The North Remembers: February 2012

Raven LogoOnce more we go down memory lane to see what was going on three years ago. Much like we are now expecting S5 to hit the screens, we were eagerly expecting the sophomore season of Game of Thronesi back then.

  • The wait was more bearable because we had the first season box set to analyse, and Bryan Cogman to tell us about his work on it.
  • In terms of S2 publicity, a lot happened that February. They published a series of character images with S2 quotes (such as Arya’s ‘Anyone can be killed’), a poster for fans of a Stark sigil made in blood with the words The North Remembers (how appropriate for this post), a bunch of publicity photos, and a S2 tease art and poster – a hand grabbing a crown, with the tagline War is Coming. I wasn’t impressed by that last one.
  • We learned the title of the first episode of the second season: it would be called “The North Remembers”.
  • GRRM provided some details on his writing the script for episode 209 “Blackwater”, and it sounded promising (as we know, the episode did not disappoint).
  • Several videos were published as well, and I know you will enjoy rewatching them. There was this In Production video from Iceland, a behind-the-scenes Invitation to the Set, and last but not least the Power and Grace trailer!
  • Finally, three years ago we started looking three years back with this series of posts … Time flies. Also, recursion.

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    1. I actually feel like it’s finally downhill for me with the wait. Now it’s only a month left which means in just a weak we’re significantly closer.

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    2. just think of next Year… all book stories will have been told and every inch of an interview will cause a major discussion on the future development… compared to that, this year is just a piece of cake!

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    3. Tempus fugit – but I wasn’t properly aware of either books or show three years ago. Well, I’d probably heard mention of it but it was a little over 2 years ago I was “sucked in” by the series. Somebody told me the books were a “good read” but they can be quite difficult to get hold off (if you try to get them on library loan anyway – at least in my neck of the woods). I don’t know if I will risk becoming engrossed in a series of books that takes so long in the finishing again though……

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    4. I remember the first The North Remembers. It was three days after Phil started WiC. The post was just “Remember three days ago when I started this website? That was cool.”

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