We Tweet the Way: A House of the Dragon Twitter Recap

1x05 King's Landing Red Keep Throne Room Wedding, Joffrey Lonmouth (Solly McLeod), Criston Cole (Fabien Frankel)

Weddings are an event, anywhere in the world. In the world of Westeros, they’re something else entirely. A wild, bloody, sometimes incestuous, sometimes confusing but always entertaining hot mess. So here we are, with a fresh twitter recap for the newest episode of House of the Dragon, featuring “We Light the Way” and the shenanigans of the Green- or is the White- Wedding. We’re still deciding. Or did it even earn a Capital-Letter Color Name?? Time will tell.

This week on Twitter, fans were obsessed with Harwin Strong turning into a Harlequin beefcake with his punch-em-up and firefighter carry combo. All Criston Cole’s actions drew strong reactions, from his misguided proposal, to his artful facial reconstruction of Joffrey Lonmouth, to his confession and shifting alliance. What drew (perhaps) surprisingly little reaction was the carnage- I guess Thrones fans are used to seeing people’s faces get caved in from time to time.

As always, please be patient with the loading time on the app thingy. Thank you and enjoy!

Sue the Fury
Susan Miller, Editor in Chief of WatchersOnTheWall.com


  1. What I love about this series is that there’s no character who I can write off as a complete bad guy (well, except the Crabfeeder, but… he’s not really a character). Even Daemon, who is pretty easily the worst of the bunch, has layers to him.

    A lot of Twitter users seem pretty quick to label the characters though. Otto, for example. Some fans were so quick to pigeonhole him into being the Littlefinger of this show that they immediately write off everything he says as bullshit. Yes, he’s the one who put Alicent in this situation (and fuck him for that), but that doesn’t make what he says to her in this episode any less true.
    Hell, now even Alicent herself is being labelled a bitch, even after five whole episodes making her extremely sympathetic and showing us the difficulty of her situation.

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