The Night’s Cast: House of the Dragon Ep 5, “We Light the Way”

1x05 King's Landing Red Keep Throne Room Wedding Young Rhaenyra (Milly Alcock), Laenor Velaryon (Theo Nate) (1)

Ah, weddings in Westeros…never a dull moment (even if the Dothraki may disagree). In “We Light the Way,” hearts were broken – along with skulls – and allegiances shifted in a fantastic conclusion to the first half of the season.

On this week’s episode of the Night’s Cast, Vanessa and Petra discuss lovesick knights and the terrible decisions they make, secrets and the wedges they drive between friends, and Daemon Targaryen and how he keeps getting away with…well, everything.

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  1. A note:

    In this discussion you wondered if Otto really thinks Rhaenyra would be forced to kill his grandchildren. I would argue that he has legitimate basis not because he thinks Rhaenyra is by nature a murderer, but because he was right there when Rhaenyra told Daemon in the dragon egg stand-off that if he wants the throne all he has to do is kill her.

    They may not have been talking about murdering children but that scene very clearly sets up that competition for the throne is to the death and that, more importantly, Rhaenyra is very aware of the fact.

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