

  176. It’s very difficult to pick a favorite, as it depends on what emotion I’m focused on. I’ll go for one of the rare happy moments with the Jon and Sansa’s reunion.

  177. Arya and the Hound fight Lannister soldiers and eat chicken at the Inn.

    Runners Up:
    Jon facing the charging cavalry.
    Birth of the dragons.
    Ned’s execution.
    Red Wedding.

  178. Hardhome was one of the best battles (well, more like a massacre) in the show. The moment the Night King raises his arms was insane and terrifying. The episode completely shifted the shows focus from political scheming to an enigmatic supernatural threat.

  179. My favorite moment has to be after the battle of the bastards when Ramsay’s dogs attack and kill him, and Sansa just walks away with that grin on her face!! It was a great moment!!!!

  180. My single favorite moment? What a surreal question! There are dozens… if not hundreds. I think I still have an answer, though. Mind you, it’s a grim one. The sixth season stuck with me in ways that television — even Game of Thrones! — can’t typically achieve, because I’d been diagnosed with a very serious illness and my survival wasn’t guaranteed. I watched it knowing I might not see the end of this grand tale. Or even the seventh season. I savored every episode but felt knots of dread in my stomach the whole way through.

    I know this sounds rather dark. And… well. It is dark. The biggest moment, the one that brings back that sensation and yet summons so much hope in me now, is the one in which, in “Battle of the Bastards”, Jon is in that crush and nearly suffocates. I felt so emotionally connected to Miguel Sapochnik’s epic filmmaking there because I felt it too, day in, day out, like I was part of that crush. What matters is that Jon made it out. He didn’t suffocate. He lived. And, well, knock on wood, but thus far, so have I.

    Words do a poor job here. It’s just a damned tough thing to quantify. But that season, and especially that moment, will forever be ingrained in my heart.

  181. When Dany turns and says “A dragon is not a slave” in valyrian and frees the Unsullied and slaves of Astapor. Sends shivers down my spine everytime… I get choked up with how bad ass it is.

  182. My favorite scene was when Jon & Danny finally hooked up. Jon knocking on her door & the strait faces they both had when he enters her room. Loved it. Had waited a long time with alot of sexual tention between them. Worked out in the end I think.

  183. Great giveaway! My favorite moment has to be the end of season 6 when Jon was named King in the North. Still gives me chills watching that scene. Lyanna Mormont was a boss there as well. It’s real hard to pick just one scene, but this was the first that came to mind.

  184. Best All-Time Heart Tugger

    Dany hatches the dragons

    Honorable Mentions

    Sansa/Jon Reunion
    Arya (wearing helmet backwards) spots The Hound in the royal party arriving at WF
    Cercei poisons Tyene
    Arya departs for Braavos
    Drogon rescues Dany from Sons of the Harpy attack
    Dany orders Jorah to cure his greyscale and return
    Sam heals Jorah, offers his hand—first human touch in years
    Jorah/Dany reunion
    Needle gift scene, Jon/Arya hug
    Tyrion frees chained dragons
    Arya/Nymeria reunion

  185. My favorite moment was S06E09 Battle of the Bastards when Jon is standing alone with Long-claw Drawn and the battle clashes around him. That is the best scene in TV not only GoT.

    Jon and Sansa reuniting is a close second for me.

  186. So many favorites …
    Oberyn & Tyrion dialog that leads to “I will be your champion”.
    Arya & Tywin scenes.
    The execution of Ned Stark because that moment I realized this show is unique.

  187. The whole Lannister drama from season 3 is amazing. Lena, Peter and Charles Dance really dove into their characters, making those scenes so dramatic and enjoyable to watch.
    But, to say a favorite scene, I think I’ll go with the bath one, where Jaime and Brienne have a really sincere talk making us feel emphaty for jaime for the first time and seeing the conflituos feeling from brienne about Jaime, growing inside her since they started their journey, intensify.
    But there are lots of great scenes, it’s visible that ,even the smallest ones, took a good amount of thought to develop.

