Game of Thrones heading to Volantis, and more new season 5 spoilers!


Once again, WatchersOnTheWall sources have come through and provided several new spoilers for us to mull over.

Game of Thrones is currently seeking to fill a few minor roles this month for filming, and the casting breakdowns contain some intriguing information.

There are moderate spoilers in this post, so proceed with caution!

The show is looking to cast a Sellsword who is drinking in a busy Volantis brothel. He gives one worker a hard time about her price before taking it someplace more private. This actor is needed for filming in Croatia on September 12th, the period when Meereen-centered filming is expected in the Split area, with Unsullied extras lined up.

While the sellsword role is not significant, the confirmation that Volantis has not been cut entirely is notable, especially as a brothel near Volantis is where two major characters first meet in A Dance with Dragons.

There are two other connected roles looking to be filled- two masters who have unfortunate encounters with dragons, shooting around September 13th in Croatia.

The first master sought is a man in his 40’s-50’s,  and it’s noted he should have no facial hair, and should be either bald or have very short hair. He’s going to be eaten by a massive dragon in a major scene.

The second wealthy master is described as fatter, and privileged. He undergoes what our source refers to as “a major trauma involving dragons.”

That sounds like something of an understatement.

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    1. I was right about to jump into another chapter of Malazan Book of the Fallen when I get this email, and what a gem this is, I wonder where this dragon/slave master scene happens; is it after

      Rhaegal and Viserion get unleashed, or is Drogon roaming over Yunkai?

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    2. Wasn’t it in Selhorys actually? Shifting it to Volantis is a tiny change and a welcome one of course, but I think that was the case.

      Fun news all around though.

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    3. I dont think the Volantene sellsword means we’ll see Volantis.

      I think the brothel scene will take place and it supposedly will be in Volantis but my guess is that it’s the only thing we’ll see of the city and the name “Volantis” will probably not be mentionned in the show

      (it will be random brothel on Tyrion’s journey).

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    4. Greenjones,

      You’re right, it happens near it, but it still pretty much confirms that meeting and Volantis which is the point. Seriously, why on earth would they show a brothel in an entirely new city without a good reason to? (I did edit the post for accuracy.)

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    5. I’m so excited to know Volantis will be included. What a scoop!

      OT – I was looking at the twitter feed (I’m not on twitter, so it took me a bit to piece things together, since I’m not entirely sure how it all works) and saw the business about someone asking where to go to get pictures, which then showed up on another site. I hated giving that site the hit, but went to see the pictures and whether any comment was made. The person who took the pictures is posting under “ozdrab.” From their comment, it seems they were either unaware of the exodus from that site, or were being exceptionally underhanded. I really, really hope it was the former!

      Back to the great scoop…Yay for Volantis!!!

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    6. Im excited they are going to Volantis. I didnt think the location would be included in the show but Im glad that meeting will be similar to how it is in the book.

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    7. Is there any word on

      Illyrio Mopatis’ actor coming back? Because Varys and Tyrion could be heading straight for Volantis since it’s looking awfully like Tyrion doesn’t actually have anyone to sail down the Rhoyne with

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    8. Sue the Fury,

      I was just being picky.

      BTW are you going to post those Braavos set pics that the other site did?
      You could add them onto this article as part of its “Essos roundup” feel.

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    9. I assumed they would avoid Volantis, as it is not strictly necessary: they could do the same thing in an isolated town, far away from civilization, instead of very near a big city. In fact, it’s the kind of thing Season 1 would have skipped (such as the many events that happened in grander places in the books), but I guess the budget now allows for this stuff. And that’s great! I wonder if we’ll see any of Talysa’s information about Volantene culture translated into these scenes (e.g. slaves with their job symbolized as a forehead tattoo.)

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    10. Nymeria Warrior Queen:
      I’m so excited to know Volantis will be included.What a scoop!

      OT – I was looking at the twitter feed (I’m not on twitter, so it took me a bit to piece things together, since I’m not entirely sure how it all works) and saw the business about someone asking where to go to get pictures, which then showed up on another site. I hated giving that site the hit, but went to see the pictures and whether any comment was made.

      Oh grow up! This “that site” business is so juvenile. Don’t like ’em? Don’t go there, and more specifically don’t write about how you didn’t want to go there but went there anyway. (do I have it right)

      I will continue to happily visit both this site and “that site”.

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    11. Cool info. Not that I ever believed Volantis was going to be cut. Just like I believe several characters people think have been cut… haven’t.

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    12. Sue the Fury:

      You can disagree with her without insulting her, please.

      That was barely an insult. Granted, he could have left out the “grow up” bit. But still, it would be awesome if people stopped whining about the other site and move on.

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    13. Lars,

      Thanks, Lars, but I will write about whatever I please.
      If there is an issue with something I say, I’m sure a moderator will rectify it.

      You continue to happily visit both sites, and I’ll choose to do as I wish.

