The Lord of the Tweets: A House of the Dragon Twitter Recap

King's Landing Red Keep Throne Room, Vaemond Velaryon (Wil Johnson), Baela Velaryon (Bethany Antonia), Rhaenys Targaryen (Eve Best), 1x08 (1)

Is that a dagger in your eye or is it just non-stop tears from the latest episode of House of the Dragon?

This week’s episode, “The Lord of the Tides,” drew strong reactions on Twitter for the two big deaths- one shocking and gory, the other elegant and emotional. One thing everyone agreed on: all the Emmys for Paddy Considine!

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Sue the Fury
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  1. “Ned gets sympathy, but Vaemond deserved it?”

    Ned gave Cersei a chance to flee with her children, and didn’t call her a whore in front of the entire court.
    Also, unlike Vaemond, he wasn’t motivated by self-interest.

    I’m not going to say Vaemond deserved to die, but there IS a clear difference.

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