  188. Thank you for the giveaway guys!!

    My favorite moment was the battle of the bastards I think that episode alone could be a mini movie. It has the good guys the really bad guy, lots of action, moments were we think all hope is lost and an awesome victory. Not to mention the way Ramsey meets his end. Like i said it could be a mini movie of its own, i usually show it to friends who have not watched GOT 😛 it gets them hooked every time.

    Good luck to everyone!

  189. When Daenerys attacked the army of the lannisters and we finally see dothrakis for the very first time in Westeros… It’s my favorite battle scene of the show.

  190. So many to choose from! One would be when Cersei blows up the Sept and another is Drogon destroying the Lannister army.

  191. Favorite GoT moment was Ramsay’s execution. It was such an intimate scene, beautifully written and acted.

  192. I’ve always been an Arya fan. So 7th season has by far been the best. Little Finger tried to come between the Stark sisters and we saw how that ended. Poetic Justice for betraying Ned Stark and the rest of the family.

  193. Favorite moments of season 7:
    1) Jon meeting Daenerys
    2) The show confirming Jon’s true name: Aegon Targaryen
    3) Jaime seeing dragons for the first time
    4) Sansa and Arya reuniting
    5) Sansa and Bran reuniting

  194. Hola no podía escoger el mejor momento de toda la serie, pero tal vez si podría decir que mi capítulo favorito es Winds of winter. Momentos épicos se me vienen a la mente los siguientes:
    1a temporada:
    El nacimiento de los dragones
    2a temporada:
    La marcha al sur de los caminantes blancos
    3a temporada:
    El “intercambio” de Drogon por los Inmaculados
    La boda roja
    4a temporada:
    La apertura de la 4a temporada
    La muerte de Joffrey
    La huida de Sansa
    El juicio de Tyrion
    La pelea entre la Montaña y Oberyn
    El soundtrack que acompaña el final de temporada The children
    5a temporada
    La masacre de Hardhome
    6a temporada
    El flashback de la Torre de la Alegría
    Hold the door
    Daenerys incendiando el barco en el asedio a Meeren
    La batalla de los Bastardos
    El nombramiento de Jon Snow como Rey en el Norte
    El soundtrack que acompaña el final de temporada Winds of winter
    7a temporada
    La muerte de las Gusanas de Arena
    La venganza de Cercei
    La muerte de Lady Olenna
    Los últimos minutos del capítulo The Spoils of War
    El rescate de Daenerys al escuadrón suicida y la muerte de Viserion
    Jon Snow & Daenerys Boat Scene (Sexboat)

  195. My favorite has to be the massacre of Hardhome. The action is epic, but the silence is what makes it so terrifying. Especially the ending when the Night King stares into Jon’s eyes to raise the slain wildlings from the dead as wights. Second fave is The Dance of Dragons (S5E9), when Drogon rescues Daenerys at the Pit in Meereen. No one messes with a dragon haha.

  196. My favorite moment from Season 7 was when Ned Umber and Alys Karstark pledged allegiance to Jon Snow (Episode 1, Dragonstone).

  197. So hard to pick just one. But I’m in the middle of a rewatch and my recent favorite moment is Tyrion and Jaime’s conversation just before the trial by combat (The Mountain and the Viper, 4.8)

  198. My favorite Thrones moment of all time was Cersei’s plan to destroy the Great Sept of Baelor finally coming to fruition at the beginning of “The Winds of Winter.” Her triumphant glow as her enemies blew away in a blast of wildfire is utterly ICONIC.

    — Sansa and the Knights of the Vale coming to Jon’s rescue, Sansa sentencing Littlefinger to death, and Catelyn’s last stand at the Red Wedding were close behind!

  199. The moment when Jon is facing the bolton army and draws his sword. He knows hes facing impossible odds, yet chooses to fight anyway.

  200. “I am a Kahleesi of the Dothraki. I am the wife of the great Kahl and i carry his son inside me. The next time you raise a hand to me, will be the last time you have hands!” Dany putting Viserys in his place! Love it!!

  201. The most shocking thing that got me hooked on this show was Ned Stark’s beheading. I wasn’t even excites about it but I i knew this show was for real!!!

  202. Favorite moment among so many – the sword fight between Jaime and Brienne on the bridge. Actually all my favorite moments are scenes between those two.