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    14. In another subject related to the Free Cities : I really really really hope they use some post-prod effects on Braavos to make it look more chilly and northen-y than Croatia-in-summer…

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    15. Nymeria Warrior Queen:

      Thanks, Lars, but I will write about whatever I please.
      If there is an issue with something I say, I’m sure a moderator will rectify it.

      You continue to happily visit both sites, and I’ll choose to do as I wish.

      Certainly. At least I’m open about happily reading both sites, instead of writing a paragraph about how you don’t want to go there but do it anyway.

      They will have some scoops, this site will have some scoops. I’m just happy to read scoops. 🙂

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    16. Great to have Volantis in!

      Cool info. Not that I ever believed Volantis was going to be cut. Just like I believe several characters people think have been cut… haven’t.

      ‘I’m still hoping as well’ wrote Veltigar, while he gently carressed his gun.

      … Before he filled it with water to go out and play (really what were you all thinking) :p

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    17. Lars,

      If you feel the need to try and perpetuate the issue, that’s certainly your prerogative. However, this is the last I will respond to it. Have fun.

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    18. I can’t wait to see the

      “major trauma involving dragons.” I have to say, I was hoping with the omission of Quentyn, someone would still get fried. Barbequed Master, anyone?

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    19. Hmm I still don’t hold out much hope for two certain individuals entering the fold this season, but I can’t wait to see

      J bump into T in Volantis.

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    20. Yes! And now we are going to finally have the return of Talisa since she obviously didn’t die with the sheeps bladder ploy and, since she is employed by Cersei, will show up in Volantis searching for news about the escape of the treacherous Tyrion.

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    21. So looks like the brothel scene is in. I had a feeling it would be in. It makes sense in their character development. I don’t think they stoop as low as in the books, though. And wait… If they meet in this place in the show (which now seems rather likely) doesn’t that really raise Young Griff’s chances? Otherwise, what would Tyrion be doing in Volantis? I doubt he’d be going there alone on his way to Dany, and I doubt Varys will join him. Interesting news.

      As for the dragon victims, I think the scene in question is obvious and the second guy gets fried.

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    22. jentario,

      Do you know what happens when you stab strawberry pie? It ain’t pretty but it sure as Hell doesn’t look like dead Stark babies.

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    23. jentario,

      Actually, it’s in Croatia. And the date fits perfectly into GOT’s shooting schedule inside the Meereen cellars/dungeons where the dragons are chained. So it seems that slave masters will be doing the job? Or maybe they’ll be tagging along with a couple of major characters?

      This is probably finale material.

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    24. After a crappy day at work I needed something like this. Thanks Sue.

      I can’t help but be disappointed that there’s still no word of casting for northerners though.

      Anyway, I always figured they’d have Volantis in the show because they made Talisa from there.

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    25. jentario:
      Nymeria Warrior Queen,

      It’s probably just the Daznak Pit scene, no?

      Yes, I’d think it is.

      I didn’t mean it to sound like I thought the Masters would try and release Viserion and Rhaegal, although rereading my post, it did sound that way.

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    26. Sloanzilla,

      So that’s two confirmed new brothels, Meereen and Volantis. Both are in book canon though. Well the former’s been moved from Selhorys but close enough. I hope we get slaves with tattooed faces btw a la Talisa’s monologue.

      Sue the Fury,

      While we’re talking about Talisa, maybe she should get an offhand mention to remind folks that we’ve heard about Volantis before. A certain character could remark, “Ah, Volantine women. One cost my late brother-in-law his life.” Or something to that effect.

      EDITED due to spoiler tags not working.

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    27. Fun news!

      Sounds to me like a certain fighting pit is going to be Danyrys’s seasonal finale then. That was expected, but it’s so fun to get some spoilers on topic!! XD

      The bigger surprise to me is Volantis!!
      With so much debate on which characters and arcs will make the season so much of Tyrion’s arc was in question. This news is a nice sign of things staying somewhat similar to the books… At least to a point . It is also the first sign (albeit quite inconclusive) that the Griffs may appear. If that does play out it will be huge news to everyone I think!

      It would be fun if the sellsword noted above would have a shock of red hair and a shaggy beard! I have almost no expectations of Duck making the TV series… even less he would be in that scene… but how cool would that be?! XD

      I’ll throw Matt Milne’s name out there for giggles! XD

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    28. Why do people think the scene with the

      Masters and the Dragons will be Daznaks pit?
      Surely this will be either the modified scene where book Quentyn frees them or a new scene right?. We know Daznak’s pit will be filmed in Spain, and this info lines up with the dates we already know that the place the Diocletian Palace (Dragon’s imprisoning) was filmed last year.

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    29. A Girl Will Obey,

      Both new brothels are rather important, in the books and in the show.

      We get the Stalwart Shield scene, which is pretty tragic and isn’t just about T&A (in fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if they stay clothed).

      Then we get the scene with Tyrion and Jorah in the brothel, which is important for character development. It shows that both are in a low point in life, and it’s a chance to gray Tyrion out a bit more.

