Kit Harington: Doing Stuff!


You heard it here first: Kit Harington is doing stuff!

Not only is the hirsute heartthrob gearing up for the upcoming season of Game of Thrones (Season Five! Three months away! Insert snazzy and age-appropriate “Get Hype”-ish exclamation!)… he’s making the interview rounds for his film Testament of Youth.

But of course the only thing anyone ever wants to talk about is Game of Thrones.

Because it’s Game of Thrones. C’mon.

(I mean, I’m not saying that specifically because this is a Game of Thrones fan site. Which, you know, should probably be taken into consideration. But look, GoT has infiltrated the pop culture psyche like no HBO show ever has before it. Tony Soprano can go Hodor himself, for all the world cares.)

So yeah, we have it right here–your latest Kit Harington news! Like hey! Look! Here’s the fact that he was on set more than any other GoT actor this season (thanks, The Independent!), or the fact that he kinda wants to play Batman (thanks, MTV!)–with the caveat that it would be camp.

(Could you see Kit whipping out the shark repellent? Am I dating you guys with that reference? HERE. You’re welcome.)

(If Kit’s a goofier Batman, who gets to play Joker? This is a serious question. And don’t give me Jared Leto.)

But all this stuff actually brings me to a more salient topic, in my mind.

Some people (and by some people I mean Kit) have said that Kit’s getting a lit-tle tired of always answering GoT questions, or responding to GoT-themed wisecracks. Yeah, that can be a thing. Hell, walking down the streets of London Towne could be brutal. “Hey, Kit, YOU KNOW NOTHING! Ha ha!” “Hey, Kit, you’re a BASTARD! Bazinga!” “Hey, Kit, get a haircut, even though you can’t, contractually, and get a REAL job!” “Hey, Christopher, get a REAL name!” Etc.

Now I’m not here to play amateur psychologist (though I will), but for someone who came up in the acting world heralded for his skills (see: Warhorse) rather than his looks (see: everything after), people going on and on about this one thing could be a little twitch-inducing. So he gets a little irked from time to time. I get it.

Some people don’t. Some people react almost violently when a beloved actor in a beloved show says that, no, everything is not always peaches and cream in my Successful Acting Life. Kit seems to warily walk the thin line between “I want to be taken seriously” and “I don’t want to come off as pretentious.” And that can be hard. But a lot of people, with their barely-scraping-by lives or their ho-hum nine-to-fivers… they don’t wanna hear it. They take umbrage that anyone who was dealt as sweet a hand as most of these actors might not be giddy with glee 24/7.

(Insider tip: Success does not make one happy, or if it does, it’s temporary at best. Really, 99% of The People are usually swinging on a pendulum somewhere between happy and not, and their vocations have very little to do with it. The end.)

Others feel what has been described to me as a “quick stab of panic” whenever they get to see the cracks or frayed edges appear in an otherwise harmonious cast of a beloved series. It’s basically why people always ask the “How do you get along with Fellow Actor X” question; it’s generally not, as some contend, a quest for dirt, but rather a subliminal plea for continued harmony. If there’s no infighting, (limited) logic says that the Show Will Go On. People look for assurance in many different ways; this is one of them.

And yeah, it’s always good to know the cast of your favorite show gets on well. Could you imagine the fandom implosion if Sophie and Maisie started sniping each other on Twitter? Lord have mercy…

And Kit? He’s fine. Personally, I freaking love the guy. Not just because he was, to me, one of the most quietly engaging actors I’ve ever spoken to prior to an interview (though that helps), but because of how well he inhabits the furry black boots of one of ASoIaF’s most iconic characters. And say what you want about a misstep or two (partsofseason2coughcough)… he owned last season’s episode 9, Watchers on the Wall, and crushed my poor Axey heart with his hinterland burial of Ygritte in episode 10. That was it, he gave me all I needed to see. Dude will get free beer at my house for the rest of his life, if he wants it.

What am I getting at? Well, clearly, you needed your weekly Kit Harington news. Duh. But I’m actually curious, gentle readers and Gatewatch loyalists…

Where do you stand on the “X actor is not always happy with Y” topic? Is this something that means something to you? Or is it all just added to the pile of dreck that fills up your counterculture-inundated minds, distracting you from actual important events… like the IMAX presentation of season 4’s last two episodes on the 30th of this month (I’ll be there with bells on), or even greater, world-affecting events, such as TWoW’s noncommittal but eventual release?