  203. very hard to choose, but one of my favorites was definitely the loot train battle! was really not expecting any of that, loved the dragons and was really glad not another one died

  204. Season 2: Episode 10 (Valar Morghulis)

    The final scene when the White walkers arrive and Sam and his friends start running but Sam gets left behind. The White Walker sees Sam, but ignores him and orders the force to advance. Sam, now isolated from his allies, watches in horror as the army marches onward towards the Night’s Watch camp!

  205. Oh yes, please, I would love this! I have all the DVDs, bought after each season, but a Blu-ray set would be fantastic.

    There’s so much in Game Of Thrones that I have loved: beautiful, tragic, comic, horrifying or touching …

    You ask for a moment – so I won’t nominate a whole scene or a speech, but just a wonderfully funny wordless moment.

    Tormund shooting lustful leers at Brienne and the reactions!

  206. I think my favorite moment from Game of Thrones is the moment that Daenerys decides to assert herself in her relationship with Drogo instead of being like a slave to him. To me, that was the moment that Daenerys Stormborn of House Targaryn was born. Everything she has done in the series started with that one moment.

  207. My favorite scene in all of game of thrones is the hound in the tavern saying he is going to eat every chicken

  208. My favorite was when the Dragon burned the slave master after he talked about Dani right in front of her and didn’t know she understood.

  209. Before I even start, let me tell you that I absolutely adore Cersei. So it is quite natural that my favorite scene is the destruction of Sept of Bealor, by which Cersei has punished those that have humiliated her in front of entire capital, forcing her to do Walk of Atonement, striping her of last bits of dignity… Cersei has persevered through all of the miseries that fell upon her, and in that scene, she is ready to act. By one elegant move she gets rid of all of those that oppose her. The scene itself is a cinematographic wonder, with wonderful performances by Macall B. Polay, Natalie Dormer and Lena Headey, amazing soundtrack (“Winds of Winter” by Ramin Djawadi) and stunning story behind all of it. It is one scene that I have watched more times than I am glad to admit ;D

  210. Ugh! A favorite moment from ALL 7 seasons? lol… ok, I’ll go with “The Biggest Fire the North has ever seen!” from Season 4, “The Watchers on the Wall”, hey, just like this site!!! 🙂

  211. My favorite part would have to be the beginning of season 7 when the loan wolf arya got revenge on the entire fray house for her family! That was one of the few times true justice has been redeemed in all seven seasons!

  212. The child I’ll always be cannot help it but loving each and every dragon scene. I’d have say episode 609 or 704, I’ve watched Daenerys taking back Meereen and burning the Masters’ fleet countless times, just as many as the The Battle of Blackwater Rush and unleashed Drogon.

    But to me the best scene is the final scene of Season 6. Being a strong Targaryen supporter, that scene felt like the accomplishment of Dany’s dreams and hopes. A fleet, Westerosi allies, 3 large dragons, all on their way to conquer the Seven Kingdoms. Just amazing !

  213. My favorite moment (even though it hurts so much that it made me tear up) would have to be that scene wherein Hodor held the door and saved Bran and Meera. So much emotion and intensity 😭

  214. My favorite moment of the series is when The Hound says “fuck the king” and leaves King’s Landing. I love the Hound!

  215. The look arya gives polliver after the hound tells him “if anymore words come pouring out your cunt mouth, I’m gonna have to eat every fuckin chicken in this place”.

  216. S06E10 Cersei blows up the Sept of Baelor
    S07E05? Arya sparing with Brienne
    S07E07 Arya, Brian and Sans a playing and getting the best of Peter Baelish!!!

  217. There are so many. Khal Drogo and Dany, Dragons, Jon Snow. I can’t pick a favorite actually because HBO has given us a masterpiece . JonSnow coming back from the dead was epic for me though!
    This contest rocks, so do you guys at WOW. Thanks

  218. A “favorite” scene?!?! There are too many! But Dany and Drogon swooping in on the Loot Train was pretty spectacular… those production peeps are amazing!

