Have your photo taken with real wolf dogs at Con of Thrones!

Con of Thrones wolves

There have been some exciting guest announcements for Con of Thrones 2019 including Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and John Bradley, but for a pack of Stark-loving nerds like us, the latest one just might be the coolest- and the fuzziest. Con of Thrones announced this week that they’re welcoming the Wildefell Wolves to this summer’s gathering in Nashville, TN, with the wolf dogs making their appearances on Saturday, July 13, 2019.

Once you have your tickets to the convention, you can purchase your own photo session with a wolf dog for $35! What’s a House Stark cosplay without a direwolf by your side, right? So reserve your photo before the photo spots are all snapped up.

In addition to the photos, the good folks at Wildefell Wolves will be leading a panel at the con entitled “Wolfolution.”  The lecture offers a look back at the real life dire wolves (Canis Dirus), and the grey wolves (Canis Lupus) that lived along side of them, touching on the lore that surrounds the wolves and a Game Of Thrones direwolves comparison.

Sue the Fury
Susan Miller, Editor in Chief of WatchersOnTheWall.com


  1. lol, SUE! this seems like a whee bit of a liability issue??

    Don’t eat chick-fila sammich before you go! 🤪

  2. This is a dream come true. If I wasn’t excited enough about CoT already, now I certainly am. I can’t quite believe it yet.

  3. cos alpha,

    If you click on the page and go to FAQs you’ll see that they’re not breeders. The wolf-dogs are all rescues with varying degrees of wolf in them.

  4. Wolfish,

    Ok, thank You, Wolfish :o)
    In our country we have many problems with “wolfdogs”, bred by people, who smell big money, bought by people, who want to higher themselves with “something wild”, but completely know nothing and think less and then don’t get along with these dogs, which are more wolf than dog, when they mature. People tie them somewhere and leave them so stranded or let them run free – they mate with wild wolfs and the offspring very often loses it’s natural awe in front of humans…

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