Fill up the comments with your opinions on this, that, or Rygar’s Penis jokes, I don’t care which. But either way, be heard!



  1. I like your use of Hinterland and Dreck. Is this German 101? I didn’t know that the english language had so many german loan words…

  2. he owned last season’s episode 9, Watchers on the Wall

    Kickass performance as far as I’m concerned! I can’t wait to see it on the big screen come Fri, Jan 30th!

    I don’t think I’ve heard any actors/actresses to be pleased of being linked to one performance only or delighted to be typecast. Kit is reacting perfectly normal. That being said, that gladiator role in Pompeii was something bad. Movie was something bad too. Watched half of it, if that much. Obviously a misstep but he’s young. No biggie.

  3. Dan Stevens decided to leave Downton Abbey when he returned for season 3 – he felt trapped by the role and by fame. And I don’t forgive him for leaving. I don’t forgive Robert Jordan for dying while writing WoT. People who entertain me are not allowed to want to stop.


    Seriously, who doesn’t sympathize with the guy? But unless he’s an ass on set, and makes life difficult for the cast and crew, he can brood all he wants about typecasting, it’s the least he can do with his worry. And take up smoking I guess…

    I REALLY liked him when he turned to Sam and said that line about his bad plan. It wasn’t a fab line. He just put some nice humanity in it.

    We HAVE to love Jon, he’s the song of ice and fire. thank gawd and Nina Gold and Kit and D&D I think it’s going to work…
  4. Brennan,

    Sorry, I tried to reply, but the stupid video I linked to showed up with the spoiler right in the screencap – I think the mods wisely deleted the post. Or I successfully did, not sure.

    Anyhoo, try the Alt shift X channel and the video from 6 months ago explains my spoiler comment around the 4:40 mark. No going back if you don’t want to be spoiled like a rotten watermelon!

  5. O.M.G. thanks for the looping weiner song, this will save me refreshing it 😉

    But seriously. Overall I am pleased they got Kit to inhabit Jon Snow- he does a great job most of the time (some of this is material dependent). He’s shown he can fight well also and has some performing depth. I think it’s fair to allow actors to be human, etc. I’m sure this is a lot for them to handle (especially for the younger ones in the cast!). Personally he’s not my dream man (obvi, Nikolaj for the win) so I don’t think that colors my opinion too badly as a straight woman. It’s nice he was not well known before GoT.

    I am curious how his storyline will go (remains to be seen with TWoW and further seasons) but he may have some serious acting material to contend with so I reserve final judgement until this whole thing is through!
  6. I am NOT interested in the dreck! Kit seems like a guy with his feet firmly planted on the ground. What, were there some rumours he doesn’t get along with someone in the cast? Well, who cares? I don’t get along with everyone at work either, but as a professional I can keep my work life and real life separate as I am sure Kit and his fellow cast members can. But wouldn’t it add a bit more flavour to the onscreen tension to have some of those genuine feelings bubble over on set? As long as the guy/girl he doesn’t get along with is an adversary. Ooohh, I am thinking Melisandre! Sparks should fly between these two in the best way possible. (Of course I don’t know anything. It’s only my wishful thinking that there will be a lot of friction between these two in the upcoming season.)

  7. Wich cast member has a problem with Kit???

    To me he looks like very easy to get along with…

    I don’t understand the conclusion of this post…

  8. I doubt it’s the fans, it’s the media that’s probably pissing him off. You can trace his change in dealing with the media back to the time they said he’s dating Rose Leslie, no it’s Emilia Clarke, no it’s Rose Leslie and Emilia Clarke feuding over him. All of which more than one media outlet has reported over the last 6-8 months. Which is about the time he started to change the way he deals with them, and is now more formal in his answers to them . But I don’t blame him at all. The media can be tough when you’re famous. Some handle it better than others. There is no magic wand on how to handle the invasion of privacy that comes with fame.

    He’s a good guy though. More than one fan out there has reported that. He’s nice, friendly, and accommodating with the fans. And that’s cool. And he’s also extremely underrated as an actor.

    And I’ve never heard a single person say anything bad about Kit at all. For crying out loud James Cosmo is on record as saying he’d like to adopt Kit into his family. Owen Teale just said last month that Kit is one of the most accommodating “star” actors he’s ever worked with which astonishes him since he’s so young and new to the business and could be excused for having a big head. And yet doesn’t. So I don’t know where any of that nonsense about problems with people on the cast come from.

