Watchers Reviews: the new Game of Thrones x adidas AM4GOT!

For the Throne Adidas Speed Factory

With San Diego Comic Con this weekend, we have one final year of great GoT merch to pore over and enjoy. We’ll be taking a closer look at the HBO booth (and the highlights of an admittedly very chill panel) today, but first up: the shoes! Following the release of the house-inspired Ultraboost collection, Adidas celebrates the conclusion of Game of Thrones with the special For The Throne AM4GOT sneakers and luckily, we’re getting to take a closer look at them!

The AM4GOT Adidas, created at the Adidas SPEEDFACTORY in Atlanta, displays a digital-print of the Iron Throne (pre-Drogon-meltjob) and the Season 8 promo-campaign motto “For the Throne.”  As you can see, the shoe is dark with a blue/purple overtone, and it features the signature BOOST midsole. The AM4GOT will conclude the adidas X Game of Thrones collaboration.

AM4GOT adidas game of thronesHow does the AM4GOT measure up? The colors are more subdued than they appear in promo shots but I think that’s a good thing in this case. The AM4GOT is a unique but wearable sneaker; the special details such as the icy midsole will be fun for fans and appreciated yet still practical for everyday wear.

The “For the Throne” tag is difficult to read, as it’s black-on-black and can’t really be seen in normal light. (I had to use a flash in this pic to make it even show up.) Some may like that, some may be disappointed by it. It’s a matter of personal taste. It’s certainly a comfortable shoe, that’s for sure! You could walk far-or run for your life- in Westeros with these.

Thank you to HBO & adidas for providing us with a pair for review purposes. The SPEEDFACTORY Game of Thrones x adidas AM4GOT is available now at Foot Locker and Adidas!

Sue the Fury
Susan Miller, Editor in Chief of


  1. It would have been nice to have seen these at a Marketplace Booth at Con of Thrones.

    Just sayin’

  2. Addidas already has these on 50% discount on their website.

    It does not seem to be doing well….

    Still $75.00..that is a pretty penny.

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