Game of Thrones Season 6, Episode 10 “The Winds of Winter” Video Recap Roundup

Hello, fair readers of Watchers on the Wall! This is your final roundup of videos for the season. What do our Unsullied think? Book readers? What does the spectrum of viewpoints include? How about speculation for next season? Since none of us basically knows what’s going to happen, I for one am ready to board the Cenk Theory Express!

So let’s see WTF WTF?!? had to say about this episode, this season, next season, the books, the election, life in general…

I’m so glad Cenk’s prediction of R+L=J that he put together live on the show has proven true, may it embolden him to come up with more theories.

Ozzy Man

Gay of Thrones

History of Westeros: thanks for the nice Tweet guys, that was super chill.


I hope you’ve had a good time following the reactions of the personalities we post week after week, and to make these posts has been an honor and a privilege, etc. I hope to see you next year; I’m looking forward to it!

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    1. Why not link to preston jacobs when you link to got academy?

      The purpose of the reviews are the same: To show that they are just sooo much smarter than the people making the show.

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    2. While I enjoyed WTF this week, I’ve kinda realized that I need Ben and/or Matt to be in the video, if Cenk is. They’re the only ones who are willing to challenge him. Without either of them, he just kind of steamrolls over everyone, and it gets annoying…

      Also, I want to, one last time, promote Blind Wave:

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    3. Meco,

      Love these, always watch them after each episode.

      My friends had the same reaction during the ”king in the north” scene couple of them started shouting too!

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    4. Meco,


      Everytime i watch them am actually surprised how many regular fans attend those viewing party every week..
      I have seen them all from season 4
      I actually envy them since I watch mostly alone

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    5. Kudo’s to my top three (now four) video recaps for doing mostly a great job all season for us. What the Flick, Gay of Thrones and Ozzy Man. I have added Dem Thrones to my list, they are just entertaining to watch.

      This week, What the Flick was actually very good, everyone was on board and ready to praise the episode, as was right.

      Gay of Thrones…I will miss Jonathan on the time off. Unique brand and take on the show.

      Ozzy Man is always good for a chuckle and it is just fun to hear him rant his way through how he saw it. Love him.

      Dem Thrones has just come to my attention in the last few weeks and I am a bit hooked on them now. Again, a different way to hear what some perceive.

      Well done, everyone. I hope you are all back next year!!

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    6. Meco,

      Me too He is one of the best..

      What I always wonder when watching these reactions videos is does these guys frequent and participate discussions here and post often..
      It will be nice to know them if they do..

      During build up to season 5 I watched Torchwood boy starting from pilot episode..
      During build up to season 6 it was Calvin from blind wave who started with show..
      Wonder who will it be for season 7.

      Regarding Preston Jacobs I find it funny that he has become champion of books and for many purists ..while he was ridiculed in every thread and basically kicked out by elio from westeros

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    7. Ozzyman great as always. I just love the Ozzy sense of humour and rolled up pissing with laughter – Nice one Ozzyman – That review was a RIPPER 😀

      Gay of Thrones was a laugh also. I liked the extended bit with Straight of Thrones which was a cracker.

      The other vids are too long for me to watch, but I’ll wait till Alt Shift X uploads his recap to YouTube. I’ll link it to this thread again if no one beats me to it 😉

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    8. dragonbringer:

      Regarding Preston Jacobs I find it funny that he has become champion of books and for many purists ..while he was ridiculed in every thread and basically kicked out by elio from westeros

      Really? Interesting cause it seems like he’s the type that purists would look up to. But then again, he’s a big supporter of R+L=D and denied R+L=J reveal, so it wouldn’t surprise me that he would kick out cause of his attitude.

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    9. Harranhal Creep,

      His theories like R+ L= D and HS =HR got lots of criticism.
      Just take a look at those HIgh sparrow is howland reed theories can see how much readers were against him and his theories in those threads ..he got certain believers in those theories but they never came up with reasonable answers when asked questions about those theories..

      And these two theories basically got blown out by wildfire in last episode

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    10. The GoT Academy guys are consistently wrong about pretty much every prediction they make for every episode, but they keep going on with such confidence. It’s hilarious.

      Waiting for AV Club, Rawrist, and Alt Shift X.

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    11. Interesting thing mentioned in Collider that Daeny is set on ruling, ambition and love will not stand in her way. That’ why she refused Daario because it could be her weakness. Opposite of Robb who screw it by falling in love with Talisa and getting killed by Boltons and Freys. Like she choose different path and will be better ruler.

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    12. …But to be fair English isn’t my native language:
      Why not link to preston jacobs when you link to got academy?

      The purpose of the reviews are the same: To show that they are just sooo much smarter than the people making the show.

      Personally, I find his The Shining ‘RedRum’ Night King side commentary renders his videos unwatchable. But, yeah, the attitude on display doesn’t help much either.

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      Look at this moron, he’s completely derailed himself, one of the best episodes and he didn’t find one thing that he liked.

      I watched a lot of his videos, he has some interesting theories and ideas, but i can’t anymore, i endured all his season6 reviews, but this was the final straw, I will never ever watch another video of this egoistic, self-centered prick.

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    14. Everybody says “LOL”, but they don’t actually mean it. Dem Thrones is the only review that, literally, makes me “LOL” and “LMAO”.

      …It’s one of the privileges of being an adult.

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    15. Fyi re the Tommen suicide scene: there’s a similar suicide scene in the movie “Ida”. Maybe Sapochnik was inspired by that…and maybe the “Ida” director was inspired by some other director.

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    16. Great list.

      Ozzy was great as always (though I think it was impossible to top the one he did last week which was probably the best ever – to go along with probably the best episode ever I guess).

      Smoke Screen I though was excellent this week. You could tell he was really amped up about the episode.

      WTF was good as always. Though I always like it better when they have the guy with the glasses who sits on the left side. He seems to be the one who really holds it together as a moderator of sorts and it has just a slightly different jibe when he’s on there.

      Oh, and thanks for the person/people who recommended Blind Wave. Fun group and they seem like a pretty authentic group of nerds and I can relate. Plus they seem to be just slightly drunk or buzzing which made it even more fun.

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    17. Anon:
      So….when did Arya learn to cook?

      Let’s hope for her sake that she just stuck a thumb in a perfectly normal meat pie, just for the show of it!

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    18. Ozzy Man just owns this shit from top to bottom. Always fun and fast paced and edited perfectly. Just started watching Dem Thrones. Holy shit, they are so much fun.
      They want a Lady Mormont/Lady Olenna meeting…”Shut up, you old bitch with a goddamn to-go box on your head…”. So much gold.
      I like the Burlington Bar reactions because they get so loud, though all the regulars upfront seem to know exactly what is going to happen (they drink the spoiler kool-aid), so the reactions don’t seem as real. Still, they are pretty solid.
      Most of the best reactions for me are the ones without the fancy set up or gimmick. Usually just a couple people watching and reacting in real time. And they usually involve cocktails.

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    19. dragonbringer,

      This bar is not that far from where I’m staying. If I’d known about it earlier I definitely would have gone there to watch the last 2 episodes. Would have been more fun to take these in with an enthusiastic crowd rather than by myself.

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    20. …ah, yes. I didn’t think of that. I’d hate to think of her in the kitchen sweating and rolling out that dough.

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