  9. Axechucker for all the Hollywood buzz buzz things!!! And…

    I’m sorry, did someone say something about Jon Snow D? Because I need it.

  10. I hope Jon and Melisandre make shadow babies at some point. Give Kit the opportunity to show some peen and me the opportunity to drool over Carice’s perfect everything.

  11. Jon has always been one of my least favourite characters. But I got to hand it to Kit, for giving us a great performance these last two seasons.

  12. Laurence:
    Wich cast member has a problemwith Kit???

    To me he looks like very easy to get along with…

    I don’t understand the conclusion of this post…

    I don’t think he has any problems with fellow cast members. I think Axechucker was just using that as an example of what fans don’t like to hear. He has implied he is not always thrilled with how many GoT questions he gets. Personally as long as I don’t get the feeling he wants to quit (like Dan Stevens) I’m not bothered at all. But if he did quit a re-casting of a role that big would probably ruin it for me.

  13. Tyrion Pimpslap:
    I hope Jon and Melisandre make shadow babies at some point.

    Interesting thought, indeed. I’ve always wondered what exactly enabled Stannis & Mel to create those shadowbabies (since Mel was not a PoV during ACoK)…Was it Mel’s desire that Stannis was Azor Ahai combined with Stannis’s own royal swimmers? Was it a rare R’hllor spell that tapped and materialized Stannis’s immense desire to be the “One True King”?

    In any case, if Jon is truly Azor Ahai (more than just a desire to be), just imagine what kind of shadowbaby he and Mel could create….! (as well as exploit the naughty bits)

  14. Sigh. When will the kids learn that you don’t need to smoke to look cool or be considered a serious actor.

  15. sjm,

    I totally agree with you! I think Kit is down-to-earth and smart guy. My friend Ramón met him and he told me that Harington was very humble, funny.. A great guy.
    I’ve always thought that Kit has a great talent and I think he is taking his fame quite well

  16. He was really engaging when I met him with a friend at the premier of Pompeii. He and Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje were laughing and joking with all the fans (but obviously us the most) and gave thoughtful answers during the q&a. I think it’s fine to hear that people get tired of their job at times. I mean, Mick Jagger can’t want to sing Satisfaction alllll the time, right?

  17. I think one big difference is the way famous people deal with (and are treated by) the media in the US versus other places, and what the local public is used to. Look at an English chat show like Graham Norton’s and the difference is often very clear: British actors speak their mind, whereas most Americans keep up appearances and never say anything “bad”. If the public is used to only hearing positive and (*shivers*) “inspirational” stories, of course they’ll feel weird about someone that speaks their mind. Some of the “older” American actors like Samuel L Jackson can afford to speak their minds, but look at the younger ones – every story they tell comes across to me as overly prepared and totally fake. “Episodes”, anyone?

  18. Of the Night: Stands for fat pink mast. A slightly racist euphemism if you ask me.

    I’m curious how FPM is even slightly racist.

    As for Kit, I can understand why, if he’s doing press for a film, why he’d prefer to focus on his work in that particular film, as opposed to talking about Game of Thrones. As far as the gossip machine goes, imagine someone at your work overhears something, possibly out of context, or hears only part of it, and draws their own conclusions, then passes it along to someone else. Someone else then passes it along, and before you know it, bam, there’s a rumor. Now, imagine all of that happening in the public arena, not just within the office. However much you love your job, and however much you’re being paid, I’d guess that could be difficult.

  19. To answer your question, though I’ve never actually had the chance to talk with famous people, I’ve always had the thought looming in my mind.

    There have been many opportunities where I’ve met famous people, (mainly athletes), and I’ve always pre-meditated what I might say to/ask them. In every situation, I try to purposefully mix in more outside-the-box questions, knowing that all they get are the GOT-esque questions.

    So yeah, I do think about it a fair bit, (though I’ve never had any need to, is that weird?), and I do sympathize with them.

  20. Kit trying to look all hip with a cigarette lol. Drink some whiskey, that’ll put hairs on your chest young man!

  21. Kit is the most gorgeous man in the Universe!! And smoking that cigarette makes him even sexier!! Plus, he’s intelligent, funny, witty, and an excellent actor. I reckon I like him some.

