Telltale releases new screenshots of Game of Thrones: The Ice Dragon finale


Telltale has released a sneak peek at the season finale of its Game of Thrones series titled “The Ice Dragon“. The sixth and final episode will be released next Tuesday, November 17th on platforms wide (PC/Mac, PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, iOS and Android) as a download or as a retail version.


Telltale gave us a closer look at what’s to come for Gared Tuttle and his quest to find the North Grove:Gared_bear_1024px


Things are also heating up for Mira in King’s Landing:Mira_1024px

With more bloodshed, the final battle for Ironwood approaches:Whitehill_army_1024px

Depending on which brother you saved, the leader of your Forrester army will vary. Telltale chose Rodrik:Rodrik_army_1024px

If one thing is for certain, we definitely have an epic conclusion coming our way as we can only guess what the title “The Ice Dragon” refers to.

Will you be playing the game’s finale? How do you think the episode looks? Let us know below!

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    1. we can only guess what the title “The Ice Dragon” refers to.

      In the second screenshot we can see Gared looking at the ‘Ice Dragon’ constellation. The ‘Ice Dragon’ will probably guide him to the North Grove. I’m really curious to find out what the North Grove is!

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    2. “If you thought this had a happy ending, you haven’t been paying attention.” The Forresters are toast! Ramsay’s going to have himself another sausage…

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    3. Has there been any tits, cocks, or ass yet? Biggest disappointment for me is the lack of realism with the first two episodes not having any of what makes GoT and ASoIaF so damn sexy.

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    4. The Whitehills army looks more formidable than the Forresters. Crap…the Forresters may need to pull an ace from out their sleeves but I can’t think of what?

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    5. All my stuff got erased on the last series that came out:(
      I was so upset, I just now started playing it again. Great game. I know have to catch up to this one

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    6. Rygar,

      ASOIAF is not about sex, maybe the show is, but the books are focus on politics, conspiracies, magic and battles.

      This mentality you have, it’s a mentality of someone who just watch the show and worse, don’t even pay attention to the story.

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