  219. My favorite moment was when Sansa and Jon took back the North. After enduring torture at the hands of the Lannisters and Ramsey, Sansa finally was able to turn the tables on her opponents.

  220. For me, it has to be the moment Jaime charges Drogon on the battlefield. Beautiful cinematography.

  221. My favorite moment was when Arya finally got her revenge on Walder Frey. What a great way to start a new season.

  222. There’s so many just fantastic parts but I would say one of my favorites is the start of season 7. I mean what a way to kick things off. The part where Arya is dressed as walder Frey and poisons his whole family except the wife. At first I was like is this a flashback? But then when she started her speech on if you leave one wolf alive the sheep are never safe and I picked up on the fact it was Arya. Just awesome! She didn’t stop with Frey. She used Frey to get to everyone else. #thenorthremembers #wintercameforhousefrey

  223. When Arya and The Hound learn of her aunt Lysa’s death and Arya laughs the best laugh I’ve ever heard.

  224. My favourite is the opening scene… because you know that your life has changed and you have become an addict and the next 7 seasons are going to be the best tv you will ever watch..

  225. My favorite moment in “Game of Thones” is probably the subtle smile that Sansa gives after she leaves Ramsey to the dogs. Revenge is sweet!

  226. Season 6 episode 10, The Winds of Winter. Jon being named the king of the north’s. Lyanna Mormont gives the best speech in the show’s histor y.

  227. Without any doubt my favourite Game of Thrones’ moment must be the red wedding. The last minutes of “The Rains of Castamere” were absolutely astonishing, perfectly executed, I couldn’t speak for a couple hours after I watched it. That week I started reading the books. Of course there are other moments in the show that left me gaping: Oberyn’s death, Tyrion’s trial in King’s Landing, Eddard’s death, Tywin’s final fate, Cersei blowing up the Sept of Baelor, all the big battle sequences, and so many more. I think the surprise factor played a crucial role in Throne’s actual status as most popular show in the world, besides the amazing story, it’s a matter of how well the shocking scenes are played in the show, and in that account the red wedding is the most clear example in my point of view.

  228. I know it’s a meme now and all, but I really love that scene with Arya and the Hound at the inn. It’s just so tense, making, thrilling, satisfying — really everything you want in Game of Thrones. It’s a fantastic way to end a season-opener, and is the top reason that ‘Two Swords’ remains my favorite premiere so far.

  229. Episodes : Hardhome , Winds of Winter , Mother’s mercy, Dance of Dragons, Battle of Bastards and Rains of Castamere

  230. Jaime telling the truth to Brienne. Is such a powerful moment where he opens himself and the performance is incredible.

  231. My favorite is the scene with Tyrion talking to the dragons in the dungeon before he releases them.

  232. My single favorite moment of GoT so far been the Field of Fire in “The Spoils of War” (I refuse to call it “The Loot Train Battle”).

  233. Tough choice but I’ve got to go with the Red Wedding because, as a non-book reader, it was a total gasp-out-loud, didn’t-see-that-coming moment.

  234. I would have to say either when Joffrey died or when Daeny and her dragon took out the Lannister army…she became the dragon!

  235. Gosh, too many!

    But I’d pick:
    – Cersei’s revenge in The Winds of Winter
    – Hardhome battle
    – Catelyn’s pleading and her scream in The Red Wedding (OMG, Michelle Fairley!)
    – Hold the door T_T
    – Dracarys!
    – Tyrion’s trial
    – Arya and the Hound
    – And back to Season 1, when the Starks found those direwolf pups~ :3

  236. Joffrey’s death was the most satisfying moment of the series. My favorite reveal and episode however is The Door. I’m still emotionally devastated by that episode.

  237. My favorite moment in Game of Thrones is when Sansa, with the help of her newly omniscient younger brother Bran, reads Petyr Baelish all the receipts (“Didn’t I warn you not to trust me?”). I feel that this is the moment that she becomes the political power-broker in the North, and the Lady of Winterfell.

  238. My favorite scene was when Littlefinger was killed off. It was so great to watch him think he is playing Arya and Sansa and they were playing him. His shocked expression. It was amazing!