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    30. Interesting stuff. If there is no young Griff this season I wonder what plot device they’ll use to get Tyrion to Volantis? Maybe they could claim to be taking him there to be young Griff’s teacher who could already be in Volantis but he gets taken by Jorah beforehand. Although that would mean he wouldn’t work out who the Griffs really are. I don’t think it’s essential for Tyrion to be in Mereen for the Pit incident as long as he’s there for the Siege of Mereen. Also, don’t the dragons get loose after Dany has buggered off on Drogon? So if these masters are going to get burnt whilst setting them free (replacing Quentyne/Trystane possibly?) then that’s jumping them ahead a bit. Was looking forward to watching a Martell get burnt. Oh well!

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    31. TheTouchOfFrost,

      Some interesting thoughts from you and some others.

      I think the boat trip is in, but fairly truncated – they’ll probably endeavor to get Tyrion to Yezzan relatively quickly (and by quickly I mean episode 4-5 of the season). That could mean a brief appearance by the Griffs, and probably means no Moqorro at all (damn), no Penny, and the boat companions reduced to just a few – hopefully Varys, the Griffs and Septa Lemore. Given one of the show’s greatest strengths is emphasizing primary relationships, Tyrion/Jorah will probably become a focal point this year, along with (hopefully), Barristan/Danys, Bronn/Jaime, more Cersei/Margaery, Jon/Mel, Jon/Stannis, Tormund/Jon and a few others.

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    32. Greatjon of Slumber,

      Greatjon of Slumber,

      I liked the boat trip but I can understand if it needs to be cut down. The highlight of it was the tangle with the Stone Men which I think would be a cool scene to fillm but Connington may be needed for it to work. Septa Lemore bathing naked would also keep their boob quota up too! She is quite an intriguing character so I’d like her to be included in some way but I guess it depends on how much of a role she plays going forward. I liked Penny and Moqurro but can accept if they have to be cut. I hope the boat trip down the Rhoyne is included in some form as I found it a unique situation in the books and fitted Tyrion’s mood of being kind of mentally lost very well

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    33. Perhaps

      Tyrion going to Volantis will be explained by pure logistics taken mostly from the books. The demon road through what’s left of Old Valyria is out because of the dangers, so you have to go by sea. But then all proper seafaring ships in Slavers’ bay have been called to Volantis, rallying point for the war the slave masters are going to wage against Dany. So if you want to get to Dany, you get to Volantis.

      And if I was a producer n wanted to cut down on new characters n whatnot, I’d let my already-loved-by-the-audiences-sortof-main-character do his Game playing magics there. Influenced by what Jorah tells him about Dany, convince Volantene rulers to back Dany, or ceasefire with her (or Barristan), or whatnot. Illyrio and/or Varys could help. Penny hasn’t been heared of casting, and the scenes she should be making an appearance in should be in this season. That, and the way they handled Tyrion killing Tywin, Tysha being out of that/Jaimes betrayal gone, n Varys on thesame ship as Tyrion, it just makes me think we won’t see Tyrion as devastated, n do as much moping around as he did in Dance. Or get much of a window on what it’s like to be a poor person of short stature in Essos; we got Meereen for miserable slaves n Brienne for miserable Westerosi lowborn. Tyrions season may be ‘play game till influental enough in Volantis/till being able to deliver Dany her ships’.

      This would also eliminate the need for new Greyjoys. Dany needs ships to take her slave army to Westeros. In the books, the Ironborn kinda provide that fleet. In the show, it seems likelier n likelier most of them have gotten cut. Danys arc in Dance was figuring out how hard ruling is, experience how slow n hard fought for change comes, n that she’s not as much a ruler as she is the Mother of Dragons. Striking a deal with the Volantene for ships, in exchange for … well, I dunno what *exactly*. But the end of her Dance arc in the books is allowing some if not all of their power back to the slave masters. Partly because she sees she can’t change people set in their ways, partly because she realizes she has other things to do. It would fit, there.

      Aaaalright. I just flew off a bit. But naming Volantis specifically in the casting makes it sound important. Could’ve gone with ‘random Essos city’ too, theres plenty of them…

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    34. Kyrenna,

      Possibly, I can see Varys accompanying Tyrion but I hope the Griffs are in for the same reason I hope the Greyjoys are in. Because I think they’re very interesting characters in their own right. Dany has lost my interest a lot since book/season 1 and other characters there for her benefit alone kind of irks me. Still think the Ironborn turning up at the Siege of Mereen would be great for the show and here’s hoping Daario gets burnt to death trying to prove himself marriage material (Can’t stand his character in the books or the show!)

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    35. Tyrion Pimpslap,

      While it is possible that they are included, I doubt it. It is probable that Varys will reveal that he is just working for Dany and cut out Aegon and Jon-Con all together. This is probably because of thre bloating of the cats and because they probably want to get Dany to Westeros sooner, and in doing so mix her and Young Griff’s stories.

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