Kit Harington Pokes Fun at Game of Thrones and More on Eventful SNL

Sara Bareilles, Beck Bennett, Kit Harington

As can certainly be expected when a Game of Thrones cast member hosts Saturday Night Live, GOT is sure to come up at some point. I mean, that’s why they’re hosting in the first place, isn’t it? With that said, how did our fair Jon Snow (Kit Harington) fare on the Studio 8H stage? I gotta say – not only was his comedic timing sharply on point, but his American wasn’t half bad either. Let’s visit some of his sketches…

For Kit’s monologue, anticipation was high – Game of Thrones was coming back soon, so would Kit talk about it? Turns out, he wanted to talk about the future of his career after Thrones. The problem is…a few of his friends (and wife) showed up and they would not talk about anything else.

Rose Leslie, Emilia Clarke, and John Bradley made surprise appearances. Photo: Rosalind O'Connor
Rose Leslie, Emilia Clarke, and John Bradley made surprise appearances.

I say they toss ‘one-person’ hosts out the window and let the whole cast host for a night, but I digress…the real question of the night was ‘What is HBO going to do when Game of Thrones ends?” I mean, how many prequels, spinoffs, and sequels can there be, right? Well, according to the little ‘teaser’ we got during SNL, the answer is a great many:

I want it known that I would pay good money to watch Sam and Gilly in The Queen of King’s Landing. Which of the many above teased shows is the one you’d most like to watch?

Kit appeared in a ton of sketches throughout the night, including one about a very immersive video game:

Another about a very nerdy office crew:

And one about, well, you know what? I’ll just let you enjoy this one spoiler-free:

Head over to SNL’s YouTube page to check out the rest of the sketches. Which were your favourites?


  1. #HODOR

    (I miss seeing that)


    I thought the bit with Wight Ygritte was pretty funny. Actually I was pleasantly surprised how funny Kit was…

  2. Loved it, and I’m glad I stayed up to watch. They certainly did not waste him at all, which they tend to have a habit of doing with their hosts. Also, you’re forgetting his brief appearance as Churchill in that music video 😉

    And I’m here for Cersei and the City and The Marvelous Mrs. Melisandre…. And I think we need that GoT/SVU crossover.

  3. I still can’t get used to seeing Kit smiling. He looks like an entirely different person! But I guess he is, since he is Kit, not Jon Snow. Still, it always shocks my system. And good for SNL to take advantage of the cast being in town for the premiere and putting them to work, too! So much fun seeing Rose, Emilia and John!


  4. I’d watch Hodor’s House!

    Kit is pretty good at changing his voice. I’m not sure if he’s done any voiceover acting but he’d do well with that.

  5. Pretty forgettable SNL, but that’s definitely not Kit’s fault.

    The Cold Open and Weekend Update are still good, but most of their other stuff has been pretty lackluster this season.


  6. LadyMelisandre,

    Agreed about the GoT KL/SVU spinoff, apparently there appears to be wide support for this type of spinoff when you research social media about the skit. Hopefully HBO execs are watching and listening and should consider one. A limited run, like 3 episodes spaced monthly as a trial to gauge interest. I’d set it during the golden age of KL, if successful, in follow up series, have like special episodes which take them to Oldtown, Gulltown, White Harbor, Braavos, etc.
    GoT can become HBO’S MCU and SW if handled creatively. Why waste a gift horse when presented.

  7. Aryamad:
    I’d watch Hodor’s House!

    Kit is pretty good at changing his voice. I’m not sure if he’s done any voiceover acting but he’d do well with that.

    He does voicework for How To Train Your Dragon.

  8. Just enjoying the camaraderie among the GoT cast. Having a laugh when it’s almost over.

    These people shared the most formative years in their lives together. They’ll forever be bound together by the experience.

    What I find especially funny is John Bradley (Sam) telling Kit in that SNL “You’ve changed!” when John Bradley, a RL good friend of Kit, has been saying the opposite.

    John Bradley is just playing on his character, the poor, mistreated, pathetic Sam Tarly. A guy who oughtn’t have a friend, let alone the cool hero guy, haha. I’m glad they’re RL friends.

    I loved Emilia, John and Rose being there, asking their questions. They’re all GoT alumni, friends, GoT family. This job, this experience is going to inform the rest of their careers, the rest of their lives. No wonder they feel a bond.

  9. I guess I’ll be the one to point out that when Emilia asks Kit if he remembers when their characters had sex she’s says “season six.”

  10. Tyjon,

    Any prequel/sequel, it won’t be the like the original show.

    It’ll be just another money-grabbing show. The risk, the magic won’t be there.

    In my life, there have only been two TV shows so well made, so excuisite, so rich, so unique that I want to rewatch them time and again. I thought nothing could top Shogun but twenty years later, GoT came along.

    Forget the intrigue, just feast on the visuals. Caravaggio, Guernica, Bosch. Namban screens, Japanese painting traditions. These shows both are a feast of cultural references.

    They even share something. Akira Kurosawa’s banners flapping in the wind. Shogun had a nod, and GoT had that Ironborn scene, which the DOP has said was a deliberate nod at Akira Kurosawa.

    The makers of GoT are quite well aware of all kinds of western and other culture’s visual clues and stories.

    GoT feels so real to us westerners because it confirms to our “story”.

  11. SNL needs to get their shit together and make their videos available to other countries. They aren’t that precious. The opening was great, and I’ll search out the rest later on. SNL continues to be pretty crap in general, so it’s nice to have a good reason to tune in on occasion

  12. talvikorppi,

    I do like the idea of a medieval crime solving unit, wondering who would actually have worked on crimes back then; the Church, City Watch, the Lord having jurisdiction over the city or that section of said city.
    In the end it’s all about $$$$, but hopefully quality and artistry prevail.

  13. Clob,

    I caught that, but the joke was that it was not a sex scene for the show!

    I was just happy that Kit was smiling, relaxed, having a great time, and doing as good a job as he could with the material!

  14. Fair play to Kit for giving it a go, he did well I thought. My one takeaway though is that John Bradley would make a fantastic comedic actor and I hope he pursues this in his future work.

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