Promise Me, Nerd: Part 1


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Nerds, nerds, nerds! It happened! IT HAPPENED!

…Okay, a lot of stuff happened on Game of Thrones.

This sucker was big. So big that, in advance, I prepared TWO (2) season-ending Twitter posts!

So before y’all go HAYWIRE about the shortened length of this one… it’s actually longer.

Twitter hashtags for “The Winds of Winter” are obvious: #GameOfThrones, #ThronesYall, #DemThrones, #TheWindsOfWinter, #WindsOfWinter, and #GoTs6 (always check that first)

If you want to go straight to the SLIDESHOW version, CLICK HERE! The rest is below.

(And here’s the link for PART TWO when you’ve finished Part 1!)

We’re all excite. But let’s just start at the beginning, shall we?

The second part is RIGHT HERE!

See you on the other side, Throners!

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    1. thanks for this, axey. i’ve been waiting for the tweet since the episode ended. looking forward to part 2 later on today.
      now the video from ozzyman and my week is complete. 🙂
      gods! what am i going to do next sunday?:(

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    2. For the first time, I tweeted about the episode, but it was after the battle on (european) monday morning ! ^^

      Used (among others) the #Axey but apparently it isnt among those you check out !

      Anyway, let’s get into the sadly last of the year hilarious as always Twitter recap ! 🙂

      Thanks again for those Axey, they really are an integral part of my watching process now !

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    3. other favorites:

      Tommen Baratheon, single-handedly giving the city name “Kings Landing” an entire new layer of meaning

      Wait, who thought sending Sam to a library was a good idea? He’s never going to leave! (when I was a freshman in college our orientation included a trip to the old main library, built in like 1900 . we went up to the metal stacks and I swear, thats exactly what the books looked like (well without the chains). Row upon row of shelves with books, all for me to read! I remember running my hand over them just like Sam. #book heaven

      YALL. Sam just turned down his bae for some books. If that ain’t nerd life, then idk what is

      Somewhere in that library is The Winds of Winter, Sam… find it!

      Oh, fine. Melisandre gets to ride south and I get blown up. (@margery tyrell)

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    4. Welcome back just in time for farewell until next season! These are always great and a labour of love no doubt. I will be breaking up the long wait until next season by spending 2 days in Belfast in October. I’m praying to the Old Gods and the New, and even R’hllor, that I will run into Jon Snow. #fingerscrossed!

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    5. Thanks for including mine Axey :), you & your team have done a great job sifting through Twitter this season. /cheers

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    6. Thank you, thank you! My second favorite part of the week. Gonna save part 2 for tomorrow, just to prolong it a little…

      “What kind of God would do that?” “GRRM” heh

      (Since I use OldTown Novice as my screen name, I wonder when they’ll let me use that GORGEOUS library?)

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    7. I love how emotional people get for this show. I’ve not been attached to a series like this since Lost. It’s really fun reading all these fan tweets so thanks for posting them! “Promise me, Nerd.” was highly appropriate and I laughed when I saw that. Love it. 🙂

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    8. I made ‘Light of the Seven’ my ringtone. fucking haunting. Ive said it elsewhere, but ill repeat myself..

      The same melody sounded ethereal with piano in the church & ominous in the catacombs on organ

      Welcome back axey. See you next year!

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    9. I haven’t LOL’d at the TwitterCap since the early seasons. These were really, *really* funny.

      Mega thanks to the WotW crew, Axey, and all you quick, witty Twitterers.

      It truly was an exceptional season.

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