  239. For me the most favorite scene was S1e1 where Royce and company encountered the WW beyond the Wall. I am still haunted by the sight of the little girl with those cold blue eyes. I knew then that this show was going to be epic.

  240. One of my fave moments in Game of Thrones will always be when Ser Jorah and Ser Barristan underestimated Daenerys and she gained an army, showing them not to question her again. Another fave moment would have to be when Arya killed the Waif and told Jaqen that she is ‘Arya Stark of Winterfell’ and she is going home. (There are too many fave moments rofl)

  241. After so much toils, losses and suffering for House Stark, my favourite moment came in Season 6, when Jon and Sansa are reunited. Both have gone through so much that their past differences, grievances and resentment are forgotten.

  242. It’s just about impossible to select a single favorite…

    I think the birth of Dany’s dragons, the moment Tyrion murders Tywin, the moment Sam sees the library at the Citadel, and the “rebirth” of Jon Snow during the Battle of the Bastards are just a few of my favorite moments.

  243. My favorite moment would have to be the long awaited Tower of Joy scene. Finally answering tue fan theory of who Jon Snows parents are. It was one of the most satisfying moments of the entire series for me.

  244. The banter between The Hound and Arya always cracks me up…
    Arya: he has my sword, Needle.
    The Hound: Of course you named your sword
    Arya: Lots of people name their swords!
    The Hound: ..lots of cunts

    Ramsey being killed by his own hounds was a great moment.
    Finally seeing the Dothraki in battle after so much talk about their skill.
    Aryas revenge on the Freys.
    Cersei’s “power is power” boss move on Littlefinger.
    Lyanna Mormont putting the northern lords in their place and backing John Snow.
    Dany commanding the Unsullied to kill the masters of Astapor.
    Too many more to list tbh

  245. Has to be Red Wedding, especially because I’d just decided Rob was better looking than Jon!! #gutted

  246. My favorite moment in the show is at the Tower of Joy when it is revealed Jon is a Targaryen. The scene with the baby fading out to reveal Jon’s face. I tear up every time!

  247. My favourite moment is Myhsa. Mhysa is one of the strongest scenes in series. Proof that power does not come from just one kingdom or war. Power comes from justice, equality, most important freedom. That’s why Daenerys will always be my favorite character.

  248. Hi! Thank you for the chance to participate!! My favourite bit is when Jon wins the battle of the bastards inside the walls of Winterfell. Symbolic and satisfying.

  249. Daenerys entry with her dragons to the other side of the wall to help Jon and his crew from Night King’s army of dead.
    I also liked the execution of Lord Petyr Baelish

  250. My favorite scene is from season 3 episode 4, when Daenerys unleashes Drogon on Nakloz !! Also, my other favorite scene, season 7, when Jon pets Drogon, so freaking realistic!!!

  251. Yaas!! I’m from Ecuador. So my fav moment is when Dany saves Jon and co. in Beyond the Wall, Jon and Dany conversation in the Dragonpit, I love how they are so soft with each other *__*. In S7, in S6 I love Dany riding Drogon, killing all the slavemasters!! and when Cersei Lannister burns the Sept of Baelor

  252. Happy Starks, KING IN THE NORTH, my sun and stars, imp slapping the king, dragons, Bronn and Tyion bromance, Direwolves! Fire and Blood, fewer, Onion Knight, Lyanna Mormont, Queen of Thorns, Season 7 Team Dany/Team King in the North

  253. Chris,

    The Rains of Castemere season 3 episode 9 is probably the best and most shocking thing that I’ve ever seen on TV. The moment the band starts playing the first notes up to “the Lannisters send their regards!” So chilling and fantastic.

  254. My Favorite moment has to be the Stag scene and the finding of the Dire-wolves litter from the very first Season and Episode. Excellent foreshadowing and setting up a great plot of what to expect in the upcoming enigma of a series.

    As always. keep up the good work.
    Lets hope we get to see Ned with Blue eyes in the next season 😉

  255. My favorite GoT moment is when Arya say the famous quote, “Winter came for house Frey” Its was so refreshing to see all of the Frey’s get what was coming for them! Thank you for doing this give away. Keep up the great work, I always love seeing what you guys dig up.

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