Game of Owns: The Windblown, The Reaver


Episode 389 – The Windblown, The Reaver
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Men of the west fly close and closer to the Sun in their complicated quest for the Dragon Queen.

A Dance With Dragons: The Windblown
A Feast For Crows: The Reaver

From our A FEAST WITH DRAGONS reading order.

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Next up, a pivotal Tyrion chapter and the ominous Wayward Bride. Write us your owns!


  1. Sorry Euron. Your Ironborn words “What is dead may never die” ring hollow after a season prominently featuring died-six-times Beric “The Voice” Dondarrion.

  2. this is by far the worst moment where the season is being filmed and we dont have nothing, every other season we had a lot of news by now. Not even this site the best in the world is having any news, its sad, but i hope worth it know nothing in the end, but untl 2019 its so bad to wait =,(

  3. Aguero,

    But this is the fun part!

    • We have to assume that the showrunners are hurtling towards the same destination as the books, which GRRM mapped out for them way back when;

    • Although the show diverged in the route(s) taken to reach that common end, the show and books endings will necessarily have to converge in S8. So, (I hope) there’s no more time for showrunner-engineered detours and manufactured drama.

    • We have 67+ hours of episides to draw on. Surely, embedded in those 67 episides are clues, foreshadowings and “Easter Eggs.” (If Wimsey were here, he might phrase this better..): If story endings and character fates come out of left field with no setup, that’d be cheap deus ex machina.

    • Therefore, the contours of the “endgame” would have to be consistent with what we’ve seen and heard for seven seasons.

    • There are lots intelligent commenters on this site, as well as brilliant administrators and staff writers. If we apply our collective brainpower, eg, by positing theories and inviting responses that provoke lively discussion, I’d bet some of our speculation will be right on the money.

    • Therefore, let me suggest that we really don’t “need” any news. (I have not done a “word count” of the 67 episode scripts, but if you read teanscripts the total number of pages is pretty substantial.) There have got to be plenty of “hung guns” waiting to be fired, and prominent “mysteries” that will have to be solved with the information already at our disposal.

    • So break out the tinfoil hats! We’ve got over a year to piece together what happens in S8.

  4. Aguero,

    Que? Isn’t it good that we aren’t being spoiled by filming reports, script leaks and the like? Or are you so entitled that you feel irked when the world doesn’t bend to your own little will?

    As to GOO, my favourite podcast. Still listening to the back catalogue, enjoying every minute. (Can I say I luuurve Micah’s voice, so sexy. Oops, I just did, haha.) Re-reading the books in the suggested “Feast with dragons” order. Maybe I will one day catch up and be able to comment more intelligently on the ongoing topic/podcast.

    Keep it up, ya guys, yer the best GoT/aSoIaF podcast aroud. Oh, and I’m really bad at owns, so I’ll concede one, myself, for being totally owned by you guys every week. #ownedandsurprisinglyokwithit .

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