  22. Nymeria Warrior Queen: I’m curious how FPM is even slightly racist.

    Because they are not all pink.I have become quite well acquainted with a dark brown one personally. Don’t worry it was a joke not a serious complaint.

  23. KG,

    Hey, get out of my fantasy, Buzzkill!! I know all about the dangers of smoking (I quit April 21, 2012), but he’s a grown man, and I’m not his doctor or his mother!! All I’m saying is that he’s sexy all the time!

  24. Kitten,

    Hey you are the one who went out of their way to disagree with my post. Just because I counter-disagreed more skillfully, don’t start weeping about it.

  25. KG,

    What are you talking about? Why don’t you jump in Axechuckers shit and leave me alone? Because you’d rather pick on a Kitten than an Axechucker, right? Well, Kittens have claws. No weeping here!!!

  26. Sue the Fury,

    Then tell all the people who are attacking me to stop at once. Or better yet, just delete everything I’ve written on here. Sorry I tried to participate. What was I thinking?

  27. Axechucker, I LOVED your article & the accompanying photo. I posted a comment and have been attacked ever since by people who think I am responsible for Kit Harington smoking and getting lung cancer. I noticed that they never addressed you to protest that photo.
    I was so excited when I read your article because I think it’s brilliant!! I even shared it on Facebook. I was happy. Then it all turned to ashes in my mouth.
    I’m so sad that people have to suck the joy out of life. I will continue to enjoy your articles, but will never venture into the comments area again!!

  28. Kitten,

    Sorry. I meant my comment purely as a fun jest, and certainly not directed at you —it wasn’t a personal attack; it was intended as a (hopefully not annoyingly) sarcastic commentary on the idea that something like smoking can be seen as sexy. I’m sorry for giving offense. I can sometimes come off as a prick, I realize that. I’m sorry.

    I have no issue with the photo (it is indeed sexy, mostly due to Kit himself), or with people smoking, as long as they don’t do it directly to my face. It was just intended as a joke… again, I’m sorry :/

  29. Where is Rygar with a penis joke?? 😉 It reminds me of Dan Radcliffe and the constant Harry Potter questions, and he’s seemed to come “out on the other side of it” OK… Just the “perils” if you will of playing a popular character on a popular show. I would get tired of the media’s constant crap too, must be why i’m not an actor/singer/famous person 🙂

  30. Of the Night: Because they are not all pink.I have become quite well acquainted with a dark brown one personally. Don’t worry it was a joke not a serious complaint.

    I thought it may be a joke, but I’d just read one of those “people sometimes look for things to offend them” article elsewhere, so I read your post through that filter, and thus wasn’t entirely sure.

    You’re right, penises come in a rainbow of colors (hmmm…a rainbow of penises). Ah, that’s a nice thought to begin the day. 🙂

  31. Kitten,

    Thanks for the kind comments, Kitten. Don’t let KG put you off. Comment to your heart’s content. KG’s gotta be KG; she’s not feeling herself until she’s had her daily snark. We love ‘er anyway.

  32. Luka, thank you so much for the kind words!! No apology is necessary. I over-reacted to comments that were true because they weren’t part of my fantasy!!! I wish he would quit smoking because I’ve had two close friends die of lung cancer. It would be a shame if he were to get sick.
    I think my point was that Kit is sexy, no matter what!! I’m far too old to have a crush on one so young, but he’s absolutly perfect!! Thank you again.

  33. Axechucker,

    Thank you. I was just stunned by the backlash!! Do I want Kit to get lung cancer? No!! Does he look great smoking? Yes. You’re a very talented writer & I enjoyed that bit immensely! Take care.

  34. Axechucker: KG’s gotta be KG; she’s not feeling herself until she’s had her daily snark. We love ‘er anyway.

    Don’t speak for me, please, Axe – I personally preferred the snarky commentators staying behind on the old site, and as you say KG is one of them…

  35. 1000 times this. Or that. This is super serious business and I lament that people don’t attend the subject with the grace and solemnity it demands.

    I am also very fun at parties.

  36. I am more upset to see Kit Harrington with a cigarette in his mouth than I was seeing Jon Snow (apparently???) killed in GOT5. Tobacco kills more than half of its users, about 6 million people each year. Public health is in a David and Goliath battle with the vested interests of the tobacco industry, and the last thing we need is for Kit – such a popular figure amongst youth – to be promoting the idea that smoking is cool.

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