Video Review & Reaction Roundup for House of the Dragon Season 1, Episode 8 “The Lord of the Tides”

King's Landing Red Keep Quarters, Alicent Hightower (Olivia Cooke), 1x08 (1)

Before tonight’s episode, refresh yourselves on last week’s, “The Lord of the Tides,” with this roundup of video breakdowns and reactions!

Westeros History have a short synopsis of the episode as well as a spoiler-filled podcast looking forward to tonight’s episode and an entire memorial episode in honor of Viserys I. Of course, you should also check out their episode eight review:

Joe Magician had his usual aftershow review, this time with guest Sanrixian, and continued his theory-crafting with a new video on Aegon’s singing dagger:

Gray Area greatly enjoyed this episode as the loud Black supporter she is—except she wants more dragons and she isn’t so sure about that ending:

TwoTheFuture had been waiting for the show to make him truly feel deeply, and this episode was it, largely thanks to Viserys’s triumphant and tragic moments:

At New Rockstars, Erik Voss gives us a history lesson on Dragonstone’s painted table, introduces us to the new kingsguard knights we met this episode, analyzes Helaena’s latest prophecy, interprets that controversial final scene, and much more—but beware, he gets a bit too spoilery about future events:

Alt Shift X explains the Velaryon succession crisis, what Jace was translating from Valyrian with Maester Gerardys, the meaning behind the Hightowers using the symbols of the Faith of the Seven at the Red Keep, what the current state of the Kingsguard is, how the way Alicent renounces Aegon calls back (or forward) Tywin doing the same with Tyrion, Rhaenyra’s Velaryon-Targaryen double betrothal proposal, Helaena’s prophecy, what Mysaria may be doing, and more:

We end with reactions, for those who enjoy them—and I do. First, Blind Wave:

The Normies are also a popular choice:

The Reel Rejects are always a fun watch too:

Understandably, this episode got great crowd reactions at the Burlington Bar:

We’ll have the open chat for tonight’s “The Green Council” available soon, but if you do have the time and want to refresh your memories on what’s come before, I recommend checking some of these out! They’re all fun and/or informative.